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3 Free Ways for iPad Screen Mirroring to PC

Elsa Updated on Jun 29, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Learn how to share the screen of your iPhone or iPad with a TV, large display, computer, or remote meeting software, which is ideal if you are a student, professional, or want to see how your friends respond to a TikTok through video chat.

iPad screen mirroring to PC

Everything is broken down step by step, device by device, so you can rapidly learn all you need. It is the tutorial for you if you are a gamer, teacher, developer, IT professional, or someone who creates instructional and how-to information. Content creators are reaping big following the use of this technology.

We will discover how to screen mirror, showcase mobile apps, show VR games, record voiceover for instructional videos, narrate screen recordings, and much more.

What Is iPad Screen Mirroring?

It enables you to mirror or cast content from your iPhone or iPad to an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV, Apple TV, or some Roku devices (Opens in a new window). Ensure your streaming device or smart TV is on the same home Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPad before using AirPlay. Fortunately, there are various means that you can get to screen mirror your iPad. Similarly, nowadays, there are pretty many smart TVs which are compatible with iPhones and iPads. A lot of iPhone and iPad users have embraced the screen mirroring technology.

iPad screen mirroring

How to Screen Mirror iPad to PC for Free

Suppose you want to make a presentation or share information with others. In that case, screen mirroring allows you to share your screen on a much larger display. Fortunately, there are several options for mirroring your iPad to another device, such as a laptop, Mac, PC, or even a huge collection.

Now let's look at several simple ways to mirror your iPad screen to your PC in seconds.


AirPlay to Mac was introduced with macOS Monterey in 2021 and allowed iPhones and iPads to share information with Mac PCs. It is a wireless feature that permits screen mirroring between some Apple devices. AirPlay to Mac is limited to the Apple ecosystem, with only a few select Apple devices and OS systems supported. Here you can compare all screen mirroring features, device compatibility, and video comparison of AirPlay to Mac and Reflector.


If you have an iPad and want to utilize it with your Apple TV, Airplay is a great tool to have. However, the most recent update allows you to mirror your iPad to your Mac. AirPlay iPad to Mac is a new function in MacOS 12 Monterey. However, it will take some time before the beta version becomes the official version. It also currently does not support all iPad and Mac models. We can try to anticipate it.

AirPlay lets you broadcast videos, music, photographs, and other content from your iPad to your Mac in real-time. Note that this application is limited to the Apple ecosystem.

2AirDroid Cast

A robust and user-friendly screen sharing and control tool is pretty popular these days. Support screencasting from your phone (Android/iOS) or PC (Windows/Mac) and remote control of your Android/iOS devices. You can make it with a USB cable, Wi-Fi, or remote network. One of the best things about AirDroid Cast is its reliability.

airdroid cast

Several Simple and Easy Ways to Begin Casting;

  • Scanning a QR code or entering the Cast Code is quick and easy. You do not need to be tech-savvy to be able to do this.
  • Cast the screen using a USB cable to reduce delays and enjoy crisp visuals.
  • Game streaming and entertainment are both possible. This help revolutionizes your entertainment.
  • Any AirPlay-compatible device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, can mirror or cast your screen.
  • You can also turn your Windows PC or Mac into an AirPlay receiver to watch movies or play games on a larger screen.

turn pc into an airplay receiver


As a result, QuickTime Player, just like Airplay, is another Apple-only application. All Mac devices come with the software preinstalled, including an essential and valuable feature for mirroring your iPad to a PC through USB. The fact that this application is Apple-only ensures high and easy connectivity. Several connection problems are not experienced with this application.

All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • To begin, you must first connect your iPad to your Mac.
  • Then, on your Mac, launch QuickTime Player. A new window containing the video will open when you select 'File' > 'New Movie Recording'.
  • You'll see an arrow next to the 'Pause' button that will expose a drop-down menu. Locate and choose your iPad.
  • Your iPad's screen will be mirrored on your Mac.

mirror ipad to mac

Reasons to Screen Mirroring iPad to PC

Screen mirroring iPad to PC allows you to wirelessly project material from your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen to another screen or digital sign. You can avoid the hassle of conventional methods of transferring files.

Furthermore, you get to save a lot of time. It accomplishes this by delivering a copy of your entire screen or a single window to the target device in real-time. The numerous applications of screen mirroring iPad to PC and the benefits associated with doing so are the factors attributed to the increased popularity of screen mirroring by people of various demographic groups.

The good news is that the technology is projected to improve in the coming years. It means that people will get to avoid some of the issues currently experienced in the future. And it is not a surprise that this might not take long.

Bonus: How to Mirror Mac to iPad

So far, we have looked into how to mirror iPad to PC and Mac; now it is time to look at how to mirror Mac to iPad. Later versions of macOS and iPadOS have Sidecar as a built-in feature. It allows you to mirror your Mac screen to your iPad screen. Thus you can indeed mirror your Mac to your iPad in this manner. Check to see if your device supports this function before using it.

  • Connect your iPad and Mac to the same Wi-Fi network with Bluetooth turned on, and sign in to the same iCloud account.
  • Select the iPad option after clicking the Display or Airplay icon in the menu.
  • It will connect on its own. The iPad symbol will then become able.
  • Then, to mirror Mac to PC, go to the Screen Mirroring menu and pick "Mirror Built-in Retina Display."

FAQS about Screen Mirroring iPad to PC

It is one area constantly revolving, considering it is a new technology. For this reason, there is quite a lot that people still do not know. Several common questions are often asked as far as this technology is concerned. The following are samples of some of the most commonly asked questions concerning Apple products' screen mirroring.

How Do I Share My Ipad Screen with My PC?
Swipe up from the bottom of the device screen or down from the top right corner of the screen to access the Control Center (varies by device and iOS version). Select "Screen Mirroring" or "AirPlay" from the menu. Choose a computer. Your computer will display your iOS screen.
How Do I Mirror My iPad to My Computer Using USB?
On your Windows PC, use the ApowerMirror software. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the USB charging cable and plug it into a USB port on your Windows device. It would be best if you got a prompt right away on your iPhone or iPad. Enter the passcode for your Apple device.
How Do I Connect My iPad to My Windows Computer Wirelessly?
Connect your computer to your device. You can use a USB or USB-C cable or a Wi-Fi connection to connect your device. Click the Device button on the top left of the iTunes window on your PC's iTunes software. Then select Summary. "Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi" should be checked. Apply the changes.
How Do I Extend My iPad Screen in Windows?
After connecting the iPad, go to Windows Settings > Display to determine what you want to do with it. Look for the drop-down box that says "Multiple displays." Select Extend from the drop-down menu. Use this technique if your PC's display is mirroring rather than extending on your iPad.
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