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Top 10 Best Instagram Activity Tracker Free in 2023

Elsa Updated on Jul 28, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

How much time do you spend on Instagram? Or do you wish to track the activities of your desired social media personality? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this blog post is for you! In this post, we will discuss the Instagram activity tracker.

Instagram activity tracker

Although there are numerous Instagram activity trackers on the Internet, which is the best for your needs? This article gives a detailed overview of top-notch Instagram activity trackers and how they compare based on the features offered.

1Can You Track Activity on Instagram?

If you're wondering whether or not you can track the activity on Instagram, the answer is yes! There are a few different ways to do this, and we'll outline them for you here.

First, if you have an Instagram business account, you can access your Insights to see detailed information about your posts and followers. Go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the top right corner. Navigate to the activity log. You can also use third-party apps to track your Instagram activity. These can be helpful if you want more detailed information than what's available through Insights.

2Top 10 Best Instagram Activity Tracker Free

Instagram has evolved into a virtual version of people's lives with its shift from personal to professional and business use. There are a lot of different Instagram activity trackers out there. And because of that, it can be hard to determine which is best for you and your needs. To help you decide, we've compiled a list of the best Instagram activity tracker based on reviews from actual users.


SnoopReport is the leading Instagram activity tracker. It gives you a sneak peek at their likes, dislikes, and followers on Instagram. With over 55,000+ active users, SnoopReport helps you track your Instagram followers, post engagement, and more. The hidden tracking app makes it possible to check any individual's Instagram activity, including details about their preferences and past interests.

SnoopReport logo

Key Features

  • Each detail about your favorite celebrity is just a click away.
  • Check each detail about your kid's Instagram usage.
  • Instagram tracking solution for individuals as well as professional.
  • Number of likes and comments.


  • A professional tool to ensure you get the most out of your account.
  • Used by millions worldwide.
  • Lowest possible price.


  • Users can't track private Instagram accounts.


The cost of SnoopReport starts at only $0.99 per week.

Editor's Rating: 4.8


Glassagram is another top-notch Instagram story viewer & tracking app that tends to work anonymously. Glassgram strives to ensure the safety of your family members, especially your kids, while using Instagram or any popular social media application. One of the most exciting features of this anonymous Instagram story viewer is the opportunity to find out who has viewed your IG content.

Glassagram logo

Key Features

  • Truly anonymous nature.
  • Enter any username and instantly monitor their account.
  • In the Instagram story viewer, you get to watch people's videos & IG content without seeing any signs that they're watching you.


  • Track the time you spend on each activity.
  • Set goals for your Instagram usage.
  • Track activities from a private account.


  • It's difficult to set up on the iPhone.
  • The process may drain unusual amounts of battery power.


The monthly subscription costs $59.99 a month, while a one-year subscription will cost $14.99 a month.

Editor's Rating: 4.75


InsTrack offers powerful insights for Brands, businesses, and influencers into their Instagram account, including detailed information on followers, posts, and engagement. With InsTrack, you can get in-depth analytics for your Instagram account, notice what's working on your account and what's not so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

InsTrack logo

InsTrack is a must-have for any serious Instagram user who wants to get the most out of their account. So if you're looking for an app that can take your Instagram game to the next level, be sure to check out InsTrack.

Key Features

  • Real-time analytics.
  • Best for businesses .
  • Live Account score and comparison to similar accounts.
  • Create different groups and get insights from multiple Instagram accounts at once.


  • Efficient way to grow on Instagram.
  • Enhanced performance and accurate results.
  • Detailed engagement analysis.
  • Work best on Android and iOS devices as well.


  • Users can not schedule video content.
  • The application makes it difficult to track hashtags.
  • Some features still require improvements.


Pro Monthly Plan ($4.99) or Pro Yearly Plan ($29.99) will be charged depending on your subscription type.

Editor's Rating: 4.7


Hoverwatch is an exciting tracking app installed on over 10 million devices and offers a range of tracking features, including recording data from Facebook, Snapchat, and especially Instagram without root access. This makes Hoverwatch an excellent choice for those who want to track their loved ones or monitor their Instagram activity without rooting for any devices.

Hoverwatch logo

Hoverwatch offers a free trial, so you can try out all its features before deciding whether to purchase the full version. So if you're looking for a tracking app that doesn't require rooting, Hoverwatch is definitely worth checking out.

