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2023 Best Android Emulator for iOS – Top 5 Picks

Charudatta Updated on May 29, 2023 Filed to: Remote Control

Read this article to learn about the most sought-after Android emulator iOS programs of 2023. Being the fastest-growing smartphone platform in the world, Android offers tons of spectacular apps and games for users. But unfortunately, iOS devices are not compatible with the Google operating system.

This keeps iPhone users from enjoying many incredible Android utilities. Or is it?

If you own an iPhone and want to play/run an Android game or app on it, then we have a way out. All you need is a competent Android emulator iOS to get the job done. Continue reading and find out more about the top-ranked Android emulator for iOS programs of 2023.


Can I Run an Android App on an iOS Device?

The answer is YES. You can run Android app on iOS devices via Android emulators for iOS.

While both platforms are known for keeping their apps and services solely for the respective users, you still have several options to enjoy Android apps on an iPhone. It cannot be done directly – that's for sure. And you need a third-party program called an Android emulator for iOS to get the job done.

What is an Android emulator for iOS? The Android emulator is a tool that helps you open and use Android applications on your iPhone or iPad. For instance, you can easily use services like Google Maps, Photos, and any other Play Store app. Now, you don’t need to go through any tech-savvy procedure, let alone switch your smartphone and enjoy your favourite Android games on an iPhone.

Just install an Android emulator iOS and start playing it right away. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of Google services, the internet is awash with such programs. Also, an emulator gives you different customization options as per your wishes to improve the user experience.

Best Android Emulators for iOS

Here are some popular Android emulators for iOS, along with their pros and cons.

1. iAndroid

The first tool on our list is iAndroid. This program has been a popular Android emulator for quite some time now for its amazing features. It can run on many iOS devices without any hassles, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The beginner may find it difficult to navigate its features, but with time, they will understand it well. Aside from running all Android apps, it also allows you to enjoy customized Android widgets on your iOS device. Make sure your iPhone is running above iOS 5 to use this program.



  • Allows full access to Android features.
  • All apps are free for installation.
  • Good-quality graphics
  • No complex features and functions


  • Consume battery a lot
  • Beginners might feel an issue

How to download and install iAndroid:

  1. Step 1.Open your Safari web browser and download the Cydia app from
  2. Step 2.Once the Cydia store has been installed, launch it and click “Manage”.
  3. Step 3.Now, select “Sources” and search for “iAndroid”.
  4. download and install iAndroid

  5. Step 4.You can then install the iAndroid app directly by clicking its icon. Follow the promoted instructions to finish.

User Review:

“According to me, the iAndroid Download is the best Android emulator for iOS to enjoy Android interface on iOS device.” - By Suraj Padmasali

2. GBA4iOS

If you’re a gamer, then cheer up, as GBA4iOS is developed specifically for gamers and Nintendo users. With this tool, you can easily play your Android games as well as a variety of console games on your iPhone.

More strikingly, the program gives you much freedom to customize the settings to enhance ease of use. In addition, it lets users to download ROM files from the Safari web browser and import them directly to the app.

Not to mention, it guarantees clean graphics and a clean interface. But note that it can slow down older iOS devices.



  • It can be connected to Google Drive.
  • Compatibility with the Safari browser to download ROM files.
  • Offers the easiest way to play the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo.


  • Many users complain of a drop in the quality of Android services, or you can say not-so-impressive graphics.
  • Requires high processing power.
  • It isn't available in the App Store, meaning you can't download it directly.
  • It often shows unexpected glitches during a gaming session as well as show lags.

How to download and install GBA4iOS:

If you have iOS 8.0.3 or below, you can head over to the GBA4iOS website and download it directly.

download GBA4iOS from BuildStore

However, for iOS 8.1 or later, you will first need to download the BuildStore, which is an alternative app store for iOS. From there, you can download the GBA4iOS app on your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

User Review:

“I have been using it for two years and have no problems.” - By Araponga

3. iNDS Emulator

One of the best Android emulators that have gained worldwide popularity for its amazing performance with games. What’s best about this Android emulator for iPad is you can use it without jailbreaking the iOS device.

It is worth mentioning that the original application was meant for jailbroken iPhones only. But thanks to recent updates, it can be used on any iPhone or iPad now.



  • It lets you play all the Nintendo DS games on your iOS without any trouble.
  • Compatible with most iOS devices.
  • Guarantees smooth and lag-free gaming experience.
  • Comes with high-quality graphics and displays to improve your gaming session.


  • Overheats your phones which results in draining the battery.
  • Beginners might face technical issues getting used to its interface.
  • Low device experience due to high processing activity.

