8 Free File Transfer Softwares in 2022

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People need to transfer large files free for many reasons: to send them to someone, upload them on the web, or back them up. Whatever the reason, you will need an app to help you do it easily and quickly. Then 8 free file transfer softwares will be introduced in this article and the optimal option will be also picked for you

Please go through our recommendations below. Happy Transferring!

Part 1: 8 Free Softwares for File Transfer

1. AirDroid Personal

AirDroid Personal is a great option to wirelessly and quickly transfer all kinds of files free across Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It is designed for transferring files between your device and computer, as well as other devices connected to it via Wi-Fi, and ensures online file transfer free. It allows you to access your files from anywhere worldwide by downloading them to your mobile device's storage space. Additionally, it is with those features as follows:

Key features

  • With Nearby and Add Friends function: wireless file transfer between two phones, and share with your friends and families directly;.
  • Support simultaneous connection of multiple devices;
  • Support transfer of multiple file types: video, music, excel, words, ppt, pdf, pics, etc.
  • Transfer files with original quality: sending photos, videos, and other multimedia files without losing quality or compressing files;
  • Fast transfer: fast file-transferring speed.
  • No network limitations;
  • Automatically backup;
  • Web transfer: convenient, flexible, transfer online, cross-platform(including Linux). 

It is generally free for all of those features. If you want unlimited usage of remote data, premium account is available, and the price is $3.99/month.


  • Lossless transfer;
  • Data encryption;
  • All-in-one file management;
  • Secure connection;

2. Google Drive

Google Drive by Google is a cloud-based storage solution that enables you to save your pictures, emails, and other things on their server. You can create & edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, collaborate with others on projects, and store all your files in the cloud.

In addition to free web file transfer with Chrome or Firefox, Google Drive also works on mobile devices via native Android apps. You can transfer files from iPhone to pc free.

The best thing about Google Drive is that you can start using Drive immediately at no cost -- and you will get 15GB of storage included with your free account, but this amount can be boosted with a paid subscription if needed. The pricing plan includes:


  • $1.99/month for 100 GB
  • $9.99/month for 1 TB
  • $99.99/month for 10 TB
  • $199.99/month for 20 TB
  • $299.99/month for 30 TB


  • Easy user Interface
  • Team collaboration
  • Microsoft office compatible
  • SSL encryption enabled


  • Requires internet connection
  • You cannot upload files larger than 5 TB
  • You need to switch to the paid version to unlock exclusive features.

3. DropBox

Dropbox is well-liked by companies of various shapes and sizes, and in a variety of industries. It offers a free service that allows you to access your files from multiple devices. It also provides an easy way to share files with others and a secure file-sharing system that protects your privacy.

The service works on all platforms and devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers. The free plan offers 2GB of free storage. On the other hand, the plus plan offers 2000GB storage for $11.99 per month.


  • Free file storage space (2GB)
  • Easy setup process
  • Multiple users can access shared files at the same time
  • Sharing folders are encrypted, so only authorized users can view them


  • You need to switch to the paid version to unlock exclusive features.
  • Costly pricing
  • Slow file syncing

4. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a free online tool that helps large size file transfer free from one computer or mobile device to another. It's a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that can help you transfer any file, including music, images, documents, videos, etc.

You may use this tool for free if you have at least one free account on their website. You can also use this service if you have more than one account with them.

With the WeTransfer Pro membership come tons of interesting extra features, including built-in cloud storage of 1 TB and the capacity to transmit transfer up to 200 GB. There is no upload restriction for transfers and no storage cap for cloud storage with the WeTransfer Premium membership for $12.


  • It's free!
  • The customer support team is accommodating!
  • Easy to use


  • There are some limitations on the kinds of files available for free (only certain types).
  • Costly Pro plan.
  • Files are deleted after 7 days in the free account.

5. Jumpshare

Jump Share is a program that enables you to transfer large files free between your PC and mobile phone or tablet. The program is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.

The primary function of this program is to send files through the Internet. Users can upload their files on the platform and share them with others who have installed the app on their devices.

Up to 250 MB file size maximum and 2 GB of space are available for free plan. For $12.50, avail of storage space of 2 TB (2,000 GB) with no upload cap.