Key Features

  • Hoverwatch is an ideal application for corporate managers to always know about their employees.
  • Assist parents in monitoring and tracking their children's activities on their smartphones.
  • Maintain complete anonymity.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • GPS facility .
  • Fast website interface.


  • The hoverwatch is quite expensive.
  • Users often experience glitches while using the app.
  • The process of updating the information takes a long time.


The price range from $6/m for a business plan to $24/m personal plan. Head over to the website to customize a plan that suits your requirements and get an exclusive discount.

Editor's Rating: 4.65

5DataJam Pro

DataJam Pro is safe and secure, and, most importantly, it does not share user data with third parties. It can help you get those secret insights from your kid’s Instagram account at the lowest possible price. It maintains a record of your likes, comments, and followers, as well as your Instagram account, so that you can grow your following.

DataJam Pro logo

Key Features

  • Check the type of posts people are interested in.
  • Show all comments, including the ones deleted.
  • Pay attention to who the user began following on Instagram immediately and who they deleted from their followers' list.


  • Remove fake subscribers instantly.
  • Quick and accurate results .
  • keep an eye on your competitor .
  • Reasonable prices starting from $1.


  • Privacy concerns.
  • Complicated user interface.


Get started with as low as $1.

Editor's Rating: 4.6


InstaOnline app is particularly designed to keep kids safe online. In case you notice your child spending unusual amounts of time on social media, you need to install the InstaOnline application and check their social media activities and last seen on apps to see how much time they spend on each.

InstaOnline logo

Unlike most apps that require users to download unreliable APK files, InstaOnline is verified by and available on the Google Play store and has an average client satisfaction rating of 4.6/5.

Key Features

  • An online Instagram activity tracker that provides instant notifications. The moment your child goes online at night, you will receive an alert immediately.
  • It is possible to track the credibility of InstaOnline Last Seen Tracker anytime, anywhere.
  • Track kids' behavior regarding the use of social media.
  • Add and monitor multiple children's accounts.


  • Activity Time Control.
  • Last Seen Alerts .
  • App Usage monitoring.
  • Active Support.


  • The application might face issues while tracking on iOS devices.
  • Customer reviews indicate that the app has a difficult user interface.


Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. Each 1 week / 1 month or 1-year subscription is renewed. As of now, InstaOnline Premium costs $0.99USD per week.

Editor's Rating: 4.55


uMobix efficiently tracks Instagram accounts and provides valuable information about your children's smartphone usage. Children are becoming more and more intelligent as the Internet becomes more crowded, and there are many threats on the Internet. uMobix is here to help protect them against these threats.

uMobix logo

Unlike most apps that require users to download unreliable APK files, InstaOnline is verified by and available on the Google Play store and has an average client satisfaction rating of 4.6/5.

Key Features

  • Umobix can track all social media applications.
  • Data reports are automatically updated every five minutes by uMobix.
  • uMobix monitor and obtain information on target devices discreetly.


  • Reliable monitoring.
  • Quick and easy setup .
  • Summaries of location, calls, and conversations.


  • Not compatible with all devices.
  • Not working worldwide.


uMobix offer three distinct subscription plans.

  1. 1 Month FULL PACK for € 49,99 /mo.
  2. 3 Months FULL PACK for € 29,99 /mo.
  3. 12 Months FULL PACK for € 12,49 /mo.

Editor's Rating: 4.4

8KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro stands out as the most comprehensive app in our research for the best parental control application. It lets you view your child's social media, specifically Instagram data, to find out what's happening in their digital lives. No more worrying about whether they're telling you the truth or not - you can simply check their social media activities remotely at any time and get the answers you're looking for.

KidsGuard Pro logo

Not only that, but KidsGuard Pro can also help you teach your children how to be smart and responsible digital citizens. By monitoring their social media activity, you can help them learn how to use social media in a healthy and productive way.

Key Features

  • Monitor WhatsApp, Instagram SMS, Calls, and more.
  • Guaranteed undetectable. It is not necessary to root the target Android device.
  • Record the phone screen of the target phone.


  • Monitor Instagram, Facebook, and even Whatsapp with permission.
  • Compatible with Android & iOS .
  • Access to Call logs & recordings.


  • Lack of feature to block specific websites.
  • Users cannot set customizable rules for a child device.
  • Content monitoring features aren't good enough.


