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[2023 Quick Fix] Sony Bravia Airplay Not Working

Elsa Updated on Sep 20, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

AirPlay allows users to cast any media file from their iPhone, iPad, and Mac to a larger screen. In addition to offering casting features on Apple devices, AirPlay is compatible with streaming devices and smart TVs. But sometimes, you may encounter problems of Sony Bravia Airplay not working. The article lists the major issues of casting Airplay on Sony TV and their solutions.

One of the best solutions to all airplay streaming issues is using a reliable third-party app such as AirDroid Cast. AirDroid Cast offers a variety of screencasting features and is compatible with all platforms.

Quick Answer:

Why is my AirPlay not working on my Sony TV
AirPlay may not work due to multiple reasons that could be as simple as changing settings or any problem with AirPlay receiver. Whenever you experience any problem with Airplay not connecting with TV, make sure to enable AirPlay. Press the Input select button on the TV remote. Then, click AirPlay & HomeKit settings and turn your Airplay on. If it doesn’t solve the issue, read the article to know other troubleshooting methods.
How do I get the code from my TV for AirPlay?
You can enable AirPlay Onscreen Code in Settings followed by AirPlay settings. Make sure AirPlay, on-screen Code, and Password are all done (it should say "Set Password"). The Apple TV now displays a four-digit Airplay privacy code.
Why apps are not working on Sony Bravia TV?
Having trouble loading Sony Bravia TV apps? Try restarting the device. An alternative solution is to uninstall the application and reinstall it. If all else fails, try resetting your TV and installing new apps.

Part1: How to Verify if Your Sony TV Supports Airplay?

Airplay Compatible Devices

Only the latest versions of Sony Smart TVs support AirPlay. To check compatibility, you need the model number of the Sony Smart TV. Go to Settings > System > About your Device to check your model number. Here you can find your TV's model number. These are the Airplay compatible Sony TV models.

  • A9F, A9G series
  • X95G series
  • Z9F, Z9G series
  • X85G series (55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″ models)
  • These models support Apple Airplay 2 and HomeKit.

    Sony Android TV Models Released in 2020

    1. A9S series
    2. X85H 
    3. A8H series
    4. X95H series (85″, 75″, 65″, 55″, and 49″ models)
    5. X80H, X81xH series
    6. Z8H series
    7. X90H, X91H series
    8. KM-X9000H series

    Sony Google TV models

    1. Z9J series
    2. X95J series
    3. A90J series
    4. X85J, X86J series
    5. XRM-A90J, Z9J, A80J, X95,X90J series
    6. KM-X80J series, X85J series
    7. X80J, X81J series
    8. A80J series
    9. X90J series (50-75, 100)

    Part2: Sony Bravia Airplay Not Working? Here’s Why!

    All the latest models of Sony Bravia TVs support Airplay. If your Sony Bravia airplay not working, these could be reasons:

    • Your Sony Bravia TV model is not compatible 
    • Apps may experience service interruptions or outages. 
    • Any glitch or bug in the app may also cause issue. 
    • Devices don’t work well together
    • You haven’t read and allowed the privacy policy terms.

    Part3: Fix Sony Bravia Airplay Not Working: Try This First!

    Make sure your Sony Bravia model is Airplay compatible

    If you just purchased a brand-new Sony Bravia TV, you might wonder why it is not connecting via Airplay. Check for model compatibility in your device information. You must be worried about “Is your TV well worth the subscription you're paying.” Make sure to check whether your Sony Bravia TV can work with your Apple TV.

    1Check Apple’s Status page

    The apple apps often experience service interruptions or outages. The Apple App Store has a page that shows how each app is working. Apple also mentions on the status page when issues have been resolved. In such situations, there is no problem with your Sony Bravia TVs. It's an Apple issue, wait for the servers to come back up again. 

