How to Change the Security Code of Config File?

Setting secure code is needed for Policy & Kiosk configuration files in MDM. It helps enterprises prevent users from exiting kiosk mode or obey the policy they made to ensure the security of the devices. If you want to know how to change the security code to prevent password leakage, follow this guide step by step! 

Note : The default security code on AirDroid Business is 3737.

1What Can Security Code of Config File on AirDroid Business Do?

1Avoid IT Admins Deleting the files by Mistakes

avoid delete file

2Prevent Users from Access System Settings in Kiosk Mode

avoid existing kiosk mode

3Prevent Users from Existing Kiosk Mode

avoid accessing system settings

2How to Change the Security Code of Config File?

  1. Step 1
    Access Kiosk Config Files
  2. To change the security code, you’ll need to access Kiosk Config Files on the Admin Web Console first.
  3. access kiosk
  1. Step 2
    Choose the Kiosk file 
  2. Now, you can choose the file that you want to change the security code.
  3. choose kiosk file
    1. Step 3
      Edit the file
  1. When you are in the file, you can click Edit to change the security password.
  2. edit kiosk
  1. Step 4
    Confirm the Password
  2. Click Change, and then, you need to confirm your admin password for your enterprise safety to start changing the code.
  3. confirm the password
  1. Step 5
    Change the Security Code
  2. You can enter the new password and click “OK” to update the security code.
  3. change password
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