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How Can I Track a Metropcs Phone for Free

Elsa Updated on Jun 5, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

There are several reasons to want to track a phone. It might be stolen, misplaced, or stay informed about the location. MetroPCS phones are like every other phone. The only difference is the T-Mobile carrier. Hence, you can also track it for free using conventional methods like IMEI or phone number tracking.

track a metroPCS phone for free

This post contains ways to track a MetroPCS phone for free. Read on to discover more!

Part 1: How to Track a MetroPCS Phone for Free

You can track a MetroPCS phone for free in four ways; Using the AirDroid Parental Control app, using Metro guard, using an IMEI number, or using a mobile number tracker.

Regardless of who owns the device, whether it is yours or not, you can use any of these methods as a MetroPCS phone locator.

1 AirDroid MetroPCS Phone Tracker

Parental control apps restrict device usage, manage the device, and distantly keep records of the apps on it. There are several parental monitoring apps on the play store, but none is as handy as the AirDroid MetroPCS Phone Tracker. It is a one-stop-shop app that allows remote managing and monitoring of the target phone. It operates in stealth mode in the device background, so it remains hidden on the target phone.

AirDroid Parental Control

To track a use AirDroid MetroPCS phone tracker;

Step 1. Download the AirDroid Parental Control app on your device and install it.

Step 2. On the signup page, create an account before logging in.

Step 3. Download AirDroid Kids on the target metro phone. Link the target phones to yours with the provided pairing code on your phone.

Kids pairing code

When the devices are linked, you can track the device location for free.

AirDroid MetroPCS phone tracker has other exciting features besides phone tracking. These features include;

Geofencing: Creating a virtual fence around the target phone within a specific area. You get alerted when the metro phone moves in or out of the geofenced area.

Location tracking: AirDroid MetroPCS Phone Tracker uses GPS tracking to give the real-time location of a phone.

Audio recording: You can record calls and other audios via the app.

App Restriction: You can block any app or website on the MetroPCS phone from your device via the app.

Limit screen usage time: You can schedule the screen usage time for specific apps and games to reduce addiction and censor usage.

Alert and notification: AirDroid MetroPCS Phone Tracker alerts you when a change is made to the device, when the device battery is low, etc.

Why We Choose Airdroid MetroPCS Phone Tracker

1. Track real-time location and remotely monitor metro phones’ surroundings.

2. Mirror metro phones to ensure safe online activities.

3. It is available for up to 14 days free trial.

4. It runs in stealth mode.

2 Metro Guard Phone Protector

Metro guard phone protector is the go-to MetroPCS phone tracker. Finding your device is easy, especially if you suspect it got missing or misplaced in your immediate vicinity. You need to set your metro phone so it plays an alarm to track it easily. If the alarm "option" doesn't pay off, you can use the map feature on the MetroPCS phone locator to see where your device is.

To set up your device for metro guard tracking in case you lose it;

Step 1. Go to the metro guard website and log in with your account.

log in MetroPCS account

Step 2. Navigate to the "alert" button to sound the alarm on the phone.

Step 3. You can follow the sound to locate your device

Step 4. If you cannot locate your phone via the alarm, switch to the map.

Step 5. Select "locate phone" from the option to open the map.

Step 6. The device's location will be seen on the map via GPS technology.

You can also contact 1-866-268-7221 to track a claim.

3 IMEI Number Tracker

There have been instances where phones with a SIM card (or GPS location) get lost or misplaced. With the help of the IMEI number, the phone cannot stay lost forever. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is unique to each mobile device. Think of it as a social security number.

If you cannot find your metro phone, another way to track it for free is through the IMEI number. This tracking method is usually considered after all other forms have been considered.

online IMEI tracking

Since the 15-digit number is too much to memorize, you can have it recorded. Check underneath the battery or the reverse side of the phone to see the IMEI of the phone. You can also navigate through your device setting to check for it.

IMEI number

You can permanently deactivate your metro account with this number too.

To track a metro phone with its IMEI number;

Step 1. Go to the play store and search for the "IMEI tracker."

Step 2. Install the app and grant permissions when prompted to activate full functionality.

Step 3. Input the IMEI number for the target phone and tap "track."

Step 4. A list of locations will appear on the screen with an indication of their proximity

Alternatively, you can report the phone missing and have the authorities track it for you via this number. The phone will be blocked, and each time a call is made from the phone or a message is sent/received, the IMEI is emitted and tracked.

4 Mobile Number Tracker

Another way to track a MetroPCS phone is using a mobile number tracker. Before using a metro phone, you need to SIM card from T-Mobile. If the phone gets missing or you need to see its location, you can use the number attached to the SIM card.

There are several mobile number trackers. Some are in the form of third-party apps; some are online websites. So it is possible to type in a mobile number on the Metro phone to see its location for free.

mobile number tracker

Use a online mobile number tracker or download a mobile number tracker from the play store. There are several available there. Some works offline have a 3D map and global codes in their database.

The total metro protection can also function as a mobile number tracker when you log in with your phone number and password.

Part 2: What If I Lost My Metro Phone?

Whether you use the metro phone for work or personal matters, losing it can be a big deal. But if you do lose your metro phone, you have options to help you locate it quickly.

You must first retrace your steps to determine how far or near the phone might be. Or whether it is stolen, not lost. Next is to use a MetroPCS phone locator. You can make use of the Metro guard on the entire protection site. You can also contact the support team if you have difficulties using the tracker.

Part 3: About MetroPCS and Metro Phone

MetroPCS, now known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a prepaid wireless service provider (and brand) owned by T-Mobile. It is one of the largest telecom networks in the United States. It is a personal communication service phone that offers affordable prepaid wireless plans for several devices. Users can also switch from other carriers.

Using a MetroPCS phone is simple. It involves three steps;

Step 1. Choose a phone from Metro or stick to your old phone.

Step 2. Buy a SIM card from T-Mobile.

Step 3. You can also switch to Metro by T-Mobile.

You can do all this from the Metro by T-Mobile website. If you are sticking to your old phone, you must ensure it is compatible with the carrier. It would be best if you had the device's IMEI for this. If your phone is low on the compatibility side, you can purchase a new one from the Metro by T-Mobile store.

MetroPCS phone runs on the T-Mobile network and provides coverage with its towers. Users also have access to nationwide 5G coverage.


There is no need to panic if you cannot find your device or need to trace one. There are several ways to track a MetroPCS phone for free. Regardless of the phone's location, the AirDroid MetroPCS Phone Tracker can pinpoint the exact location. The app has proven to be a reliable location tracker and parental control app. It is available for personal and business use. Click here to download it for free.

How Do I Track My Lost Metro Phone?
You must log in to your metro account on their website to track your lost metro phone. From there, you can ring your phone's alarm. But if it is too far, use the map feature on the site. Alternatively, you can contact customer support.
Does Metro Have a Tracker App?
Metro by T-Mobile does not have a tracker app for phones. But it uses the metro total protection site to track phones. If you need a tracker or locator for a Metro phone, try the AirDoid metro PCS phone tracker.
How Do I Locate A Phone On My Metro PCS Account?
Go to the metro total protection website and log in with your Metro PCS phone number and password. You can use the "sound alarm" feature or the "map" feature to locate the phone. 
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