  • Outstanding file-sharing capabilities
  • Convenient desktop and online applications
  • Many safe file sharing options and practical features for content producers


  • Zero-knowledge encryption is not present
  • Fewer storage possibilities
  • Quite pricey in comparison to the competition

6. Hightail

Hightail is a free file transfer online tool that allows you to send files and folders from one device to another. It is available for PC and Mac users and has a very user-friendly interface. To access file transfer email free, you will need an email address and password that you can use every time you want to download new files from the Internet.

This program is compatible with most operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac OS X 10/11/12, Android 2/3/4, iOS 8/9/10 and Chromebooks

You can use this for free file transfer over 100MB and up to 500GB with the Business Plan of $36/user/month.


  • It works well for sending big art files for printing.
  • It is safe, and tracking files is simple.
  • Provides an estimated upload time for the requested file.


  • Shared connections disappear too soon
  • There is not much room for messages.
  • Complex download UI.

7. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a free file transfer software that allows you to share files with friends and family securely and quickly. It is super easy to use and works on all your Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

Send Anywhere is a great app if you don't like setting up accounts. Large files can be sent without even requiring registration. Before transferring huge files, it connects two devices using an SSL security protocol and a six-digit key.

You may also exchange files concurrently with many users. You can transfer big files for up to 10 minutes free using the online version. Up to 10GB of data can be shared at once. The storage space is again made available for sharing new files when the file expires.


  • Simple drag & drop interface
  • No need to install any software
  • Share files between your devices wirelessly or with a USB cable
  • Send large files, photos or videos by email or other cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. (Not available for mobile phone transfer)


  • Even though it functions well on the 4G network, it requires a fast internet connection to function at its best. Files don't always move seamlessly from one device to another.
  • Before closing the two transfer applications on the devices, you must wait for the complete data transfer; otherwise, everything will crash, and you will have to restart the process.

8. Slack

Slack is a collaboration platform that allows you to communicate with your team. It allows users to connect with their coworkers via instant messaging or file sharing. Slack allows users to share documents and media files such as images and videos among team members for easy collaboration.

The free version of Slack comes equipped with all of these features but limits the messages that can be sent daily (500) and the number of files that can be shared (100). The free version also allows to transfer 5GB file online free. For transfers above 5GB, users must pay a subscription fee of 12.5 USD for the Pro Plan.


  • Instant communication
  • Easy integration
  • Searchable history
  • Public and private chat channels
  • Shared files


  • Messaging can become chaotic and ill-organized
  • Addictive by nature

Part 2: Which One Would You Prefer to Choose?

Selecting a favorite app when so many options are available might be a task. However, AirDroid Personal stands out because it is a single software that handles everything. My choice for free secure file transfer online would be Airdroid simply because:

  • With the help of AirDroid Personal, you may wirelessly move files and documents between different platforms and devices without worrying about file format restrictions or the need for a cable, unlike other software. While Send Anywhere offers wireless transfers as well, but files don't always move seamlessly from one device to another in Send Anywhere.
  • With the help of AirDroid Personal's Nearby function, you can quickly and immediately transmit photographs and videos to friends who live nearby. No other software is offering this function.
  • AirDroid Personal can transport media files losslessly, unlike other standard file transfer software. Drop-in quality and data losses have been reported with Slack and Send Anywhere.
  • In addition to file sharing, AirDroid Personal enables message exchange across several devices. Messaging in Slack is unorganized and cluttered. Hightail doesn’t provide much room for messages.

In light of the above pros, Airdroid Personal provides the cost-effective option to transfer files In addition to file transfer, it also supports remote control, notifications & SMS management and so on. Generally speaking, it's the best bet for free file transfer online.


1. Can AirDroid Personal Support Large Size File Transfer Free?
AirDroid allows a 200MB remote data quota per month and a 30MB per file limit when transferring not under the local area network in the free package.
2. Is It Possible to Transfer 100GB File Free for Above All Software?
Only AirDroid currently offers unlimited free transfer on the same Wi-Fi.
3. What System Can AirDroid Personal Support?
Android Personal Supports multiple and cross-platform free secure file transfer. You can transfer large files free from Android to Android, Android to iOS, or iOS to iOS. The support extends from Android and iOS to Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.
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