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[Updated] How to Screen Mirror Samsung Tablet to TV?

Elsa Updated on Nov 18, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Samsung launched its first Galaxy tab in 2010. But as years go by, tablets are getting smarter, and almost everyone enjoys their gadget for multiple purposes. People have found that screen mirroring Samsung tablet to TV allows them to have an excellent media center in their homes. This technology will enable you to show large-screen video, gaming, or other content from your tablet straight onto your TV.

The latest Samsung tablets have a built-in screen mirroring feature, but the lower versions do not. This article will cover the different ways of screen mirroring Samsung tablet to any smart TV.

1How to Check if Your TV Has Screen Mirroring?

First, you need to check if your TV has screen mirroring. Many newer TVs can do screen mirroring Samsung tablet, but older models may not. Here's how to set up screen mirroring on Samsung TVs.

Check if your Samsung TV has Wi-Fi capabilities.

The general rule is that if a TV has Wi-Fi in it, it should have screen mirroring in it. There are two simple ways to check:

  1. The first one is by going to Settings of your Samsung TV. Click Network Settings> click "Screen Mirroring" in the fifth section.
  2. The second way is very simple. Look at the top right corner of your remote control, and press the "Source" option. Once you press it, your TV screen will show options like "TV," "HDMI1", "HDMI2/DVI", and "Screen Mirroring." Click "Screen Mirroring" and turn it on to launch the feature.

2How to Screen Mirror Samsung Tab to Samsung TV?

Method 1: Using Smart View - Built-in Feature

Smart View is a Samsung device built-in feature that lets you control your Samsung Smart TV without using a remote. The Smart View app is supported by Android OS 4.1 and above. Make sure to connect to the internet to enjoy this feature. Follow these steps to use Smart View:

  1. Open your Samsung tablet and connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. Navigate your TV settings by clicking the Menu button on your remote control.
  3. Go to Network and press Network Settings. Connect your TV to the same network connection as your tablet.
  4. Go back to your tablet and look for the Smart View function. To do this, swipe down the Control Center, also known as the notification menu.
  5. Tap Smart View, and it will start searching for your TV. Select the name of your Samsung TV.
  6. If you have the 2011-2013 model, a small pop-up window will show up, asking for your permission. Select “Start now.”
  7. The 2014-2015 models will require you to input a 4-digit number or code displayed on the screen.
  8. Once connected, it will start screen mirroring Samsung tablet to TV.

Method 2: Using SmartThingsApp

The Samsung SmartThings app is available for free download on Google Play Store. It allows you to connect your home to the internet of things, letting you control your lights, thermostats, security cameras, and more—with a tap on your phone or tablet. You can set up and connect this app on your tablet to your Samsung TV to view and control your smart devices.

How to set up and use SmartThings App?

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your tablet, and download the SmartThings app.
  2. Open the SmartThings app, sign in to your account, or create a new one.
  3. After signing in successfully, tap the plus sign in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Device > go to By device type section > tap TV. A list of available devices will appear; choose your Samsung TV.
  5. Another window will appear, showing the devices available in your country. Press TV once again.
  6. When the “Get started with your TV” prompt appears, press “Start.” Next, it will prompt you to select a location and room for your TV.
  7. A PIN code will appear on your TV screen. Enter the PIN on the SmartThings app on your tablet. Tap DONE.
  8. Enter your Wi-Fi network information to connect to the internet. Press NEXT.
  9. Press “I agree to all” in the terms and conditions section. Now, you can choose a name for your TV. Enter the name and tap DONE.
  10. In the TV's settings page, tap on the three vertical dots to display more options and select "Mirror screen (Smart View)."
  11. When the pop-up window appears, tap on "Start now."If your TV asks permission to access your device, tap "Allow." You will now enjoy using SmartThings to screen mirroring Samsung tablet to TV.

Tips for mirroring with Smart View or SmartThings App

The first Samsung model that supported screen mirroring was the F range, which came out in 2013. If you have an older model without Wi-Fi capability, you'll need to use a casting device like Chromecast, Roku Stick, or Amazon Fire Stick to enjoy screen mirroring Samsung tablet to TV.

3Wireless Screen Mirror Samsung Tablet to Any Smart TV

AirDroid Cast Web is the best free tool to cast Samsung tablet to TV wirelessly. It doesn't require installation and pesky cables. With an internet connection and a browser, you can quickly mirror your tablet without any delay. Its user-friendly interface makes it enjoyable for users of any skill level.

How to screen mirror Samsung Tablet to TV with AirDroid Cast Web?

You can start screen mirroring Samsung tablet to tv using AirDroid Cast by following these steps:

  1. Step 1. Open the Web Browser on TV
  2. Open your preferred web browser on your TV and go to

  1. Step 2. Download the app on your Samsung tablet
  2. Option A: Open the Google Play Store on your tablet and search for AirDroid Cast-screen mirroring. Install the app.
  3. Option B: Easily download the AirDroid Cast-screen mirroring app from our official website onto your Samsung tablet. You can try a Samsung tab a7 lite screen mirroring, Galaxy Tab A screen mirroring, or other tablet versions.

