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How to Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

Elsa Updated on Feb 6, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

Societies are increasingly becoming unsafe. Social unrest, shooting, and bullying are a few issues arising because of the absence of safety in many communities. Also, the internet has shown that there are many more security loopholes. Its digital setup means that new vulnerabilities are being discovered by the day. Many people affected by these insecurities and vulnerabilities are family members and friends.

track my child's phone without them knowing for free

To ensure that they are protected and safe, it is advised that we watch each other closely. For instance, the best way to preserve my kid is to track my child's phones without them knowing for free. This article will further explore how to keep our children safe by tracking their phones without them knowing for free.

Part 1: Why You Should Track Your Child's Phone

The world is becoming dangerous by the day, and you need to maintain peace of mind. Hence, it would be best if you track your child's phone. As a parent, you are also responsible for ensuring that their actions are not those that will unknowingly harm them, their friends, or others. Keeping track of the activities on your child's phone will keep you informed about their decisions and how to counsel them again on the harmful ones. In addition, you can easily spot a scam and help them avoid it.

Parents should not also allow their child have sleepless school nights because they are playing games. And one of the ways to know this is by tracking the phone of such a child. However, a child may feel that trust is missing if the parent bugs their phone with a tracker. Hence, it is advised that parents can let the child know through an open discussion that you will be tracking them. If you do not want them to see, you can get up the tracking app without their knowledge and not give them a clue of what you are doing.

Part 2. 3 Ways to Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

This section discusses three main options to track a child's phone without them knowing. Hence, you can pick the one that suits your need the most without being detected or grey-balled.

1Free Child Phone Tracker App

AirDroid Family Locator is a full feature tracking app. It is a safekeeping tool for parents to protect their children from physical and online harm. Its interface makes it easy for parents to track their children from other devices. These features allow you to enable many functions that relay the action on your child's phone to you.

AirDroid Parental Control

Key Features

  • Track kid's Android phone location in real-time and without them knowing
  • Remotely monitor your kid's phone surroundings
  • Monitor online activities in realtime and review daily or weekly report
  • Sync social media apps' notifications, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp
  • Set geofenced zones and get instant alerts
  • Schedule screen time and app usage to help kids build healthy digital habits
  • Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps and new apps

2Free Cell Phone Tracker by Number

Instead of using an app, you can use the phone number of the phone to track your child. This method does not often offer full features like using a dedicated tracking app. However, some apps that use numbers to track cell phones have full features. Most apps and methods (like service providers) that follow a phone with the number only provide your child's location. Some of the online options you can use to track your child's cell phone using a number are GPS Mobile Number Tracker, Phone Location, Phone Number Tracker, etc.

GPS Mobile Number Tracker

3Phone's Built-in Functions

Both Android and iOS phones have in-built functions that can help you track a phone. For instance, Android phones with Google enabled can use the Find My Device feature. Samsung devices have a similar Find My Mobile feature that you can use to track your child's location. Apple has its dedicated Find My iPhone feature to track its user's phones.

If you know their account before, you can track kid’s phone without them knowing.

Part 3. Can I See Everything on My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can see everything on your child's phone without them knowing. You need to monitor their phone discreetly with a phone monitoring app. However, not all monitoring apps are discreet and invisible. Hence, you should use an app like AirDroid Parental Monitoring app that works in stealth mode.

While you want to install the monitoring app on your child's phone, you should wait until the child has gone to school or out to play with friends. Also, you can use phone features that allow you to hide apps. Once the app is kept from sight, it becomes almost impossible for the child to know that their phone is being tracked.

One of the things that can make your child know that their phone is being watched changes in their phone settings. Hence, avoid making unnecessary changes to their phone from your tracking app. For instance, some tracking app allows you to block certain apps, turn off location, lock your child's phone, etc. Give parental counsel for why changes should be made to certain settings and ensure they are there when making the changes.

Once their susception is raised about how those changes were made, tracking their phone may become more difficult. It would be best if you also were careful not to raise a point that will tip them off about being monitored. During discussions, avoid using information obtained while tracking their phone, except if there is an additional source to confirm the information.

Part 4. What You Want to Track on Your Kid's Phone

The purpose of tracking your child is to protect them from harm and prevent them from making grave mistakes. Hence, it would be best to specify what you want to track on your kid's phone.


You want to ensure your child is not exposed to cyberbullying or harassment in the neighborhood and at school.


Older folks may want to take sexual advantage of your child. Tracking helps prevent your child from such danger by knowing who they speak with and go out with.


Children are curious creatures, and the internet has the answers to satisfy their curiosities. One of those curiosities is sex and pornography. You want to ensure your child is not accessing inappropriate sites and sharing their nudity with anyone, especially strangers.


Children are not very watchful to identify the intention of strangers. Hence, they can easily be targeted with ads to defraud them of their money or any other valuable.


Kidnaping for ransom is another danger to children. You can track their movement and know that they are safe.

Addiction (Drug and Alcohol)

There are growing chains or means of accessing drugs in society. Many bars do not require a means of identification to sell alcohol. Hence, you want to track your child to ensure they do not fall victim to addiction to these social vices.

Part 5. How to Prepare the Kid's Phone for Tracking

The target phone often requires app installation that is linked to your device. However, some phones require rooting or jailbreaking. It is best to buy a phone and root it or jailbreak it immediately to avoid the child's suspicion. However, if you don't want to root their Android phones, you can install the kids version of the AirDroid Parental Control. Then, you can hand it to them as a gift.


AirDroid Parental Control is the best solution to ensure your child is safe online. It has features that can help you keep track of your child's location anywhere and anytime. In addition, you can listen to the child's environment, watch where the child is, and get alerts about what the child may be doing.

More than what you have expected, right? Download to try to track your kid's phone for free right now.

FAQs about Tracking My Child's Phone 

Q 1. How Can I Track My Child's Phone Without Installing an App?
You can track their phone through the carrier app or phone number. Some apps can track their location with these two options, and you would not need to install an app on their phone. Another alternative is using the IMEI number.
Q 2. How Can I See Everything on My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing?
You need to monitor their phone discreetly with a phone monitoring app. However, not all monitoring apps are discreet and invisible. Hence, you should use an app like AirDroid Parental Monitoring app, that works in stealth mode. It can show your kid's live screen on yours and sync app notifications.
Q 3. How to Track My Child's Location in Real-time?
You can track your child's location in real-time by following the recommendations provided in this article. For instance, you can use AirDroid Parental Control.
Q 4. My Daughter Ran Away; How Can I Track Her Phone?
You can track her through a phone monitoring app, phone number tracking apps, through her carrier, and check if she has her phone's built-in tracking features enabled.
Q 5. Can I Track My Child Without Giving Them a Phone?
Yes, there are some keychain-sized GPS trakers which can clip to a wriggly kid's belt loop, shoelace, or backpack. You can share your child's location with trusted adults, set geofences, get alerted when your kid gets out of bounds, and swipe between multiple children.
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