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How to Screen Mirror Motorola to TV/PC/Phone in 2023

Elsa Updated on Sep 19, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Do Motorola phones have screen mirroring? Can you mirror your Motorola screen to the TV within seconds? Alongside having one of the most sleek and attractive displays, Motorola phones have a built-in screen mirroring feature that you can access by sliding down the top of your screen.

With screen mirroring turned on, you can cast your phone screen to TV and enjoy watching movies or playing games on the big screen. This article explains how to screen mirror Motorola to a TV, PC, or another mobile phone in the right way.

Motorola screen mirroring

1. Prerequisites for Motorola Screen Mirroring

Before diving into the detailed steps to screen Mirror Motorola to TV, let's look at the requirements for screen mirroring.

  • You need a Motorola phone;
  • A working smart TV with HDMI ports;
  • A Network connection;
  • (Optional) A Google Chromecast device;
  • (Optional) Screen mirroring software installed on your Motorola phone.

We will explain multiple steps below for screen mirroring Motorola to TV. In the first step, we'll use Google Chromecast. Similarly, in later steps, we'll take help from Google Home. This may seem confusing, but as long as you follow these steps, you can easily screen mirror your Motorola Screen to TV.

2. Screen Mirror Motorola to TV/PC/Mac/iPhone via AirDroid Cast

Screen Mirroring Motorola to TV is easy with Chromecast. You only need an active internet connection and a smart TV with an HDMI port. But do you know you can screen Mirror Motorola to your PC, a MacBook, and even an iPhone? Surprised? Well, with AirDroid Cast, you can easily do all of that in minutes.

AirDroid Cast is a top-notch screen-casting platform that offers lag-free screen mirroring. Apart from that, it's completely free, AirDroid Cast lets you share screens with complete audio. Here are some highlights of AirDroid Cast:

Airdroid Cast


  • Free and real-time screen mirroring
  • Share screen with complete audio
  • Up to 5 mobile device screen to PC simultaneously
  • Remote control mobile phone from PC

How to Mirror Motorola to TV via AirDroid Cast?

  1. Step 1.Download and install the AirDroid Cast application on your Motorola smartphone.
  2. Step 2.Now, on your Smart TV browser, search Take note of the Cast Code or QR code.
  3. AirDroid Cast Web

  4. Step 3.Now open AirDroid Cast on your Motorola, enter that 9-digit code, and tap "Start Casting", or scan the QR code using the app.
  5. AirDroid Cast on Android

  6. Step 4.Accept the casting request, and your Motorola will be mirrored to the TV.
  7. mirror Android to TV via AirDroid Cast

How to Mirror Motorola to PC via AirDroid Cast?

  1. Step 1.Download and install AirDroid Cast on your Motorola phone and PC. Then, launch the app on both devices.
  2. Step 2.Next, Enter the 9-digit code and tap Start Casting, or scan the QR code using the app. Alternatively, you can connect your mobile phone and PC via a USB cable.
  3. AirDroid Cast on PC

  4. Step 3.Follow the on-screen instructions, and your Motorola phone will be mirrored to your PC in no time.
  5. Step 4.You can also click "Turn on Control" to control the Motorola device from the computer.
  6. control Motorola from PC via AirDroid Cast

How to Mirror Motorola to iPhone via AirDroid Cast?

With AirDroid cast, you can even mirror a Motorola phone to an iPhone. Here is how to do it in seconds:

  1. Step 1.Download and install AirDroid Cast on your Motorola phone (via the Play Store) and iPhone (via the App Store).
  2. Step 2.Open AirDroid Cast on your iPhone and click on Receive Screen Cast. There, note the 9-digit code.
  3. Receive Screen Cast on iPhone

  4. Step 3.Now open AirDroid Cast on your Motorola, type in that 9-digit code, and tap Start Casting.
  5. AirDroid Cast on Motorola

And that is it! Your Motorola screen will be cast to the iPhone.

3. How to Screen Mirror Motorola to TV?

When you follow the right steps, screen mirroring Motorola to TV is easy and quick. So, let's get started with the steps to cast Motorola on TV.

From Quick Settings or Phone Settings

In this method, you'll need to prepare a Chromecast device and plug Chromecast into your TV to set it up, and then turn on screen mirroring from the Motorola phone settings. This step is the easiest one.


  • Before starting screen mirroring Motorola to TV, make sure both devices are connected to the same network.
  • Chromecast is not supported with Amazon Fire TV devices or Apple TV, so this method won't work if you are using Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.
  1. Step 1.Turn on your Smart TV and plug the Google Chromecast into its HDMI port. Once connected, the TV screen should look like this, with a "Google" name at the bottom right corner.
  2. Step 2.Now, turn on your home Wi-Fi on your Motorola phone if you haven't already, and connect to the same Wi-Fi as your TV connects.
  3. Step 3.Swipe down on your screen from the top. You should see the Screen Cast option there. If not, then swipe right to find it.
  4. Screen Cast in Motorola

  5. Step 4.Once found, tap it, and it will ask to pair a device. There, you'll see your Chromecast TV option.
  6. cast Motorola to TV

  7. Step 5.Simply click it, and then on the next pop-up, click Start Now.
  8. Step 6.Within seconds, your Motorola Phone screen will be mirrored to the TV.

If you can't see the Chromecast TV option in the list of available devices, plug out your Chromecast from the TV, clean the HDMI port, and plug it in again.

