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How to Fix WhatsApp Notification Not Working

Elsa Updated on Oct 24, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most used apps among all the instant messaging apps. This Facebook-owned app has over 2 billion users worldwide, making it one of the most common.

However, everything has pros and cons, and WhatsApp is no exception!

One of the frequently reported issues by the users is WhatsApp notifications not working, and the worst part is that they cannot figure out the solution.

WhatsApp Notification not working

This article will uncover in detail why your WhatsApp is not showing notifications. But, before jumping into the fixes part, let's find out the possible reasons why your WhatsApp notifications are not working exactly.

Why Is Your WhatsApp Notification Not Working?

These were the most common issues that users of WhatsApp face, and it will help you choose the right fixes that will enable the alerts and notifications to start working on your Android, Windows, and iPhone.

You are not connected to the Internet: Every app in this world needs an internet connection to run properly. One of the reasons your WhatsApp is not showing notifications is because you are disconnected from the internet.

Your phone battery saver mode is on: If you have turned on your battery mode, also know that powering on it restricts the apps from running in the background and forces them to stop sending notifications.

You have muted person/group notification: Your WhatsApp notification is not working because you may have muted the specific person/group on WhatsApp.

You enabled the Do Not Disturb (DND): Another reason why WhatsApp notifications are not showing is that you may have enabled the DND, which disables all the phone settings and apps based on your preferences.

Your In-built Notifications are Disabled: You may have disabled notifications from WhatsApp.

7 Ways to Fix the WhatsApp Notification Not Working

1Check Your Internet Connection

As we have mentioned, you will not get any notification if your internet is not working flawlessly. So, the first thing you have to make sure of is you have a stable internet connection. You can use the various internet testing websites/apps to test your internet connectivity speed. Secondly, switching to the data balance, you should have medium to strong data to get the Whatsapp notifications. Other things you can do is to move to another area or get better internet options.

2Make Sure the WhatsApp Notifications Are Enabled

Getting the notifications on other apps, but not only on WhatsApp? There are fair chances that you may not have 'Enabled Notifications' on the WhatsApp settings. If you want to turn on/check the vibration and sound for notifications on WhatsApp, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp, click on the 'three dots' in the top right corner, and go to the 'Settings'.

Step 2. Click on the 'Notifications' and tap on the 'Conversation tone'. Now you can set the vibration length to either default, short, or long.

enable Whatsapp Notifications

3Check Whether Power Saving Mode or Low Power Mode Is on

If your power-saving mode is enabled, you may disable all your phone activities and network connections. The activated power-saving mode automatically disables the 'WhatsApp Notification' feature. Therefore, this could be why WhatsApp does not show notifications on your phone.

To power off the saving mode on your device, you can follow the steps we are mentioning below:

Step 1. Tap on the 'Settings' and go to the 'Battery' and then Tap on the 'Power Saving Mode' or 'Low Power Mode'.

Power Saving Mode or Low Power Mode

Step 2. Now, toggle off the button if the feature is on.

Furthermore, your phone can automatically turn on the power-saving mode if the battery goes down a certain percentage.

Note: The process of power saving can be different in various devices. Ensure that you are using the proper use of the 'Search' feature in the Settings to locate the right option.

4Don't Restrict the Background Data

Limiting or restricting the background might extend your phone's battery life, but it can create disturbance in different app features like WhatsApp. Even a few Android devices can allow you to restrict the usage of data by using the option of the mobile data limit.

When the background data is restricted, it ensures that your Whatsapp doesn't connect to the internet while you are not presently using the app — it even happens when you minimize it.

Here is how you can disable the WhatsApp background data restrictions to ensure that you are getting all the notifications from App:

Step 1. Tap in the app drawer and find the WhatsApp.

Step 2. Now press the icon and click on the 'App info' or anything you find related to the background data restriction.

Step 3. Click on the 'Mobile data & Wi-Fi'.

Step 4. Now, you can see the data amount used by WhatsApp from the last week or last month. Make sure your background data is powered on so you know your Whatsapp is working in the background.

WhatsApp Background data

Step 5. Moreover, you can switch on the 'Unrestricted Data Usage' to ensure your WhatsApp works even when the Data Server is enabled.

5Ensure You Haven't Turned On the 'Do Not Disturb Mode'

Do Not Disturb mode looks great when you don't want to get disturbed. However, Do not disturb mode stops your phone notification, meaning you are entitled to no calls, alerts, texts, or any app notification. Though it is great when you need some 'me time, it can be problematic if you leave it turned on accidentally.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Turn off the do not disturb mode, and you are good to get WhatsApp notifications as you get normally.

Above, we have mentioned a few ways to fix your WhatsApp notifications that are not working. However, sometimes you don't have time to follow the lengthy procedures, especially when you are a kid parent and want to monitor your child's activities on the phone.

Surely, it can also be hectic if you cannot monitor your kid's WhatsApp notifications. Therefore, Airdroid Parental Control is here to rescue you!

6Uninstall and Reinstall the WhatsApp

Not sure why not getting WhatsApp notifications. How about we start everything from scratch? Maybe you have meddled with the phone settings that lead to the no WhatsApp notifications issue. To fix this, uninstall the WhatsApp app and reinstall it. However, before uninstalling, you need to backup all your chats so you won't lose any data.

  • open your WhatsApp app and go to the 'WhatsApp 'Settings'.
  • Tap on the 'Chats' option and click on the 'Chat backup'.
  • Finally & safely restore all your WhatsApp data to ensure you are not losing any pending chats between processes.

For the process, open the play store and download WhatsApp. Hit the Uninstall button and download it again. Ultimately, you can restore all your chats and enjoy the conversations after the re-installation.

7Force Stop and Delete Cache

Like any messaging App, WhatsApp also stores the temporary files in the form of a Cache to quicken the process and decrease loading times. But, when the plethora of data gathers over a while, it might lead to some daunting issues that a user surely doesn't want to experience. You can experience the hassles of not getting WhatsApp notifications if the cache files are not cleared for longer.

To fix and clear the WhatsApp cache, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Settings' of your Phone.

Step 2. Tap on the option of 'App Management.

Step 3. Now open the 'WhatsApp Settings' from the 'App List'.

Step 4. Open the 'Storage Usage'.

Step 5. Clear all the app data and Cache.

clear WhatsApp data and cache

Looking for an Easy Way to Monitor WhatsApp App Notification?

Airdroid Parental Control is the best comprehensive parental control App that helps parents keep their kids safe and direct them to create healthy digital habits. With the help of the Airdroid Parental Control app, you can monitor your kid's activities easily and remotely.

Airdroid Parental Control

Not only this, but the Airdroid Parental Control App also helps the kids to avoid online fraud and cyberbullying while preventing your kids from harmful apps. With the sync app notification feature, when your kid receives a notification from an app like WhatsApp, you also receive the notification content simultaneously.


That's a wrap!

Whether you are an individual who is not getting WhatsApp notifications or a parent who is concerned about his kid, this guide can be helpful for you in both ways.

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