Top 5 Android MDM Solutions in 2022

Android MDM or Mobile Device Management is a system that allows you to keep track of multiple android devices at once. In today's day and age, most businesses require various devices for day-to-day operational duties.

Whether it be a company-issued smartphone to communicate with each other or kiosks used around the office, there are many different ways to use Android devices across the office. When running a business, keeping on top of all these devices can be challenging. This is where an MDM solution comes in. Let's learn about it and review some of the best MDM for Android.

Part 1: What is MDM Used For?

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is software that the IT department of a company can use to implement security policies to monitor and manage endpoint devices within a business. This includes any smartphones that employees may use and laptops, tablets, or even IoT devices used across the company.

Depending on which MDM solution you choose, the features will vary. Each solution has its perks and allows you to do many different things under one software. Most solutions will allow you to monitor all the Android devices under the company. This is great to know which devices are up and running and to detect any devices that may have stopped working.

They also have geofencing features, meaning the software will notify you if a company device goes outside a specific location. This can help you track stolen devices and delete data on them in case they get into the wrong hands.

You can use MDM solutions to implement better security practices within the company. Specific solutions will also allow you to control the devices within the system remotely. This means you can make changes or troubleshoot problems from a central browser without physically accessing the device in an inconvenient location.

Using these solutions, your IT department can protect your Android devices against online threats and better manage all the machines working under the company.

Part 2: Top 5 Android MDM Solutions

Now that you know how effective MDM solutions can be, you might be wondering which one to choose for your business. There are many options, and each has its own set of features and perks. Let's check out some of the best ones out there.

1. Miradore

If you are looking for a free Android MDM and are just starting, then Miradore is an excellent option. It's free for small organizations and is one of the most well-known MDM solutions.

You can secure all your Android devices and protect precious company data. You can also install apps and configurations remotely and manage the use of applications on these devices. You can also save time by automating tasks!


  • iOS support
  • Windows support
  • macOS support
  • Free version
  • Affordable


  • The free version does not have a lot of features.

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2. AirDroid Business

When it comes to Android device management, AirDroid Business has got it all. You can manage any device that runs on Android. This system is not only limited to smartphones. Still, it can also control Interactive Kiosks, Rugged Devices, Point Sale devices, tablets, or even any custom devices you might have in your company (as long it runs on Android)!

With the AirDroid Business dashboard, you can effortlessly monitor all the devices under your business across any location. You can address any issues that may arise without having an on-site visit. AirDroid allows you to access the device remotely from any browser to help fix sudden problems or troubleshoot bugs.

There are also lockdown features and tracking features, among many others. It's a great option to use for Android devices.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Remote control
  • Member accounts
  • Both small-scale and large-scale deployment plans are available
  • Supports all kinds of Android endpoint devices
  • Full device visibility
  • Easy to use


  • Android-only

Bouns Tips:

  • AirDroid Personal is one of the most popular and intuitive MDMs out there for personal productivity. First of all, AirDroid makes connecting devices easy, you can even manage and control android from a web browser without installing the app. Not many MDMs provide this level of ease of use.
  • AirDroid is an all-in-all package and provides every sort of remote device management option you can think of. You can control your devices remotely, transfer files, install apps, and device activity, access the cameras remotely, send texts, get notifications and so much more. When it comes to remote mobile management, if you can think of it, AirDroid can do it.

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3. Scalefusion

Scalefusion is another excellent software that allows you to manage your Android devices under one platform. It offers two modes: Full Device Management and Dedicated Device Management. You can use the Agent mode to run Scalefusion in the background and implement specific policies.

Or you can control two or more apps on the Android device for devices like customer-facing kiosks. There's also a mode where the device can only run one app, and everything else is blocked. You get location tracking features, certificate management, content management, network settings, etc., all in one software.


  • Browser Management
  • Automate your IT tasks
  • Affordable
  • iOS support
  • Windows 10 Support
  • macOS support


  • Hard to learn
  • No messaging in the offline dashboard

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4. IBM MaaS360

Developed by one of the leading names in the computer industry, IBM, the MaaS360 is one of the best MDM solutions. It supports a wide range of devices, including Android and Windows computers and laptops. It offers AI capabilities to help you use the system to its optimum capacity.

This MDM is geared towards security and protects all your devices against online threats. This software also helps you contain your crucial company data while upholding compliance regulations. This is an excellent choice for businesses with a wide range of devices under their roof.


  • AI Capabilities
  • Security is a high priority
  • Advanced tools and features for content management
  • Content Collaboration


  • Some devices like Windows devices might need a manual enrolment
  • Limited functionality across specific platforms

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5. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

For a comprehensive mobile management experience, you can choose ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus. This software is just one of the many software that ManageEngine offers. It allows you to track all kinds of devices under your company, whether computers, laptops, smartphones, or even tablets.

Check the dashboard to view device owner, installed apps, and much more to know everything about each device under your system. You can also use remote troubleshooting to fix issues.


  • Feature-rich
  • Customizable widgets
  • Notification system
  • Works well with other ManageEngine products
  • Security management
  • Content management


  • Difficult to learn
  • All features might not be helpful.

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Part 3: Which is the Best MDM Solution?

When choosing an Android MDM, AirDroid Business is an excellent option for you. It allows you to ensure the stability of all your Android endpoints and bring continuity to your business. It's affordable and has many features that will enable you to manage your Android devices and remotely control them or fix issues.

The AirDroid Business software offers monitoring and provisioning features that make it easier and less time-consuming to manage and monitor all your Android devices across your company. You can remotely troubleshoot different issues on any device that may be facing problems without having to be on-site. So, you're not wasting any resources.

You can lock down devices to restrict the use of specific websites, apps, or even settings on Androids. Plan all your updates to synch with each other, so the system works seamlessly. There are also Geofencing features that allow you to locate all your devices at all times. This one software will enable you to do everything you might need in an MDM system. So it's a perfect choice.

Part 4: Conclusion

Having Android MDM software can help you protect your business and make processes more efficient. With so many devices working together, you must have a central hold on all your company devices and not waste resources. With Android MDM systems like AirDroid Business, you can easily keep up with things and manage your devices effectively.


Why do more people not know about MDM solutions?
Not many companies use MDM solutions because they don't usually think of personal mobile phones as company resources. But the truth is when your employee uses their smartphone inside the company, using network resources, other people can use these devices to gain access to company data. So more and more companies are trying out MDM solutions.
What kind of devices does MDM work for?
An Android MDM solution will work on Android devices like a smartphone or a tablet or even Android-run Kiosks or other Android devices. The command system that each MDM solution uses is dependent on the Operating System. So Android MDMs will work with Android devices, and iOS MDMs will work with iOS devices. Some solutions work with both.
Can MDM software be used for spying?
No, MDM software cannot spy on your personal information. These software is meant to track company devices and keep hold of company data. You can decide what kind of access you are giving away to the company as most companies will ask you to sign a contract before enrolling your device into the system. They cannot track personal messages or data.
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