From Chromecast-Enabled Apps

Chromecast-enabled apps like YouTube, Google Play Movies, Twitch, and Hulu have a built-in Chromecast screen mirroring feature. Using this feature, you can easily cast any app on your TV with just one click.

However, kindly note that this method only casts the screen of the Chrome-cast-enabled apps; you won't be able to cast your whole phone screen. For example, in the case of YouTube, you can only cast the YouTube video on your TV.

With that said, here's how to mirror a Motorola Phone to TV from Chromecast-enabled apps:

Step 1. Plug the Google Chromecast into the HDMI port of your smart TV.

Step 2. Open any Chromecast-enabled app, let's say YouTube.

Step 3. Now open the video you want to cast to your TV screen.

Step 4. Tap on the video to pause it. Now click the Cast option on the top right corner to the left of the subtitles icon.

Cast option in YouTube

Step 5. Your phone will search for nearby devices. Simply click the Chromecast TV option, and the YouTube video will be cast to your TV.

Step 6. Moreover, if you don't have a Chromecast, you can still mirror your phone by tapping the Link with TV code option.

Link with TV code

Step 7. Now go to your TV, open Youtube > Settings > Link with TV code, and a blue TV code will appear on your TV. Note the code and enter it on your Motorola Phone.

And that's it, and the video will now be screen-mirrored on your TV.

Note: You can find the TV code for each Chromecast-enabled app in their settings.

Via Google Home

You can also mirror your Motorola phone to TV through Google Home. Google Home is a one-stop solution to control all the smart devices. Here is how to use it to mirror Motorola to TV:

Step 1. Again, plug the Google Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV. Also, ensure your phone and TV are connected to the same network.

Step 2. Now install Google Home from the PlayStore on Motorola. Your phone should be running Android 7.1 or higher.

Step 3. Once installed, open the Google Home app and sign in with your Google account. After logging in, you will be at the homepage.

Step 4. Now tap Add > Set up device to add.

Set up device in Google Home

Step 5. There, find your Chromecast TV and tap on it.

Step 6. Then tap on the "Cast my screen option" in the bottom right corner.

Step 7. Tap Cast Screen on the pop-up.

Step 8. Finally, tap Start now on the next pop-up, and your Motorola screen will be mirrored to the TV.

4. How to Cast from Motorola Phone to Samsung TV?

Want to cast your Motorola screen to the HD Samsung TV? With the steps below, you can easily do it in seconds. It doesn't involve plugging Chromecast into the HDMI port or installing Google Home. All you need is an active internet connection. But make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1. On your Motorola phone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi direct and tap it.

Wi-Fi Direct in Motorola

Step 2. Now go to your Samsung TV and press the menu button on your remote. Then go to "Network" and click "Wi-Fi Direct".

Wi-Fi Direct in Samsung TV

Step 3. Next, on your Motorola phone, you should see Samsung TV under Wi-Fi Direct. Simply tap it, and both devices will be connected wirelessly over the internet.

choose Samsung TV from Motorola

Step 4. After that, go to your Samsung TV Settings > Network > Screen Mirroring and click it.

Step 5. Now, on your Motorola, go to Settings > Display > Cast and tap it. There, you can see the Samsung TV option. Simply tap it.

And that's it. You can enjoy your Motorola screen on the Samsung TV.

5. How to Fix Motorola Screen Cast Not Working?

Although casting a Motorola screen is a pretty straightforward process, you may face issues if you don't follow the proper guidelines or have an outdated device. And if you're having trouble mirroring a Motorola screen to the TV, follow these 3 solutions below to fix your problem in no time.

But first, take a look at why you're getting the Motorola screen cast not working issue.

  • Outdated operating system
  • Devices not connected to the same network
  • Faulty Chromecast or dirt-clogged HDMI port
  • Use a wired controller instead of a wireless one to reduce input lag.

Try the solutions below to fix your problem.

Fix 1: Update to the Latest Android Version

If you're mirroring Motorola to TV through Google Home and do not have at least Android 7.1, then Screencast will not work. You will have to update your Motorola smartphone to the latest version. For this:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2. In the search bar, type System updates and select it.

Step 3. Tap Check for updates. If there are any, the device will prompt you to update it.

update Android system

Fix 2: Connect Devices to the Same Network

Whether you're mirroring your Motorola through Chromecast or via Wi-Fi Direct (in the case of Samsung TV), both devices must be connected to the same network. For Motorola, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and note the connected network.

Similarly, go to Settings > Network on your TV to check whether you're using the same internet connection as the Motorola device.

Fix 3: Try a Different Mirroring Method

If your Google Chromecast is faulty, you can't mirror the Motorola screen to the TV. To check if your Chromecast is working, plug it into the HDMI port and see if you're getting the device name in Motorola's list of available devices.

If not, you can try a different mirroring method, such as switching to a third-party screen mirroring application.

6. Final Words

Mirroring the Motorola screen to the TV may seem daunting, but with the right steps, you can do it with a snap. You can mirror the screen by plugging the Google Chromecast into your smart TV. Similarly, Google Home also allows an easy screen-casting option. However, if you are getting errors during Motorola screen mirroring, follow our three solutions above to fix them in minutes.

Moreover, if you want to screencast Motorola to different screens, including Macbook, iPad, and Windows PC, use AirDroid Cast. It's a free screen mirroring platform that offers real-time screen sharing.

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