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Updated Guide on Android Texting on Mac in 2023

Charudatta Updated on Feb 17, 2023 Filed to: File Transfer

Sending messages between Mac and iPhone is not-so a complicated task. But what if you own a Mac and Android phone and want to send and receive messages between them?

For many people, Android texting on Mac seems a tech-savvy procedure. But with the right tools and methods, anyone can easily use texting between Android and Mac.

We have rounded up a couple of proven solutions to sync Android text messages to Mac. Read both of them and find out which method works best for you.

Excited to find out? Let's dive in!

sending android sms from your mac

Part 1. An Effective Way for How to Receive Text Messages on Mac from Android

Google has offered a dedicated online service called Messages for Web which allows users to send texts between Mac and Android. The best thing about this tool is it has a free mobile version to send and receive Android texts on Mac.

After installing this app on Android, you can easily send and receive texts on your Mac using your browser. While most Android phones come with this application pre-installed, but if your Android don't have this app, there's nothing to worry about. Simply install it from the Google Play Store for free.

Without any further ado, check out how to text Android users from Mac using this service:

Step 1. Open any web browser on your Mac and navigate to Google Web Messages.

messages for web

Step 2. Now, open the Messages app on your Android phone, tap the three dots icon. Here, tap "Messages for Web" and scan the QR on the website.
Step 3. Once both devices are connected, the program will sync all the previous messages and conversations from your Android phone.
Step 4. Now, you can use your Mac screen to send messages to any Android phone.

android messages for mac

The best thing about this app is you don't need to check your mobile screen regularly for the important messages. All the new messages will appear on your Mac browser while you can use the keyboard to write and send messages to any smartphone, Android or iPhone.

Drawbacks of Messages for Web

Despite its ease of use and versatility, Messages for Web has some serious downsides that need to be addressed sooner than later.

  1. The QR code fails to scan too often. This happens particularly if your smartphone is using an older version of the Messages app.
  2. Currently, this service doesn't support feature beyond simple text messaging. That is, you cannot make a phone call, start a video chat, and more.
  3. The Messages for Web can have only one active session at a time. That is, if you leave Messages for Web running on your work computer, then you can't have another session at home. It gives you the "session running elsewhere" notification. But you can select the "Use here" option to exit the previous session and switch to the current computer.

Part 2. Best Way for Android texting on Mac

Clearly, Messages for Web is not an ideal choice for users who want more control over the messaging app. That's why we introduce you to a more advanced yet friendly Android texting app for Mac AirDroid Personal. This service offers a simple and secure way to send and receive Android messages on your Mac.

With just a few clicks, you can set up this app and effortlessly receive text messages on Mac from Android phone as well as reply to them from computer keyboard. This saves you from the hassle of checking your phone and keeps you with the Android SMS inbox on the phone. Now, you won't miss any important text even when your phone is not by your side.

What's more, the program also has an advanced "Dialpad" feature that lets you receive and make calls to any smartphone from your Mac. Its other features let you remotely control an Android phone from Mac, transfer files between them, Android file management, use Android as a security camera, and more.

All these impeccable features coupled with a sleek interface make AirDroid Personal an ideal app for managing Android texting on Mac.

airdroid message notifications

Key Features

  • The app provides a quick method to send and receive Android messages from Mac.
  • Conveniently reply to messages from your social media accounts
  • Safe and lossless data transfer between Android and Mac
  • Users can easily mirror Android phone on Mac for any purpose
  • An intuitive way to manage all the files on your Android phone from Mac
  • Its Find Phone feature on AirDroid Web lets you locate and find a lost phone as well as wipe out its data remotely.
  • Comes in three different premium versions to give you flexibility
  • Compatible with all platforms including Mac, Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS.

Check out how to get Android text messages on Mac using AirDroid Personal:

Step 1. Install AirDroid Personal Desktop Client on your Mac and login with your AirDroid account.

airdroid desktop sign in

Step 2. Then, Install AirDroid Personal app on your mobile device and log in using the same account.
Step 3. On the Desktop Client, click on the Messages icon on the left bar and connect your Android device.

manage sms

Step 4. From the mobile app, go to Me > Security & Remote Features.

security remote

Here, turn on Desktop Notif to get going.

desktop notifications

Step 5. On the next screen, and click on Enable Permissions > Android Notification Mirror Service.

enabled permissions

Hit Ok to set up notifications. After that, you can receive and reply to all Android texts from your Mac.

Final Remarks

To sum up, this article has provided a comprehensive guide on how to text Android from Mac. Now, you don't need to check your Android phone regularly to reply to messages as you can do it from the comfort of your Mac screen.

While both methods are quite friendly when it comes to managing Android texts from Mac, but we recommend you AirDroid Personal. It offers a simple, quick, and secure way to receive and reply your Android messages from Mac. Plus, you get hands on tons of advanced remote access features.


We have gathered and answered some common queries of users regarding Android text messages on Mac.

How to Text on Mac with Android?

Using Messenger for Web, you can send and receive texts on Mac for free. But this service comes with limited features. If you want manage Android SMS from a Mac screen more intuitively, then use AirDroid Personal.

It connects your device wirelessly and lets you send and receive messages from Mac, even if your phone is not by your side.

How tocopy text from Mac to Android?
Use the Messenger for Web to connect your Mac and Android via a QR code. Once connected, this tool will automatically sync all your conversations from Mac on Android or vice versa.
Why am I not getting Android texts on Mac?

To fix this issue:

  • Make sure you're using the same Apple ID on your Mac and iPhone. For that, go to Settings on your iPhone and tap Messages > Send & Receive. Then, open Messages on your Mac and navigate to Messages > Preferences, then click iMessage.
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.

text message forwarding

  • Be sure, your Mac is available on the list of devices that can send and receive from your iPhone.

text message forwarding mac

Mac not sending text messages to Android. Fixed
Confirm if you have enabled the iMessage on your Mac. Plus, make sure the contact to which you're sending messages is also turned on. Here's how you check that:
  • Open the Messages app on your Mac.
  • From its menu bar, navigate to Messages > Preferences, and go to the iMessage tab.
  • Check if any number or email address you want to use with iMessage is enabled here.

mac android texting

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