How to Fix Google Chromecast Remote Not Working?

Google Chromecast helps you to stream your mobile phone to large-screen devices. However, Google Chromecast Remote allows you to control your TV and makes the streaming process much easier.

Sometimes Chromecast remote may have some and not work properly. There may be system issues, batteries, or even connection problems. If your Chromecast remote not working, no worries. In this article, we will discuss the potential problems and possible solutions.

chromecast remote not working

1 Why is My Chromecast Remote Not Working?

Google Chromecast remote not working can be caused by several factors. First of all, you will have to discover what is the problem, and then look for the solutions. There may be various things and causes, and let's start with the simplest one- battery issues.

1. Battery Issues

Battery-related problems often occur in different kinds of devices. Therefore, it is absolutely possible that the reason the Google Chromecast remote not working is the batteries. Changing the batteries may be the solution in that case. Batteries may have been placed in the remote incorrectly, or they may need to be readjusted.

Another issue regarding the batteries can be that they may run out of power and may be dead. Therefore, if your Google Chromecast remote is not working, this may also be because of the dead batteries.

2. Buttons not working

One of the issues that the Chromecast remote may have can be regarding the buttons. Specific buttons may not work properly, for example, the volume button, input control, or even the power button. It may be because of the incorrect pairing of some buttons.

3. Problem with connection

Another reason why the Google Chromecast remote not working may be the problem with the connection. This problem is pretty common in remote devices and happens when the signal from the remote does not reach the TV.

remote not working

4. Can Not Turn On/Off TV

Some people also have a problem with turning on and off the TV. If you push on the power button and it does nothing, then you have this particular problem. However, it can be solved and maybe because of the error in the configuration process.

5. Error In The System

System Error is often the case in modern technological devices and results in malfunctioning. Therefore, it is absolutely possible that the Google Chromecast remote not working is caused by a system error. When this happens, typically, your remote, and sometimes even the entire system may not work. There are several things that you can do to fix the problem, which we will discuss in more detail.

6. Remote Keeps Disconnecting

Another problem that may come up when using the Google Chromecast remote is when it keeps disconnecting. Typically, once you pair the TV and remote and follow all the instructions, then it must stay connected. However, if it keeps disconnected frequently, then there is a problem and you need to look for solutions.

7. Chromecast Remote Not Responding

Typically, when you pair the remote to the TV, it must work without issues. However, if the remote is not responding. When the Google Chromecast remote not working is caused by the signal error, it may be because of a deeper problem or cause which requires assistance, or can be simply resolved by pairing the remote again.

8. Chromecast Remote Volume Not Working

One of the problems that also often occur when using the Chromecast remote is Chromecast remote volume not working. This may be because of the incorrect setup of volume buttons or may have some deeper cause.

2 Chromecast Remote Troubleshooting - How to Fix?

1. Restart Your Google TV

One of the solutions may be restarting your Google TV. In order to reset the Google TV, press the power button on the Chromecast remote and hold it until the TV turns off and you see the message “power off. Wait for a minute, and start the TV again. Or you can unplug the cord and wait for 30 seconds, then plug it in again and your device will be restarted.

2. Reset Your Device

Resetting your remote and TV devices may be one of the solutions to this problem. However, if you do a factory reset, then you will most likely have to pair the remote again, as new. First of all reset Chromecast remote, to see if the problem will be solved and if not, then you may have to reset the TV.

repair chromecast remote

3. Change Remote batteries

Simply remove the batteries from the remote and place them back carefully, maybe it was knocked out and got disconnected. So, replace the batteries and see, if it works.

Another issue with the batteries can be happening and that is when they are dead. Sometimes, batteries are out of power, and to figure out if this is the case, you can check them in any battery-powered devices available near you. Well, if they turn out to be dead, you will have to purchase new batteries for your Chromecast remote.

4. Pair up your Remote once again

When Google Chromecast remote not working, and especially Chromecast remote volume not working, try to re-pair it with the TV. You can do it by removing the device from the settings and pairing again.

5. Check Remote Buttons

3 AirDroid Cast Web - The Best Chromecast Alternative

If you have problems with Chromecast remote and can not use it, AirDroid Cast Web can be the best alternative. To use this tool, there is no need for the app installed on your TV. All you need is an internet connection and a large-screen device with a web browser.

Cast screen to Android TV wirelessly (5 minutes)

In order to do the screencasting, the first thing you will have to do is to download AirDroid Cast application on sending device such as a mobile phone,tablet or computer. You can either connect straightaway, without signing if both your devices are under the same network. Setting up the process of AirDroid Cast web is very easy, you can finish it within 5 minutes as follows:

How to set up AirDroid Cast Web for screencasting?

  1. Download AirDroid Cast on your sending device from its official website,Google Play Store,App Store or click “Try It Free” button below.

  2. After you do it, on your TV browser, type Then you will see a QR code and a cast code (9-digit) appear on your browser.
  3. AirDroid Cast Web overview

  4. Launch AirDroid Cast on your sending device and scan the QR code, or typing in the numbered codeA new notification will appear on your large screen device with the “Device casting request”. Click “Allow” and if you wish, you can also remember the device as a trusted one.

  5. On the mobile device, you will also receive a notification asking whether or not to start the casting or recording, click “Start Now”.
  6. Now, you can enjoy screen casting on your TV!

Note : Remember that if you have your receiver and sender devices connected to the different networks (remote connection), in order to do screen mirror, you will need to get the AirDroid Cast Premium account.

4 Latest Chromecast Features

One of the major Chromecast features is that it supports streaming services including Youtube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. Devices have the possibility to stream the picture in resolutions up to 4K or 60fps. As for the audio, the Chromecast is supporting Dolby.

Additionally, there is a Google assistant button on the Chromecast remote which supports the Google search engine and its general inquiries. Chromecast also offers Smart Home Features and lets you control it via Google assistant.

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5 Take Aways

In this article, we discussed the reasons why may the Chromecast TV remote not working. Several issues were discussed as long as the potential solutions. After reading this article, you already know how to identify the problem and fix it yourself. However, if you are still unsure about how to fix the Chromecast TV remote not working problem, here is a little reminder of what you can do:

  1. Check if the remote batteries are powered and make sure they are placed correctly.
  2. Restart Your Google TV and Chromecast Remote.
  3. Reset Your Google TV and Chromecast Remote.
  4. Re-pair Your Chromecast remote and make sure all the buttons are also paired.

FAQs about Chromecast Remote

How to Factory Reset Chromecast Voice Remote?

You can reset Chromecast remote by doing the following:

  1. Take out the batteries from the Chromecast remote.
  2. Press on the “Home” on your remote, and keep it pressed while putting the batteries back.
  3. Keep the “Home” button pressed until the light comes on on the remote. When the light starts flashing, it means that you successfully reset Chromecast remote.

How Do I Pair Chromecast with Google TV Remote?
  1. If you already have not installed it, download Google TV Remote App and install it on the device.
  2. Find the pairing option in the settings and choose the remote from pairable devices.
  3. To make the remote discoverable, press on “Home” and “Back” buttons at the same time.
  4. The Remote should connect to the Chromecast automatically and once the pairing is established, the remote light will flash.

How to Re-pair Chromecast Remote?

If you are wondering how to re-pair the Chromecast remote, here is the specific guidelines that can help you:

  1. First, download the Google TV Remote app on the device and install it by following the instructions.
  2. After you install the app, then find the remote in Google TV settings, and remove it from paired devices.
  3. Re-pair the remote with Chromecast.
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