    2Reset Sony TV

    Sometimes, users find a glitch or bug in the app. The best way to fix this is to power reset your Sony Bravia TV. Following these steps, you can reboot your TV and the apps at the same time:

    1. Unplug your TV. 
    2. Wait for a minute. 
    3. Plug your TV back into its power source. 
    4. Start Sony TV. 

    3Update the Sony TV app

    Sometimes, your Airplay and Sony TV don’t work well together. Outdated software can cause
    such problems. That’s why Sony TV may not work properly. There is a possibility of loading, but the app may crash suddenly. 

    You can solve this issue in minutes: 

    1. On your remote, click “Home” button. 
    2. Select “Apps.”
    3. Tap on “Google Play Store.”
    4. At the top-right of your screen, open your user profile icon. 
    5. Click on “My Apps.”
    6. Turn on the “Auto updates.” 
    7. Check if your Sony TV app starts updating. 

    5Update Sony Bravia software

    Have you tried reinstalling the app, but still facing the issue? In such situations, you need to update your Sony Bravia TV software. A device's model number determines whether an app is compatible or not. However. the software version is equally important. 

    Here’s how you can update your Sony Bravia Software: 

    1. Click the “Home” button on your remote.
    2. Scroll left and click on “Apps”. 
    3. Scroll down and select the “question mark icon” used for “Help”.
    4. Tap “Status & Diagnostics.”
    5. Choose “System software update.”
    6. Tap “Check for a system software update.”

    6Enable your Sony Smart TV services

    When did you set up your TV for the first time? You must have been asked to read a 10,000-word policy about its services. Your Sony Bravia TV currently sees Apple trying to connect. By agreeing to Sony's privacy policies, you will be able to break through the wall. 
    So, let’s go ahead and do that: 

    1. Open Home> About> Legal Information> View Privacy Policy.
    2. Now, you’ll see a Privacy Policy. Read all policies and scroll down to the bottom.
    3. Tap the “Enable Smart TV” option. 
    4. Turn off your Sony Bravia TV and start it again. 

    6Contact Sony Bravia TV customer support

    When none of the above methods could solve your Airplay issues, its time to contact Sony Bravia TV customer support.

    1. Press the “HELP” button on the remote control.

    2. If your remote control doesn’t have a help button, you can find support in your TV. Press the (HOME) button on the remote control and select Apps → See all → Help.
    3. Here , you can find the “Contact us” option. Click on it for customer support.

    Part4: Bouns: Simple Solution to Mirror iOS Device to Sony TV

    Airplay often encounter issues and you may not be able to troubleshoot them. One of the simplest ways to get rid of all Airplay issues is using AirDroid Cast. This multi-platform app is compatible with browsers and allows users to stream their screens on any Browser compatible TV.

    Here is how you can cast your iOS screen on TV using the AirDroid Cast app. 

    1. Download the AirDroid Cast app on your Apple device from the official web.  
    2. Launch the AirDroid Cast app on your iPhone screen and click on “Start Casting.
    3. Go to the Airdroid Cast webpage“” on your Sony TV browser. Enter the code manually from your TV screen to your Apple device. 
    4. Grant permissions on both devices.
    5. Now, you can see your iPhone screen on your Sony Bravia TV.

    Part5: How Do You Set Up AirPlay on A Sony TV?

    To set up Airplat on Sony TV, make sure Airplay is turned on:

    1. Go to the settings on your Sony TV.
    2. Scroll down to find “System” in menu.
    3. Find “AirPlay & HomeKit” settings
    4. Turn on the AirPlay.
    5. Make sure your both TV and Apple devices are updated to the latest software version.
    6. Restart both your Sony TV and Apple devices.

    Part 6: Final Verdict

    Airplay offers significant features of casting Apple device screen on Sony Bravia TV. Sometimes, Sony Bravia Airplay is not working due to a variety of reasons. The reasons may include an incompatible device, an outdated Apple device, or Sony TV.

    The article mentioned a step-by-step guide to solving each Airplay issue. One of the best solutions to avoid Airplay issues on Sony TV is using AirDroid Cast. AirDroid Cast offers multiple streaming options without any errors and lags. 

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