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How to See If Someone Is Active on Instagram?

Elsa Updated on Sep 19, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

Instagram is one of the free online photo-sharing apps and a popular social network. Users can upload photos and videos and share them with followers or with a select group of friends. In addition to basic photo-editing features, Instagram also offers filters and other creative tools that can be used to transform images. The platform has become hugely popular recently, with millions of users posting billions of photos and videos.

see if someone is active on Instagram

While originally designed as a way to share personal moments with friends and family, Instagram has also emerged as an important marketing tool for businesses and celebrities. Thanks to its large user base and easy-to-use features, Instagram is one of the world's most popular social networking platforms. So are you wondering how to see if someone is active on Instagram? If so, please read on.

Part 1: Can You See When Someone Is Online on Instagram?

When you see someone "online on Instagram," it means that person is currently active on the app. This could mean they're scrolling through their feed, looking at posts, or messaging friends. If you're wondering why someone would want to know if someone else is online on Instagram, it could be for a few reasons. Maybe you're trying to figure out when they're most likely to be online so that you can send them a message. Or, maybe you're just curious to see how active they are on the app. In any case, being able to see when someone is online on Instagram can be useful information to have.

Instagram online status

Many social media platforms allow users to see when someone is online, but Instagram does not currently offer this feature. While some users may see this as a privacy concern, others view it as a better way to manage their time on the platform. After all, if you know someone is online, you can decide whether or not you want to engage with them in real-time. Luckily there are ways you can find out who is online on Instagram when certain conditions are met:

  • People who follow you or direct message (DM) can see whether you are online.
  • If your activity status is turned off, you will not see whether someone is online.
  • When someone turns off their activity status, you may not know if someone is online.

Part 2: How to See If Someone Is Active on Instagram?

There are several reasons you might want to see if someone is online on Instagram. For one, if you're trying to connect with someone for business purposes, it can be helpful to know when they will most likely be online. Additionally, if you're trying to reach out to someone for personal reasons, it can be useful to know if they're currently active on the platform. Finally, if you're just curious about someone's activity on Instagram, checking to see if they're online can indicate how often they use the app. Ultimately, there are various reasons why you might want to see if someone is online on Instagram, and knowing when someone is active on the platform can be helpful. Whatever the reasons may be, here are three ways you can check if someone is online on Instagram:

Method 1: The Green Dot

The most common answer to the question of how to see if someone is active on Instagram is the green dot symbol. This icon on Instagram indicates that the person is active at that moment. It is a good way to know if the person you want to talk to is available or not. If the green dot is not appearing next to their name in your direct inbox, they are not online currently. The same goes for the stories section as well. If you don’t see a green dot next to their username, it means they are not live at that moment. Here’s how to find if the person’s username has a green dot (currently active).

  1. Launch Instagram app. Access your account.
  2. Select desired profile. At the home screen, click the mail symbol.
  3. Now notice a list will appear with names of your friends or followers.
  4. Notice a green dot below the display picture of followers; if it is green, it means the person is active. Otherwise, they are offline for now.
  5. the green dot

Some people argue that the online status is more confusing than it is useful because you have to exchange messages with someone before one can see a green dot. But the fact is that it is a useful feature because it helps a person to save time. They don’t have to wait for someone to respond to the messages if they are not online. They can simply check the green dot and move on with their day.

Method 2: Direct Messaging

Instagram direct messaging is a feature on the Instagram app that allows users to send messages to each other that are not shared with the entire Instagram community. Messages sent through direct messaging are private and can only be seen by the sender and receiver. Direct messaging is a great way to communicate with friends and family on Instagram. A person can also send the links, location pins, stickers, and texts as a message on Instagram Direct.The direct inbox is surely the direct method for the question of how to see who's active on Instagram. It includes a feature that shows a person's most current activity status. This usually appears beneath their username and can be shown in different statuses such as "typing," seen," or "active 15m ago." " s

This feature is especially useful if you want to track who is active in your inbox and who is not, especially when someone was active the last time. You can use this information to decide when to reach out to someone or to determine if someone has been inactive. Here is how to see if someone is active on Instagram via the direct messaging feature in Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram. Access with your credentials.
  2. Select any profile to use. Now, on the home screen, click the mail icon.
  3. Once there, you will see the name list of your friend who followed you. Tap into Message. Below their username, you will see a dot. The person is active if it is green; otherwise, offline.
  4. direct messaging