How to download the iNDS Emulator on your iOS device:

  1. Step 1.Open Safari and go to the Tweakbox website. Then go to the Apps tab and search for the Tweakbox app. Then download and install the app on your iOS device.
  2. Step 2.After installing, open Settings, search for General, and click on Menu.
  3. Step 3.Search for iNDS app, and then tap on it to install.

User Review:

“There’s nothing unsafe about it. If your phone isn’t jailbroken, I would recommend getting a buildstore subscription. Just look through the apps available through buildstore before paying to make sure you can get your money’s worth out of it.” - By tylerawn

4. Appetize iOS Emulator

The Appetize iOS Emulator allows you to run mobile apps in your web browser. You can use it to access any app on iOS or Android without downloading it. This feature comes in handy if you’re an app developer. Using the Appetize emulator, you can show a live app preview to a client directly in their web browser. It can also be used in customer service and call centers, allowing the representatives of a mobile app to open it directly on their desktops.

Using Appetize, you can easily create a shareable link for the Android app of your choice. And you can do all of that without downloading any additional plugins or extensions.

Android emulator for iOS Appetize


  • Compatible with all modern web browsers
  • Does not require any additional downloads or extensions
  • Offers a smooth user experience
  • Extremely easy to share apps with friends and colleagues


  • Not the best option for gaming
  • Resorts to default smartphone settings when launching an application

How to download and install Appetize:

  1. Step 1.Download Appetize from the official website.
  2. Step 2.Sign up an account for the app, and log in.
  3. Step 3.Click “Upload” to upload your Android/iOS file.
  4. Step 4.After uploading, choose the file and open it.
  5. download and install Appetize

  6. Step 5.Enter your email address, and they will send you the link to use the app. Follow the given instructions.

User Review:

“Great tool for presenting iOS/Android applications on your computer.” - By David M.

5. Dalvik Emulator

The Dalvik Emulator, launched by the Myriad group, is an Android emulator for iOS devices. It works well on both iPhone and iPad. The great thing about this emulator is that it offers maximum safety and runs smoothly without interfering with other apps on the device.

Android emulator for iOS Dalvik


  • Supports both iPhone and iPad
  • Does not interfere with other apps on the phone
  • Can run almost all the Android apps


  • Takes up a lot of your device’s internal storage
  • Complicated installation process

How to download and install Dalvik:

  1. Step 1.Download and Install the Cydia store on your iOS device.
  2. Step 2.Launch the Cydia app, click Manage and then select “Source”.
  3. Step 3.Open the search bar and type “Dalvik Emulator” and download it on your device.

User Review:

“It's a great thing for Android developers since it creates new revenue opportunities by opening up Android ecosystem to new sectors.” - By

What Is the Best Android Emulator for iOS?

All the emulators in this article have their unique pros, cons and use cases. In this section, we will be comparing our top Android emulator recommendations for iOS on a bunch of different factors. These factors have been short-listed based on user feedback on which features they consider to be the most important.

Features iAndroid GBA4iOS iNDS Emulator Appetize Dalvik Emulator
Supported OS iOS 7.0 or higher Compatible with all iOS versions iOS 9.0 or higher Compatible with all iOS versions Compatible with all iOS versions
User-friendliness Low High Medium High Medium
Ads-free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Free Free (May require a BuildStore subscription) Free Free and paid plans Free
Best use General Gaming Game Boy games Nintendo games Live app previews iPad gaming

In Which Cases Can You Use Android Emulators for iOS?

There are loads of different reasons why someone may want to use an Android emulator for iOS. Here are a few:

Gaming: many great Android games are not available on Apple’s App Store. Using an Android emulator allows you to easily bypass this restriction and play any Android game on your iOS device.

play games on iPhone

App testing: An Android emulator can allow app developers to run and test the Android version of their app without physically owning an Android phone.

Using an older iOS device: Newer iOS versions may no longer support an old Apple device that you may have lying around. However, Android emulators allow you to use that device to the maximum of its ability.

old iPhone

Cheaper apps: companies are notorious for pricing their apps higher for iOS. By using an Android emulator, you can often get apps for cheaper!

Potential Issues While Using Android Emulators for iOS

Using Android emulators for iOS is not just sunshine and rainbows. There are a few potential problems that could arise in the process:

Compatibility issues

This is one of the most common issues when people use Android emulators on iOS devices because of the technical feasibility. Another reason is that the Android emulator software may get discontinued by the developers. So you should double check whether your device is supported or not.

Security Concerns

Since you will have to download the emulator software from a third-party site, there could be malware or virus that are threatening your iOS device, arising the security risk for your device.

