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Messenger Kids: Is the Facebook App Safe for Children?

Elsa Updated on Aug 5, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

Is Messenger Kids safe for young kids? That is the problematic query in the minds of parents. Furthermore, the parents are also concerned regarding the COPPA regulations. These regulations are critical when allowing the kids to use Messenger Kids.

Is Messenger Kids safe for children

The digital well-being of young kids is vital. It forms the base of their development phase. Henceforth, every parent tries to expose their kids to the right social platforms. It is necessary to prevent a negative mindset in them.

Therefore, parents cast their doubts regarding the use of the Messenger Kids app. Let us undertake a detailed overview of this kids' social media app. It will clarify the doubtful queries of parents.

Part 1: How Is The Messenger Kids Different from Messaging Apps?

Messenger Kids is different in many aspects from other messaging apps. It is mainly due to the strict parenting control and COPPA conformance. The major catch of kids' Messenger is that the parents have complete control.

other messaging apps

Facebook Messenger Kids is a free app. It is designed for kids ranging from 9 to 13 years. The parents can control the messenger account of their kids. Moreover, they can also limit their screen time to develop good digital habits.

Parental control and digital management make Kids Messenger poles apart from other apps. This differentiation will expose the young kids to a safe level of social media. The parents will decide who can be on Facebook Kids Messenger.

Furthermore, it does not allow the kids to delete their chat history and video chat history. Therefore, the parents can check the details anytime they want.

Part 2: Why Parents Choose Messenger Kids?

Parents take a significant precaution when allowing their kids to use social media. The digital world is prone to cyberbullying, fraud, and other illegal activities. Therefore, every parent will try their best to reflect the positive side of social media.

The Messenger Kids is an app designed to keep in view parenting controls. This dynamic social media platform puts control in the hands of parents. It allows limited autonomy to the kids. Therefore, this messaging app is highly preferred by parents.

manage Messenger Kids

Furthermore, the safety of private information is another concern for parents. One might wonder, Is the Messenger Kids safe? Yes, it is safe owing to the strict parental controls. This app's safe and secure approach makes it a favorite selection for parents.

Screen time is one of the most decisive factors influencing kids' digital habits. Therefore, the parents can control the screen time of Messenger Kids. For instance, they can turn it off from their phone during sleeping hours.

Part 3: How Does Facebook Messenger Kids Works?

Firstly, the parents must set up their own Facebook app to lay the path for the kids messaging app. After that, you have to download the Kids Messenger app on your kid's device. Now, you can access the login of your kids' messaging app from your Facebook app.

Messenger Kids

You can control your kids' contacts and only allow close relatives or friends on the list. Furthermore, once your kids get a notification, you will receive it synchronously. Setting up the Kids Facebook Messenger account is very easy. On the other hand, you will have access to parental controls from your Facebook account.

You can control several things after you finish setting up Messenger for kids. They are mentioned as follows:

  • Managing the contact list of your kid.
  • Setting screen time limits to develop good digital habits.
  • Checking the chats and call history remotely.
  • Approving or denying new connections.
  • Login and logout control authority.

Part 4: Potential Risks Parents Should Know

The risk factor is always there, even if you have designed a digital app under scrutiny. Every app, regardless of its popularity, may develop some glitch or loophole with time. The Kids Messenger app also has some loopholes that the parents must know.

Cyberbullying is the most horrific risk young kids face in this digital world. To sum it up, cyberbullying is the Sword of Damocles hanging on young kids' heads who use social media. A child victim of cyberbullying may end up with different stress-related disorders.

Hence, the parents must keep a stringent check to monitor cyberbullying. The good thing is that the kids cannot delete the chat history of Messenger Kids. Therefore, the parents can monitor the chats anytime they want.

Another backdrop of this messaging app is that the video chats are not recordable. Therefore, the parents cannot check whatever happens in a video chat. They will only know when they are sitting next to their kids.

You can see video chat history, including whom your kids had the video chat with and the video chat duration. But you cannot review the content of that video chat on Kids Facebook Messenger. Therefore, parents should supervise their kids personally during the video chat sessions.

Part 5: More Tips for Safeguarding Kids on Messenger

Is Messenger Kids safe? Yes, it is safe to a maximum extent except for a few loopholes, such as the video chat feature and cyberbullying. These privacy and video chats are worrisome for parents. In this context, parents are on the outlook for other monitoring apps.

The AirDroid Parental Control app is the most viable option. It is best for controlling and monitoring the mobile usage of your kids.

AirDroid Parental Control

Ideally, the Airdroid Parental Control app is a clone for your kid's device. You cannot not only monitor the activity of your kid on Messenger for kids. But you can also monitor the usage of every other app. Following are the lucrative features of using the Airdroid Parental Control app:

  • Getting a comprehensive daily usage report of all applications
  • Managing the screen time of your kids
  • Checking location in real-time.
  • Synchronizing app notifications with your device.
  • Screen mirroring to maintain a real-time check and balance on your kids.

Messenger Kids: Final Thoughts

Parents want a safe and secure platform for their kids when they embark on the digital journey. Among the bulk social media apps, the Messenger Kids app is the most viable for kids below 13. It provides a wide range of parental control features. The parents have the central authority to add or remove people from the contact list.

Furthermore, you can quickly review the chats as the kids do not have the option to delete them. Moreover, you can monitor the blocked contact list and the voice and video chat history. However, there are a few loopholes within the Kids Messenger app. The Airdroid Parental Control app can cover these loopholes effectively.

With the Airdroid app, you can control Facebook Messenger Kids and other apps. You can also monitor real-time usage by using the screen mirroring feature of this app. Lastly, you can manage kids' screen time by setting up time frames.

FAQs about Facebook Messenger Kids

Q1. Is Messenger Kids Appropriate for Kids?
Yes, Messenger Kids is appropriate for kids owing to the strict parental controls. The parents can control every single activity of this kid's app remotely. Moreover, they have the authority to choose their kids' contact list. Furthermore, they can also set a specific screen time for a kid messenger.
Q2. Can 11-Year-Olds Get Messenger?
No, an 11-year-old kid cannot get Messenger, an app for adults and teens. This restriction is because the Messenger app does not have parental control features. Therefore, Facebook launched the Messenger Kids app in 2017 for kids below 13. This app was developed for the use of young kids under strict parental scrutiny. From a safety point of view, the Kids Messenger app is safe for kids in the 9 to 13 years of age bracket. This app is a controlled version of Messenger. The parents have top-tier authority over this messaging app. They can remotely control and monitor the contact list, screen time, and chat history.
Q3. Can You Use Messenger Kids on a Computer?
Unfortunately, you cannot use Messenger Kids on a computer. It is only available for download on Android and IOS devices. Thus, the iPhone, iPads, and Android devices can use this Messenger for kids but not on the computer. It is mainly because the computer version is unavailable per the current scenario. However, some indirect ways of using Messenger Kids on your computer exist. You can use a third-party emulator to get the kids messaging app on your computer. This indirect method of using Messenger Kids is not preferable.
Q4. Can Facebook Messenger Kids Be Hacked?
Yes, Kids Messenger can be hacked. Kids Facebook Messenger is one of the most highly grossing social media apps. It has over 10 million downloads. However, it is still vulnerable to hacking. The hacking threat is more due to the linkage between your Facebook and Kids Messenger. Hackers who break through your account will also get access to Facebook Messenger Kids.
Q5. Is Messenger Kids End to End Encrypted?
Security and privacy are vital concerns regarding the Messenger Kids app. The messenger app for kids is end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, no third parties can access the chat. The parents monitoring the chats per the parental controls can read them.
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