Airplay Not Working on Roku TV? Try These 8 Fixes

In the world of technology, the brand that stands out from the rest is the one that provides convenience, innovation, and usefulness. Apple is the brand that fulfills all these requirements of modern technology.

The most sought-after feature of Apple is Airplay which allows you to mirror your photos, music, videos, and more from your Apple devices to streaming such as Roku TV. You may find Airplay not working on Roku TV, which could be due to many reasons.There is nothing to worry about when facing such a situation. This article will help you find the reasons and solutions for this issue.

1Why Is Airplay Not Working on Roku TV?

No device can beat the convenience of Roku TV regarding entertainment options. The possibilities become even more extensive when we connect Airplay to Roku TV. However, sometimes we may face problems connecting Airplay to Roku TV, and the reasons can be diverse. Understanding the causes of Roku TV not connecting to Airplay is vital. So, let's try to understand the possible reasons.

Following are some of the most common reasons for Airplay not working on Roku TV:

  • You may need to install new updates on your Roku TV or Apple device.
  • Too slow internet connection.
  • The devices are out of range of each other.
  • One of the devices or both may be facing network connectivity problems.
  • Both devices may not be connected to the same network.
  • Maybe both devices are not compatible with each other.
  • The Airplay feature is disabled by Roku TV.
  • Airplay code not showing on TV.
  • 28 Fixs for Airplay Not Working on Roku TV

    Once you become familiar with the problem, it is time to fix these problems. The article will help you solve any problem and teach you how to Airplay on Roku TV. Try these solutions to your unique problem, preventing Airplay from connecting with Roku TV.

    Restart your devices

    The first solution for any problem you face when trying to Airplay on Roku TV can be fixed by restarting your iPad or iPhone. It usually fixes any bugs or temporary problems. You need to unplug your devices and plug them back after thirty seconds. Now go to settings > System > Power > Restart > Click the Restart option.

    It will take some time for your devices to restart. Once restart completes, your devices may start working fine, but if they don't, move to the next solution.

    Make sure your devices are connected to the same network

    It is one of the most common problems. Due to auto connectivity, Roku TV sometimes connects to some other network. It creates problems establishing a connection between an Apple device and Roku TV. So, make sure your devices are connected to the same network.

    Check the software compatibility

    Before connecting your iPad / iPhone to Roku TV, you must check their versions. Are they running on the compatible versions? To check the Roku TV version, go to Settings > System Options > About. Roku TV must be running a 9.4 or higher version. Any older version will not support Airplay. You need to update your Roku TV to the latest version to use Airplay.

    Enable the Airplay option of Roku TV

    If you are wondering why is my TV not showing up on Airplay, make sure your Roku TV has the Airplay option enabled. To check that, go to Settings > Apple Airplay > HomeKit. Enable the Airplay if it is turned off. Now, try to connect Airplay to Roku TV.

    Reboot the wifi router

    If your wifi router is in power-saving mode, it needs to be restarted. So, restart your wifi to connect it to Roku TV. Sometimes more than one router installed in your house can interfere with the signals and prevent them from establishing a connection. Weak signals are another cause of Airplay not working on Roku TV, so upgrade your router firmware for solid signals.

    Reset Roku's Network Connection

    Sometimes cache is saved in Roku's network settings. Also, multiple paired devices can create problems connecting your Apple device and Roku TV. To overcome this problem, you need to reset the network connection of your Roku TV. It will restore the default factory settings and resolve the issues you are facing while connecting Airplay to Roku TV.

    Reset paired devices on your Apple Device

    There is more than one TV in every home, and then there are other devices with whom you connect your iPad or iPhone. So, the number of paired devices increases day by day. Connecting your iPhone or iPad to Roku TV sometimes connects to another device. To resolve this problem, you must reset paired devices on your Apple device. It will resolve the issue.

    Factory reset Roku TV

    Once all available options to resolve Roku TV connection errors are exhausted, it is time to take the final decision, the factory reset. It will resolve all the issues and make your device configured with Airplay easily. It is not a quick process, but it takes time. Moreover, all of your installed apps and settings will be lost. So, it is recommended to choose this option when all other techniques fail to resolve the issue.

    Contact customer support of both devices

    Suppose you still face the issue after utilizing all of the above options. In that case, you should contact customer support of Apple and Roku TV to ask for the solution. Let them send a tech guy or bring your devices to their stores if the issue does not resolve on the phone. They indeed will resolve the issue.

    3Try an Alternative Mirroring Software: AirDroid Cast

    If you are looking for easy ways to mirror your Apple devices to Roku TV, you should download third-party tools to screen mirroring on Roku TV. One of the best apps available for this purpose is AirDroid Cast. It has a user-friendly interface, and you will make a connection with your Roku TV within no time.

    AirDroid Cast

    You can count on AirDroid Cast while looking for a hassle-free option to mirror your iPhone / iPad on Roku TV. You will need no extra hardware or need to be an expert in IT to use this app. It will allow you to experience high-definition displays on larger TVs, and Roku TV is no exception. It provides you options to establish connectivity wirelessly while devices are connected to the same network or on different networks.