Legal Concerns

Most emulators aren’t easily available on the iOS App Store because of legal concerns. Many emulators do not abide by copyright laws as well as developer terms and conditions.

Additionally, copyrighted ROM files are illegal to share with others. You should not rip and download the ROMs of the games while using an emulator. That can land you in trouble.

Complex Setup

As you can see, it is quite complicated to download and install the emulator software for iOS devices, and additional setup is needed most of the time.

Run Android Apps on iOS Device without Emulators - Use AirDroid Personal

There comes a time when you wish to play an Android game on iPhone, iPad, or on a bigger screen. Aside from offering better graphics, it gives you more customization options and better control.

While you can easily find tons of such programs online, the one users trust the most is AirDroid Personal. It has earned a reputation for its ability to connect your Android and PC remotely and gives you access to all Android services via mouse and keyboard.


No matter how graphically demanding your favourite game is, AirDroid promises a lag-free experience. And unlike similar tools, it doesn’t require you to jailbreak the Android device. Simply install the app on both devices and start enjoying Android features on a big screen right away.

Its other features empower you to transfer files across different platforms, mirror an Android screen on a PC, manage your SMS, calls, and other mobile notifications from a computer, use an Android camera remotely, and many more.

AirDroid Personal
  • High-quality screen mirroring
  • Lag-free gaming experience
  • Manage Android files from your computer
  • Play all the Android apps and games on your PC
  • Transfer files between any two devices on any platform, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Access the camera of your Android phone remotely from a PC which acts as a security device.

How to Remote Control Android from iPhone/iPad via AirDroid Personal

If you wish to remote control an Android device from an iPhone, then follow these steps:

  1. Step 1.Download and install the AirDroid Personal app on your Android device and log into your account. If you don’t have an AirDroid account already, you can quickly sign up for it.
  2. sign in AirDroid Personal on Android

  3. Step 2.Now, visit on your iPhone using a web browser app like Safari or Chrome.
  4. AirDroid Personal Web on iPhone

  5. Step 3.Next, log into the same AirDroid account from your iPhone device to connect both devices.
  6. connect Android from iPhone

  7. Step 4.Now, you can click the “Control” icon to remotely control your Android device from your iPhone.
  8. remotely control Android from iPhone

Video Tutorial to Remote Control Android from PC without Emulators

Comparison of Android Emulator for iOS and Remote Control App

In essence, Android emulators for iOS and Remote Control Apps are quite different. Android Emulators for iOS allow you to experience the complete Android OS on your device, which means it feels like you are using an Android device.

On the other hand, remote control apps are used to interact with a device remotely. That said, there should be two devices at least. One is your iOS device, and one is your Android device.

remotely control Android from phone

Meanwhile, the remote control applications are safe and easy to download and install without changing the whole operating system on your device. For Android emulators, you can not directly download and install the app from App Store, which can pose a significant security risk, and requires technical skills.

Simply put, if your sole purpose is to play an Android game or run an Android app on a different device, we’d highly recommend using a remote control app instead of an emulator; it’s much safer and easier to download. However, if you want to test the Android version of an app or wish to experience the Android OS, then an Android emulator for iOS is the way to go.

FAQs about Android Emulator for iOS

Can I install an Android emulator on iOS without a jailbreak?
Unfortunately, no. You can not use an Android emulator on iOS without a jailbreak, at least on the more recent versions of iOS. But there is an exception. You can use iNDS emulator without jailbreaking your iOS device.
Can iOS run an Android emulator?
To be honest, Apple doesn’t allow downloading and installing the Android emulators on your device, not from App Store. However, you can download the Android emulator software from the app store like Cydia app store.
Is there an app like Bluestacks for iOS?
No, there is no app like Bluestacks for iOS
Is it possible to run Android apps on iOS devices?
There is no official app for you to run Android apps on iOS devices, but you can try to download third-party Android emulators for iOS to do so. This will require you to jailbreak your iOS device before installing an emulator to run Android apps.
How do I open an APK file on my iPhone?
APK, the file format used for Android apps, is not supported on iPhones. However, you can search for the same app on the App Store and download it from there. Alternatively, you can install an Android emulator for iOS and access the APK file from it.

Final Remarks

With this guide at your disposal, running Android apps and games on an iOS device is a walk in the park. Use any of the aforementioned Android emulators iOS and start enjoying Google services on your iPhone right away.

Don’t want to use an emulator to play Android apps on a computer? Get your hands on the premium version of AirDroid Personal and play your favourite Android games on a bigger display. It is convenient to install and use and promises a quality user experience.

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