You can purchase the one that suits your needs from several packages starting from $8.32 /month to $29.95 /month, on the website.

Editor's Rating: 4.2


Eyezy has all the powerful features and the most advanced technology that makes it the ultimate phone monitoring software. As of yet, eyeZy is the most organized platform to track social media usage and display them in a graphical dashboard with live location tracking. Users can also scroll down and check Instagram messages.

Eyezy logo

Key Features

  • Keep logs of browsing activities.
  • Easily access the file manager on the child's device.
  • Real-time location tracking .
  • Always know who they are interacting with.


  • Enhanced functionality .
  • Exclusive features (location tracking, Instagram messages stored in database).
  • Enter the smartphone model and instantly check device compatibility.


  • Not compatible with all devices.
  • Requires a tech-savvy person to use the application with full potential.
  • Requires jailbreaking iOS devices.


eyeZy offers incredibly low prices, Starting at $1.

Editor's Rating: 4.1


mSpy is an exceptional tool for monitoring someone's Instagram activities without them knowing! It is a powerful spy app that can be used to track all sorts of activity on a person's phone, including their Instagram activity.

mSpy logo

The app is completely undetectable, which means that the person you are tracking will never know that you are doing it. You can use mSpy to track someone's Instagram activity in real-time.

Key Features

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Monitor the online activities on the child's device.
  • Find out what they're called.
  • See what they are searched for.


  • mSpy provides parents with all the details they need about their children.
  • See their social media posts and IG content they share and receive.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices. Users can monitor iMessage from the control panel.


  • Privacy issues.
  • Require jailbreak or physical access to the target device.


mSpy offers 30% off to new users. Subscriptions are available in the following plans, where the yearly plan offers the best value.

  1. Monthly plan for $34.99/mo.
  2. 3 months plan for $20.00/mo.
  3. 12 months plan for $8.33/mo.

Editor's Rating: 4.0

3How to Check Instagram Activity without Login?

Internet users have access to a wide variety of parental control applications, but only a few are as Stealth as AirDroid Parental Control . It allows you to track your child's Instagram activity without them knowing.

AirDroid Parental Control

Moreover, The AirDroid Parental Control app is an excellent option if you are trying to see Instagram activity but have not been logged in to your account. The application allows you to remotely see all social media applications even if you accidentally lose access to your Android device. It will enable you to keep an eye on all app activity, including Instagram, to ensure it's safe.

Key Features

  • Notify you instantly of anything message or call on your kid's Instagram.
  • Record audio of Instgram calls or listen to the calls from your phone.
  • Remotely see kids' phones when they are using Instagram or other apps.
  • Monitor how long kids have used Instagram and when they are using Instagram, and you can set time limits for it.

Here's how you can set up AirDroid Parental Control on your device.

Step 1. To use AirDroid Parental Control, simply download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and create an account. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to access all of the app's features, including the ability to fix Instagram notifications.

Step 2. Launch AirDroid Parental Control on your smartphone. You will be directed to the sign-up page. Create an account and log in.

Step 3. If you are interested in monitoring your child's Instagram activities, you should download AirDroid Kids on their phone. After installation, launch AirDroid Parental Control. You will then need to enter the pairing code to bind the device and configure some necessary settings. It is now possible to see push notifications and alerts.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a few different ways to track your Instagram activity. Using a third-party app or the built-in Insights feature lets you know how often you use the app and which times of day are most active for you.

It is possible to track your child's Instagram activities through several applications and websites. While some of these may be more reliable than others, they all provide helpful information to keep you informed and protect your family. If you are looking for a convenient way to stay on top of your child's online activities, consider using AirDroid Parental Control.

4Hottest Questions Related to Instagram Activity Tracker

1. How Can You See Someone's Activity Log on Instagram?

A timestamp will appear next to the profile picture of people you follow or have a direct chat with if you have an activity log enabled.

2. How to Track Followers Activity on Instagram?

You can check and track followers' activity on Instagram. First, check if they are online and if their account is public. Visit their profile from your following list or search for their username in the search bar. You can also check their recent activities on their profile for more detailed information.

3. How Can I See What My Kid Is Doing on Instagram?

To see what your kid is doing on Instagram, use AirDroid Parental Control. The application can help you get those secret insights from your kid’s Instagram account.

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