How to See Deleted Tweets in 2024?

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There are several reasons why people may want to see deleted tweets. Often people try to make a point based on a deleted tweet from a public figure. Perhaps they are trying to track down an old tweet from a favorite celebrity or public figure. Or maybe they want to research a particular topic and want to see all the tweets that have been posted on the subject, including the ones that have been deleted. Whatever the reason, there are a few ways to see deleted tweets. Let's dive in.

4 Ways to See Deleted Tweets

Deletion of tweets is a common practice among celebrities and common users to hide content that does not appeal to them on the social media platform. There are several ways by which you can see deleted tweets on Twitter. Here are some possible ways.

1Request Your Twitter Archive

Your Twitter account is enough for most cases to get those deleted tweets. You can check Twitter Archive. It is among the most effective ways to view your own deleted tweets from your account.

Step 1: To get your Twitter archive, Go to the Twitter homepage and tap on 'More.'

Step 2: Click on 'Settings and privacy.'

setting and privacy

Step 3: Select 'Download an archive of your data' from the options available on the right side.

download an archive of your data

Step 4: In the next window, you will see an option 'Request archive.' It may take about 24 hours for Twitter to email you the archive.

request archive Twitter

Step 5: Open the zip file in your web browser after extraction, and you'll see a Twitter window. Using the new search box, you can now search your past tweets by dates.

2Try Internet Archive to Find Deleted Tweets

The Wayback Machine is an online archive that stores snapshots of web pages throughout history. There is a vast collection of 600 billion + web pages saved over a specific time in the past years. This means you can use the Wayback Machine to see how a particular website looked at a specific date and time.

To see deleted tweets, simply enter the Twitter URL into the Wayback Machine and select a date. You might be able to see all the tweets posted on that date, even if they have since been deleted.

Step 1: Search or open the WayBack Machine archives. Enter the URL of the Twitter page you wish to see. Tap on "Browse History".

WayBack Machine

Step 2: In case the WayBack Machine has crawled that page, you can see a screenshot of that page.

Step 3: Make sure to enter a precise date of the deleted tweet and try to find it there.

3Check the Google Cache

With Google cache, you can search for tweets from well-known accounts that were deleted recently. Every web page in the Google cache is backed up in case the specified page isn't accessed. Similarly, If the tweets can't be accessed, you can quickly check the deleted tweets in the Google cache.

Step 1: Open a new tab. Search "Twitter along with the User name" of the account.

Step 2: You can see their recent tweets in search results. Choose Cached from the small three-dot arrow next to any of the entries.

Step 3: It will redirect you to Google's cached version of the tweets. You can check the time and date of the cache at the top.

Step 4: If you find the tweet you were looking for, take a screenshot immediately.

4Use Twitter's Advanced Search

If you contact Twitter Support to find your older or deleted tweets, they may direct you to use Twitter's Advanced Search.

Twitter Support

The Advance search feature on Twitter is a valuable tool and the first step toward finding deleted tweets. For beginners, you only need to enter the words, exact phrases, or anything you know about the tweet you want to find.

Step 1: Launch Twitter on your phone.

Step 2: Open Twitter's Advanced Search or visit

advanced search Twitter

Step 2: Take the cursor to the "Accounts" Subheading. Add the username under the "From These Accounts" section.

from these accounts Twitter

Step 3: There is an option to add "Dates", enter the start and end date search.

date search

Step 4: When you click "Search," Twitter will display all Tweets from the selected period.

Advanced search filters out irrelevant tweets and shows you the most relevant ones. There is a possibility you might find the tweet you are looking for. If not, don't worry; head on to the other method.

See a Deleted Tweet by Third-Party Apps and Websites?

The previously mentioned steps are limited in their ability to retrieve deleted tweets. In order to get a complete solution to retrieve deleted tweets, you will need to install a third-party application. As part of our research, we chose the most useful application available on the Play Store, which will recover deleted tweets for sure.


SnapBird is an app you can trust to help you easily find your old tweets. Not only that, but you can also see the number of likes and retweets each of your tweets has gotten, find previous tweets where you were mentioned, see your followers' tweets, & find other people's old tweets. With SnapBird, you can check your messages, look for the favorite tweet of another account, and much more.

Here are the steps you need to follow to recover deleted tweets with SnapBird.

Step 1: Search and open the SnapBird website.


Step 2: Authenticate your current Twitter account.

Step 3: Click on the search bar present at the top left side and type any keyword to search through your account.

Step 4: Based on the publication date, all results are displayed chronologically, allowing you to find tweets easily.

Step 5: There is an option to set the desired date from when you want to start the search.


In case you cannot find tweets that were available earlier on the official Twitter application, there are ways to find deleted tweets using free third-party websites. One such website is Twipu, which is designed specifically for finding deleted tweets. Even the interface looks like a Twitter lite version.

Here is how To use Twipu:

Step 1: Simply enter the user's Twitter handle you want to search.

Step 2: Twipu will then search through that user's tweets and compile a list of any deleted tweets. This list can be sorted by date, so you can easily see which tweets have been deleted recently.

Note: While Twipu is a helpful website for finding deleted tweets, it is essential to remember that it is not 100% accurate. Twitter frequently deletes tweets without entirely removing them from the platform, so some deleted tweets may still be accessible through Twipu.

Can I See Deleted Tweets with Photos on Twitter?

While Twitter doesn't keep a copy of the deleted tweet. Certainly, there is a chance to recover deleted tweets with photos through the Twitter Archive. It does not require the installation of any third-party application to follow this method.

Twitter includes a feature that allows you to view and recover deleted data like tweets, photos, and videos from your account archives. You have to request a download of your deleted tweets, and you can do so through the Archive feature. You can get insights into deleted content and tweets you have with images in your Twitter account by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Open "Setting & Privacy" from your Twitter application.

Step 2: You can see the "Request Archive" option. Click on it.

Step 3: As soon as the request is complete, you will receive an email containing a ZIP file of Twitter archives.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to see deleted tweets, you can take advantage of the ability to do so in ways you may not have thought of before. We hope you enjoyed this article about how to view deleted tweets. This knowledge could be useful for you in the future. This is particularly true when using AirDroid Parental Control, which puts everything in one place and streamlines maintaining a child's Twitter account as well as your own.

Hottest Questions Related to Deleted Tweets

1. Are Deleted Tweets Deleted Forever?

Yes, Deleted tweets are permanently removed, and there is no way to find deleted tweets on Twitter.

2. Does Twitter Archive Save Search History?

Yes, Twitter saves each user's search history to make it convenient for them if they want to search again.

3. How to See Deleted Tweets of Others?

If you need to see deleted tweets and you already know the user's account name, you can probably find someone else's deleted tweets using Wayback Machine. The internet archive has a collection of more than 600 billion web pages captured over time.

4. Can You Restore a Deleted Tweet?

Twitter provides an Archive feature for viewing and recovering deleted tweets and content from your account archives. You can request a download of the deleted tweets and recover them immediately.

5. How Do People Find Old Deleted Tweets?

You will have to do some research to find old deleted tweets. You can start by looking through Twitter archives or use SnapBird or WayBack Machine to see old deleted tweets.

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