How to Connect GoPro to Mac? Best 4 Solutions for You

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Connecting GoPro to Mac might be difficult, especially if you've recently started using Mac PC. Unlike Windows, which empowers to access audio files, videos, and images, by browsing its windows, Mac PC comes up with a completely different program to manage other file types.

The algorithm of Mac makes the operating system secure from being attacked by viruses or malicious elements. Thus, if you want to connect GoPro to Mac, Apple tends to be more challenging and demanding than simply plugging the GoPro into a USB port and then accessing videos and photos.
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Regardless of the difficulty, you may face when opting for GoPro transfer to Mac, we'll introduce the simplest way to help you connect Go Pro to Mac.

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Part 1: Connect GoPro to Mac Image Capture

Mac comes with a built-in app, Image Capture, that automatically recognizes the connected GoPro camera when launched. After the Image Capture recognizes your camera, you can easily access the files on that camera.

Here's how to connect GoPro to MacBook.

Step 1:To begin with, you must connect the USB cable's one end to your Mac PC and one end to your GoPro camera.

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Step 2: Navigate to the ''Other'' folder icon after tapping on Launchpad. Next, press on '' Image Capture.''

Step 3:Tap on the'' Import All'' icon from the ''Image Capture''; this will help you transfer Gopro to Mac.

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Part 2: Connect GoPro to Mac through SD card

This method implies that you don't need to connect the GoPro camera to Mac directly. Instead, you must click the GoPro files' SD card with your Mac PC.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to upload GoPro videos to Mac through an SD card.

Step 1: After powering off the GoPro camera, you'll need to take off your SD card. Next, insert the SD card into the card reader and then connect that card reader to your Mac PC.

Please wait for a few seconds until the Mac PC detects your SD after mounting it as a drive.

Step 2: Double your memory card and then visit the DCIM folder. After seeing it there, you can access all the videos and photos you captured using GoPro.

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Part 3: Connect GoPro to Mac through Quick

Another way to connect GoPro to Mac is through Quik. It is another brilliant program that allows you to access the GoPro files easily on your Mac.

Here's how to transfer GoPro to Mac using Quik.

Step 1:Navigate to the official website of Quik and install the program from there.

Step 2: You'll need to connect GoPro to your Mac during this phase through a lightning USB cable. Next, navigate to the ''Launchpad'' and launch the Quik app.


You'll need to sign up with the Quik account to access the GoPro files on Mac through Quik. Step 3: Tap on ''Import Files'' to upload all the captured videos and photos on your GoPro camera to your Mac PC.  

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All the methods we've mentioned above to transfer GoPro to Mac might take some time, and especially when you're in a hurry to access the GoPro files on Mac, these methods might not work. Thus, looking for a quick and easy way to connect Go Pro to Mac is paramount, and you can use AirDroid Personal.

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Part 4: How to transfer GoPro to Mac PC using AirDroid Personal?-Recommended

Connecting the GoPro SD card to Mac PC and then copying the files to Mac could be time-consuming, as discussed in the upper part of this guide. What AirDroid can do is help you connect GoPro to Mac wireless.

Do you know how it works? To make it happen, you must insert the GoPro SD card into your iPhone or Android and then share the GoPro files in your SD card to Mac wirelessly.
It means you don't need to install any additional software to get your job done. Airdroid Personal is popular software that stimulates transferring files across multiple devices. The best thing about AirDroid Personal is that you can share the GoPro files from a mobile device to a PC or from PC to mobile sitting far from your PC or mobile device.


Manage files AirDroid Personal empowers you to manage your mobile device files on PC and across different devices.

File Transfer AirDroid Personal stimulates sharing files among devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone, without USB value. It enables you to share your files wirelessly courtesy of the ''Nearby feature''.

Receive and Reply to message Apart from mirroring your iPhone or Android to a PC, you can handle text messages or notifications that arrive on your mobile device. Luckily, you can reply to text messages as well.

Easy Interface AirDroid Personal aims to provide its users with the most pleasing user interface, so even newcomers won't have any difficulty using this excellent data-sharing tool.


AirDroid Personal comes up with the fabulous free version that empowers you to share files among different devices for free.

How to transfer GoPro photos/videos between Phone and PC?

Step 1: Navigate to the official website of AirDroid Personal and install the software on iPhone/Android and PC. Next, you'll need to register the same AirDroid Personal account on Android/iPhone and PC.

Step 2: Launch the AirDroid Personal on your mobile device and choose ''Admin PC'' where you're looking to send files.

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Step 3: Click on the'' paperclip'' icon to help you browse the GoPro files you want to transfer to your PC.

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Step 4: After selecting the files, all you need to do is tap on the'' Send'' icon to begin sending the GoPro files to the PC

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Why am I facing '' SD card Gopro not showing up on Mac?
If you keep changing the folder names, your Mac might not recognize the GoPro SD. So, you should avoid changing your folder regularly as it might create chaos for you. However, if you intend to change the folder's name, you'll need to rename the folders with the original name; otherwise, you don't need to tinker with the folders.
Can I wirelessly connect GoPro to Mac?
Finding a wireless method to help you know how to download GoPro videos to your MacBook might be too much to ask for. Still, you've got AirDroid Personal to get it done as it enables you to share the GoPro files stored on an SD card to Mac PC wirelessly. You'll only need to insert the SD card into your iPhone and share the files with your PC.
Can you connect GoPro to your TV?
Connecting GoPro to TV is difficult but not impossible as you must attach the media mod to your GoPro after purchasing. Next, plug one end of the HDMI micro cable into your GoPro camera's port and the other end of your micro cable into your TV HDMI input.
How to connect GoPro to iPhone?
If you're looking to connect GoPro to your iPhone, you'll need to navigate to GoPro Settings and tap on Connect or Preferences option. Next, you'll need to press the Pair icon after hitting the'' Connect'' option. Then, you must launch the Quik app on your iPhone and tap on the camera icon. This way, you'll be able to connect GoPro to your iPhone.
Is connecting GoPro to Mac through an SD card risk for my Mac?
Many people tend to connect GoPro SD cards to Mac for sharing the GoPro files to Mac. Unfortunately, this might be a bit risky for your Mac as an SD card might put the virus on your PC affecting all the files stored on the Mac. Thus, it would help if you looked to use AirDroid Personal to share the GoPro files to the PC wirelessly rather than connecting the SD card to the PC.
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