Method 3: Activity Status in Chat

This is an extension of the last activity status in the Direct Messaging feature on Instagram, but it also gives an idea if the person is active; once anyone opens the chat, they will see the desired person’s status at the top section of messaging under their name. Here is how to see if someone is active on Instagram via the chat section:

  1. Open Instagram and type the desired person’s username in the search section.
  2. A list of names will appear; click the profile of the person to open the profile.
  3. Now click on Message. Once there, notice the status mentions “Active Now” under the username.
  4. active now

Part 3: How to See When Someone Was Last Active on Instagram?

When someone is "online on Instagram," it's possible that person is not only active but also scrolling through the feed or looking at various posts. It can be useful to know when someone is online on Instagram, for example, if you want to message them or see how active they are. To do this, you can look at their activity status. With the 'last active' status, you can see what friends are online and when they were last online. You can also see if they have uploaded anything new. There is a way to determine if someone was last active on their profile.

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your mobile. Hit the mail icon to open a list of followers/friends or type the username of the concerned person in the search bar.

Step 2: Either way, you will see a list of people. Hit Message.

Step 3: Inside the message window, if the person was last active a few hours ago, the status there will show Active Few Hours Ago. It indicates the person was online on Instagram a couple of hours earlier.

last active

Bonus: How to Hide Your Instagram Activity or Online Status?

If anybody doesn't want their activity to appear before friends, one can disable the green dot function. This is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to your profile on Instagram by tapping on your profile picture in the lower right corner. Now, tap the icon having three lines.

Step 2: Now click Settings then Privacy.

Step 3: Click on the Activity Status option.

Step 4: Finally, Toggle off Show Activity Status.

turn off show activity status

Part 5: How to Monitor Your Kid's Instagram Activity?

Many parents are concerned about what their children do on social media, specifically Instagram. Parents can use this app on iOS and Android devices, and it cannot be easy to protect your children. There are many things that your children might be posting on Instagram that you don't want them to, such as images or comments that could be harmful or embarrassing. Parents need to be aware of the risks of using this app and help their children stay safe.

But software ensures your kid is doing fine while using Instagram or any social media platform. One of the great activity-tracking software is the AirDroid Parental Control. It offers parents various security and monitoring features to keep an eye on what their kids are up to. With the help of this software, parents can monitor their child's activity on their mobile phones. It gives parents peace of mind, knowing they can always check in on their child's whereabouts and know what they're doing.

AirDroid Parental Control

Below is the software's setup procedure:

Step 1. Install AirDroid Parental Control on target and also source phones. 

Step 2. Create an account and log in. 

Step 3. Now install AirDroid Kids on the targetted phone and pair it with your phone. Then parents can monitor their child's activity from wherever they want. 

FAQs about Instagram Activity Status

1. Can I See Who Is Online on Instagram When They Have Turned off the Activity Status?

No, you can't see when someone was last active or are currently active if they have switched off their activity status.

2. Why Can't I See Someone's Last Active Status?

There may be two reasons for that. Either someone has disabled activity status. Another reason is that If your activity status is turned off, you will also not see who was active last time.

3. How Accurate Is Instagram's Activity Status?

The "Active now" status is not accurate everytime. Sometimes, even if the person has left the app moments ago, their "Active now" status will still show.

4. Who Can See When You're Active on Instagram?

When you have the Instagram "activity status" enabled, it will show to people who follow you and anyone you message.

5. How to View Instagram Anonymously?

You can view Instagram anonymously using AirDroid Parental Control software. This is useful when you want to monitor another person’s or your child’s activity without them knowing.

6. How to Check Who Is Online on Instagram?

Instagram will show a green dot next to your friends' profile pictures when they are active on the app. This can be seen in the Direct inbox and when you share a post from the feed.

7. What Is Last Active on Instagram?

The 'last active' status on Instagram lets you see which friends are online and when they were last online. You can also see if they've uploaded anything new.

8. How to See and Turn off Last Seen in Instagram?

Here are the steps to see and turn off last see in Instagram

Step 1: Go to your profile, and click on Setting

Step 2: Tap "Privacy and then Security". 

Step 3: Now hit "Show Activity Status" then uncheck the box.

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