All the Best Free Google Chromecast Apps You Need to Know

Q: What is Chromecast? Are there any free Chromecast apps?

Chromecast is a technology developed by Google. It lets you circulate your preferred entertainment and apps out of your smart-phone, tablet, or PC proper for your smart TV or audio system.

There are certain situations when you feel the need to watch your mobile devices on your smart TV. Watching online movies on a big screen with family and friends, playing online games, all these scenarios click your mind to Chromecast technology.

In this article, we will discuss applications that support Chromecast technology. There are also available many free Chromecast app that you can choose.

Part 1. What Apps Work with Chromecast?

There are thousands of apps available that work with Chromecast. These apps are mostly related to entertainment including watching movies, TV shows, games, music, sports, etc. Some most popular apps are Netflix, YouTube TV, Prime Video, Hulu, Deer Hunter 2018, Tricky Titans, CBS Sports, NHL, Spotify, Tidal, and thousands of other apps that support Chromecast.

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Part 2. 15 Free Chromecast Apps for Android & iOS

Here are the 15 best Chromecast apps for Android and iOS:

1. VideoStream

You must be having tons of movies and offline content on your hard disks so, why don’t you prefer watching it on the large display of your smart TV?

Download the Videostream Google Chromecast extension and then connect to the identical community on your computer and Chromecast. Launch the Videostream that will open a tab in the chrome browser. Just cast it and enjoy.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Player is now able to provide you the cast support. It is a free Chromecast app with a user-friendly interface. To use it, you have to be very vigilant to connect the devices under the same WI-FI. A cast button will be shown and then you can cast anything that you have on your Android or iOS device.

3. YouTube

YouTube needs nothing for its introduction. You will get a cast button and simply connect both the devices under the same WI-FI, you can start your casting by playing anything on YouTube and even you can use the mobile or other purposes and your video will be playing in the background.

4. Movies Anywhere

Movies anywhere are straightforward to use as Chromecast app, which helps you to enjoy your favorite purchased movies in one collection. The app allows you to sync your series throughout devices. It allows you to create our separate profiles and it also supports the 4K vision.

5. Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play lets you locate and watch movies and TV shows greater obviously than ever. It is one of the top-rated Chromecast free TV apps that lets you look for titles to see which streaming apps offer them. It updates you with the latest movies.

6. Local Cast

Local Cast is an app that permits you to play any track, video, or image saved for your Android device on your Chromecast device with just one click. It allows listening to what you are watching on your phone. Subtitle can also be watched if you have Chromecast or Apple TV4.

7. BubbleUPnp

BubbleUPnp app permits you to transcode media outside the local network. You can additionally use this app to optimize transcoding to Chromecast for enjoying non-natively supported formats. It also provides secure internet access to your home.

8. Google Photos

Google Photos is the best app for watching photos on your phone. It saves your photos until you have space in your drive. The app has a free Chromecast service as well. You can put your snapshots up on the screen. Additionally, you could create collections in this application and use them as your background screen at a time when you do not need casting.

9. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is popular for its streaming service. This app is just similar to Pandora. It provides stations to play various kinds of music. You can also listen to the radio using this application. It is considered to be the best Chromecast app for listening to music.

10. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is one of the top podcast apps and it additionally has Chromecast help. The User Interface is very basic, however, it otherwise does everything you’ll anticipate a podcast player to do. You could search for, observe, and download over a million distinctive podcasts. Additionally, the app works with audiobooks, live streams, YouTube, SoundCloud, and radio.

11. PLEX

Plex is a media server software that enables you to attend to a large length of media collections. It’s considered one of the first-class apps for Chromecast which enables you to play TV shows, movies, non-public films, and much more. Plex allows you to view videos together with your family.

12. Spotify

Spotify is one of the best song streaming service available with the limitless series of songs curated and with the set of rules that gives you the subsequent best songs that you would love. Spotify also supports Chromecast, you just need to select the device and click on play on other devices.

13. Netflix

Netflix is the most widely used Chromecast app. It is a super OTT video streaming platform that brings a wonderful collection and films. Netflix allows offline downloads on your mobile and provides ad-free streaming. The Chromecast service or TV of Netflix provides high-quality content and offers programs in various languages.

14. Jellyfin

Jellyfin is a free Chromecast app that helps you to circulate any media from your server. This application permits you to gather and manages videos. It allows you to enjoy the music party with your friends and family members with full comfort and ease. It also allows you the storage of media files.

15. Vevo

Vevo is a multination video web hosting service. This utility connects artists with their target market globally by the use of tune films and original content. It helps people have a look at music, artists, and the viewers. Vevo is also one of the best choices for Chromecast usage.

Part 3. Does Chromecast Come with Built-in Apps?

Yes, Chromecast comes with built-in apps. There are a large number of apps that have built-in Chromecast technology. You can set up the Chromecast built-in technology to cast your favorite movies and channels on your Chromecast online TV by accessing it from the Android or iOS device.

Part 4. How to Fix Chromecast Not Working Issue?

If you can’t cast even you have carried out the troubleshooting, observe these steps to ensure that the Chromecast integrated app isn’t always disabled:

  1. At the furnished IR remote control, press the house button.
  2. Choose the Settings option and beneath the Television tab, select “App”.
  3. Underneath the App tab, pick System app.
  4. Underneath the device app category, pick out Google cast Receiver or Chromecast built-in.
  5. Then select “Enable”.

Part 5. Bonus: Screen Mirroring App for Android & iOS to PC

Are you also looking for a way to mirror the screen of your phone to your PC? Then you come to the right place. Airdroid Cast is the best app to mirror Android/iOS/Mac/Wins to other PCs because of its amazing features that other applications do not.

Remote control: It is a remotely used app. As an instructor, you may turn your Android or iOS tool into an accessible whiteboard using the usage of AirDroid Cast.

Several connection methods: AirDroid Cast provides 3 connection methods for user to connect both the mobile phone and PCs. Read the using steps as below to get this powerful tool.

How to set up AirDroid Cast screen mirroring app?

Step 1.Download & install it on both your devices
Click the “Try It Free” button below or go to its official website to finish downloading.
Step 2.Connect both the devices
Create a connection between both the devices by choosing one of the methods you like.

WLAN: You just need to type or scan the QR Code that is displayed on the PC side to connect it, whatever both the devices are connect under the local network or remote network.

USB Cable: It is a comparatively faster method. Click the USB button here to connect your mobile phone to the PC using a USB cable.

AirPlay: It is especially the best choice for iOS users. You only need to open the “Screen Mirroring” control center and choose “AirDroid Cast – XXX” to connect them.

Step 3.Start Screen Mirroring
Now you can not only enjoy your phone screen on your PC. One of the amazing features of AirDroid Cast is that you can also remotely control your phone screen on PC.

Part 6. Final Verdict

In this article, we have highlighted the free Chromecast apps for desktops. Thousands of apps support this Chromecast feature and many entertainment apps are specially included in these apps. Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Prime Video, etc. All these apps serve the Chromecast feature. Some apps have Chromecast as a built-in feature but not all the apps have. However, if you are finding the best app for screen mirroring mobile devices to PC. Airdroid Cast is a powerful app that fits your needs.

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