How to See Cleared Notifications on Samsung?

There are lots of ways to see cleared notifications on Samsung. Samsung notices can top off rather rapidly, relying upon the amount of an extrovert you are, and there may be events when you inadvertently cleared the warnings without checking appropriately to understand that you have passed up something significant.

see cleared notifications on Samsung

Part 1 : Can I See Cleared Notifications on Samsung?

You can see notification history on Samsung through the Settings application. You must first turn on notification history in your telephone's notice settings. You can then see every one of the alarms you excused in the beyond 24 hours.

Most Samsung cell phones, mainly those utilizing stock Samsung (like Google Pixel), have an inherent notice log. You can access this without much of a stretch to recuperate your erased notices. The notice log is accessible as a gadget and can be added anywhere on the home screen. You should add this gadget and use it as and when vital. The specific cycle to do this could change from one device to another and on the maker.

Part 2 : How to See Cleared Notifications on Samsung in Setting?

Previously, you could have unintentionally excused every one of the notices on your Samsung phone, which you know is a piece disappointing. Warnings are a fundamental part of the phone and keep individuals snared to the gadget. If you have gotten an important message from somebody or caution from any application, you won't be aware of it immediately. It would help if you figured it would require a couple of moments to check all the applications and check whether there is anything significant.
In any case, we will give a general step-wise manual for recuperating erased warnings on your Samsung phone:


    • Tap and hang on your home screen until the home screen menu shows up.
    • Tap on the Widget choice.
    • You will be given a few unique gadgets that you can add to your home screen. Look at the rundown and select the Settings choice.
    • Then select Notifications > Advanced settings, you will see the Notification history on the screen, click to turn on the switch


Part 3 : How to See Notification History Samsung with Third-Party Apps?

A few outsider applications let you look at notifications on Samsung. One such application is AirDroid Parental Control, which shows the warning of low battery and notifications, allowing you to see it anytime.

1AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Control helps in monitoring and keeps you updated about your phone. You can control your kid's or family members' phones. You can monitor their phones and take compulsory action.

AirDroid Parental Control logo

It is for guardians to screen Kids' internet-based exercises, oversee application and screen time, track area and set geofences, audit daily reports, and so on. You can save your kids from any risk and cyberbullying by using AirDroid Parental Control.

Airdroid Parental Control notifications

Steps to use AirDroid Parental Control

Step 1: Download the AirDroid Parental Control on your device.

Step 2: Sign up with valid information, then download AirDroid Kids on kids' devices.
Step 3: Enter the accompanying URL in a program on your youngster's Samsung device and guarantee your kid's advanced exercises are adjusted and sans risk with the solid AirDroid Parental Control arrangement.

2Notification History Log

With the Notification History Log App, you can undoubtedly make due, sort, and view all previous notices you got. Never miss a piece of solitary information with distinctive elements, and it will begin producing the warning log, and you can, in a real sense, view the notice history whenever.

notification history log

How to use Notification History Log

Step 1: Download the Notification History Log from the play store.

Step 2: Open the application and sit tight for 2 seconds until it designs the settings consequently found on your gadget.

Step 3: After fulfillment of the design of the setting, you will see the accompanying screen showing the situation with the warning log and high-level history highlights.

Step 4: The downside of the Android notice log is that it shows a great deal of undesirable information, and you can not open notices from it.

3Timeline Notifications history

There is no limit to seeing the history of your phone. All data is in your hands, and you can see it as you wish. It is beneficial for your to get the instant notification history. Timeline Notifications history makes it easy to view your notification.

timeline notification history

Here's how to use it

Step 1: Install the app from the play store.

Step 2: Go to the setting option on the application.

Step 3: Select the Notification option for history.

Step 4: All Notification history is available.

Part 4 : What Is Notification History?

Whenever flipped on, Notification History on Samsung stores your new warnings even after excusal. If you swipe a notification away, it quickly advances toward the Notification History tab, wherein you can find it again without any problem.

A warning will show up here after you excuse it. The Notification History page isn't someplace that will show you over vast period signs, simply past. One way or the other, it's a precious instrument, particularly on the off chance that you get somewhat occupied and swipe over and over. When you lift a warning, it gets shipped off the Notification History page. From that second, it will live there for 24 hours. After that 24-hour time frame, the warning will be forever erased.

Part 5: Bonus

How to Recover Notification History on Samsung?

If you are utilizing a Samsung Smartphone, you can empower Notification history. On non-Samsung gadgets, you would have to depend on outsider applications to recuperate erased warnings on Samsung. This article will share the means for empowering Notification history on Samsung Galaxy cell phones. We should get everything rolling.

Important: Samsung stores your notice history throughout the previous 24 hours. It implies you can recover notices shipped off your telephone in 24 hours or less.

Steps to Recover

  • Open your Samsung App Drawer and select Settings.
  • On the Settings application, look down and tap on the Notifications.
  • Tap on the Advanced Settings choice on the Notifications screen.
  • Click on the Notification History on the Advanced Settings.
  • On the following screen, empower the switch for Notification History.
  • Assuming you wish to switch off the Notification History highlight at any point, switch off the flip for Notification history in the above step.

That is all there is to it! It will empower the notification history on your Samsung Galaxy cell phone. On the off chance that you have pretty recently designated the element, you won't track down any notification history. The aspect will save history when you have empowered it.

FAQs about Seeing Cleared Notifications on Samsung

How to Enable Notification History on Android 11?

Here are the steps:

  • 1. Before you can start utilizing Android 11's Notification history, you need to turn it on.
  • 2. Open the Settings application and tap Notifications.
  • 3. Tap Advanced Settings.
  • 4. Tap Notification history.
  • 5. When you initially came to this page, it ought to be vacant except for the switch on the upper right. Turn on Notification history by tapping the button.
How to View Notification History in Stock Android 12?

Here are 4 steps:

  • 1. Feel free to go to Settings on your Pixel by swiping down twice and tapping the settings pinion.
  • 2. In the Settings, find and tap Notifications.
  • 3. Right towards the top is a button marked Notification history. Feel free to tap it.
  • 4. Here is a switch at the top named Use notice history. Could you switch it on?
How Long Do Notifications Stay in Notification Log?
As referenced, when you swipe a notification away, it gets shipped off the Notification History page. From that second, it will live there for 24 hours. After those 24 hours, the notice is unavailable. Generally, you won't require more than an entire day to review old warnings.
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