    How to Mirror iPhone / iPad to Roku TV using AirDroid Cast?

    Follow the steps given below to mirror your iPhone / iPad to Roku TV:

    1. Download and install the AirDroid Cast on your iPhone / iPad you wish to mirror on Roku TV.
    2. Open the web version of AirDroid Cast on your Roku TV.
    3. Connect both devices to the same local network.
    4. To start the casting, you need to put the cast code shared on the Roku TV by your iPhone/iPad. Or you can choose the QR option, where you need to scan the codes to establish a connection between both devices.
    5. Once you finished connection, your iPad / iPhone screen will start mirroring on your Roku TV.

    4How to Set up Airplay on a Roku TV?

    Airplay is another option for mirroring iPad / iPhone to Roku TV. It is a built-in option in Apple devices through which you can mirror, cast, or share content to other displaying systems. For setting up Airplay on a Roku TV, go to Settings > Apple AirPlay > HomeKit and toggle Airplay to On. Now you will start seeing Roku TV whenever you try to Airplay anything from your iPad or iPhone, but both devices need to be on the same network.

    How to use Airplay?

    Follow these steps to use Airplay to mirror on Roku TV.

    1. Check whether both devices are on the same network.
    2. For a single file to share, open that specific file, tap on the share option, then on the Airplay icon, and select the name of your Roku TV. The file will start mirroring on the TV.
    3. If you are looking for an option to share the complete display of your iPad or iPhone, the steps are different.
    4. Open the control center on your iPad / iPhone.
    5. Tap on the screen mirroring icon, and a drop-down menu will open.
    6. Select your Roku TV name, which will start mirroring once the connection establishes.

    What Roku TVs Support Airplay 2?

    Following models of Roku TV can support Airplay 2.

    Device Model Roku OS Version
    Roku TVTM Axxxx,Cxxxx,CxxGB, 7xxxx 9.4 or above
    Roku Smart Soundbar 9101 9.4 or above
    Onn.™ Roku Smart Soundbar 9100 9.4 or above
    Roku Streambar® 9102 9.4 or above
    Roku Streambar Pro 9101R2 9.4 or above
    Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810, 3811 9.4 or above
    Roku Streaming Stick 4K 3820 9.4 or above
    Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ 3821 9.4 or above
    Roku Express 4K 3940 9.4 or above
    Roku Express 4K+ 3941 9.4 or above
    Roku Ultra 4600, 4640, 4660, 4661, 4670, 4800, 4802 9.4 or above
    Roku Ultra LT 4662, 4801 9.4 or above
    Roku Premiere 3920, 4620 9.4 or above
    Roku Premiere+ 3921, 4630 9.4 or above
    Roku TV Dxxxx, 8xxxx 10.0 or above
    Roku Streaming Stick 3600, 3800, 3801 10.0 or above
    Roku Express 3900, 3930, 3801 10.0 or above
    Roku Express+ 3910, 3931 10.0 or above
    Roku HD 3932 10.0 or above
    Roku 2 4205, 4210 10.0 or above
    Roku 3 4200, 4201, 4230 10.0 or above

    5Current Issues of Airplay to a Roku TV

    Roku TV needs an update after every 24 to 36 hours. If your Operating System is not updated, it may cause problems connecting to an iPad / iPhone. Moreover, we have more than one internet router in our homes nowadays. This creates difficulty for Roku TV and the devices we want to connect with. Sometimes Roku TV and iPad / iPhone are not on the same network, so we can not establish a connection.

    Other problems you can face include:

  • The TV icon is not present on the home screen.
  • There is only a black screen, and the video is not visible.
  • There is delayed audio.
  • Roku TV hangs and freezes when you play a video.
  • There is sound but no picture.
  • There is a picture but no sound.
  • For the solution to all these problems, visit Roku TV Help Center

    6Final Verdict

    Roku TV provides you with non-stop entertainment. Combining subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu with a Roku TV will expand the possibilities. You can enjoy these services on a bigger display and high-definition pictures by mirroring your iPhone/iPad through Airplay to connect it with TVs.

    You may encounter problems while connecting to Roku TV via Airplay. The issues you are facing with Airplay not working on Roku TV will be solved using above mentioned techniques. If the problem still exists, you must contact Roku services directly to make it fixed. Third-party applications like AirDroid Cast can make the mirroring or Airplay even easier.

    FAQs about Airplay on Roku TV

    How to Airplay from a Mac to a Roku TV?
    Once you are in the range of your Roku TV, click on the Airplay icon from the menu bar available at your top screen. Now, select your Roku TV name, and the entire screen of your Mac computer will start mirroring on the Roku TV.
    How do I Airplay my iPhone to a Roku TV without wifi?
    You can use a wire to connect your iPhone to a Roku TV. An iPhone charging cable to an HDMI adaptor can be used for this purpose.
    How do I mirror my iPhone to my Roku TV without Airplay?
    You can use applications like AirDroid Cast to mirror iPhone to Roku TV without Airplay or Apple TV.
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