  1. Step 3. Choose any of the following options:

  2. Option 1: Tap “Enter the Cast Code”
    on your tablet and type in the number that appears below the QR code on your Smart TV. Tap “Start Casting.” You can also view the code history by tapping the small clock icon in the cast code bar.
  3. Option 2: Scan the QR code that appears on your TV screen. Tap the scan icon beside the history clock icon. Position your tablet, so the display faces the television and aligns it with the QR code on your TV screen.
  4. After following these steps, your TV will start screen mirroring Samsung tablet.

How to open a web browser on Smart TV?

  1. Connect your Smart TV to an internet connection.
  2. If your TV model has a built-in web browser, you can access it by pressing "Home" on the remote and selecting "Web Browser." From there, you'll be able to browse the web on your smart TV.
  3. If you are using a model without a built-in web browser, you need to download any one of the following popular browsers like Amazon Silk, Google Chrome, Downloader, Bing, and Opera Browser. You can download one using a casting device like Google Chromecast or Amazon FireTV stick.

The benefits of using AirDroid Cast Web

  • No installation or cable is needed.
  • No need to join unfamiliar networks.
  • No need to reveal your network password to others.

4Wired Way to Screen Mirror Samsung Tablet to TV

Using a DeX cable or HDMI cable

You can use a DeX cable to mirror your Samsung tablet screen to your TV. Here is how:

  1. Connect the DeX cable to the USB Type-C port on the tablet, and then connect the other end of the cable to a USB port on your TV.
  2. Open the "Settings" app on your device, select "Display," and then tap "Screen mirroring."
  3. Select "Samsung DeX" from the list of available options, and tap "Connect now."

You can also use an HDMI cable if your TV can't connect wirelessly.

  1. Plug an HDMI cable into the adaptor.
  2. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to an HDMI port on your TV.
  3. Plug the HDMI adaptor into your device's USB port.
  4. Turn on your TV and select the HDMI input channel corresponding to the one you are using.
Note : OnlyTab S4, Tab S5e, Tab Active Pro, Tab S6, Tab S7 series, Tabs S8 series, and Tab Active 3 are compatible with DeX and HDMI cables.

5Why Go for Screen Mirroring Samsung Tablet at All?

Thanks to the screen mirroring feature, you can now make your TV look more like your phone or computer if you have much content unavailable on streaming services. This means that if you're watching Netflix on your tablet, you can watch it on your TV. You can also use this feature to browse the web in real-time, play games, and do other activities. It also saves money because there are no additional costs associated with setting up such a system – everything works through your device.

Screen mirroring Samsung tablet is a great way to share information with a remote audience from your computer, wherever you are. It works well for local and remote networks and can be used to share screens with any group of people, no matter where they are.

6Final Remarks & FAQs about Screen Mirroring Samsung Tablet

Among the options discussed in this article, AirDroid webcasting is the most powerful tool for business and entertainment. It's also a great way to learn new skills, share your knowledge with others, and connect with people from any location. AirDroid webcasting allows you to do all of this and more!

AirDroid Cast is a web-based application that will enable you to stream media from your Samsung tablet to your Smart TV. You can also download it easily from the Play Store. It is one of the fastest and easiest webcasting tools that are free to access using any Samsung tablet. Try it for free and enjoy seamless screen mirroring!

How do I connect my Samsung tablet to my Fire TV?

It's similar to the methods mentioned in this article.

  1. On your Amazon Fire TV stick, go to Settings > select Network.
  2. Connect your Samsung tablet and Amazon Fire TV Stick to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Enable Screen Mirroring on your TV. Press and hold the Home button > select Mirroring.
  4. Your Fire TV is now ready to connect with your Samsung tablet.
  5. Download the AirDroid Cast app on your tablet.
  6. Open a web browser on your Fire TV. Here's how to download a web browser if you're using Amazon Firestick:
    • Scroll to the top-left corner of F ire TV's main menu > select the search icon. Voice search or type in the browser of your choice (e.g., type "Silk Browser") > click Download.
    • Accept the Terms of Condition of your selected web browser.
    • Now you can type in: or search for AirDroid Cast Web.
  7. You may enter the number code on your Fire TV screen into your Samsung tablet or scan the QR code instead. It will start screen mirroring after following these steps.

Can I mirror my Samsung Tablet to TV without Wi-Fi?
Yes. But to do that, you need to have a wired connection. You can use an HDMI cable, but it doesn't guarantee a smooth performance.
How to mirror my Samsung Galaxy Tab to the TV?

Whether you’re using Galaxy tab A or another series of Samsung tablets, you can choose any of the following methods:

  • Using Smart View
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Swipe down the notification menu to open the Quick Settings/Control Center panel. Swipe again and tap the Smart View icon.

  • Using SmartThings App
  • Download the app and follow the guide mentioned in Method 2 of “How to Screen Mirror Samsung Tab to Samsung TV?” in this article.

  • The best choice: AirDroid Cast

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