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[Can't Miss] How to Cast to A Browser from Mobile?

Elsa Updated on Jun 29, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Entertainment demands comfort and if we consider watching seasons, plays, movies, and dramas then the first thing we will desire would be a big screen instead of watching it on your 1440 x 2560 screen or any other mobile screen.

But, the situation is that you have internet access only on your mobile device and can watch it on any browser on your phone. This is a very common situation we normally face when we are with our friends and family. There is no need to worry now. We will guide you about some applications that help cast to browser in this blog.

Part 1. How to Cast to A Browser from Mobile?

You will find various methods for mobile phones to cast to a browser but to save your precious time, let’s directly jump into the best application used for this purpose. AirDroid Cast Web is one of the best applications that will help you share your screen no matter with a mobile phone you have, it could be an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Android Tablet.

cast to browser

How to Cast to a Browser with AirDroid Cast Web?

This method is the best answer to your question that how to cast to Chrome browser or other browsers? AirDroid Cast Web allows you to do screen mirroring online with a very simple and easy process.

The interesting thing about AirDroid Cast Web is that it is available online and you only have to download the application on the sender device, the receiver device does not require any downloading of the application. Simply open the web browser and start casting the mobile phone browser.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1.Download the Application on Sender’s mobile
Firstly, download the application on your mobile phone from where you want to share the screen.
Click download button below or go to Google Play Store or App Store.
Step 2.Open the AirDroid Cast Web Browser
Open the AirDroid Cast Web browser on your PC/laptop or Smart-TV where you want to share the screen to access it through the sender’s mobile.

Step 3.Scan the QR Code or Enter Cast Code
In the final step, you will scan the QR code or enter the cast code which is dispayed in the browser, and then you will get a notification to confirm if the devices are trusted or not. Allowing access will start sharing your screen.

Part 2. How to Cast to a Browser from PC/Mac?

Cast PC/Mac to Browser with AirDroid Cast Web

AirDroid Cast Web is also the best method because it saves your downloading time on the receiver’s device and is fast too. Within a few clicks, you will be allowed to cast your screen and, surprisingly, it is made so simple and easy with this wonderful application.

Step 1.Download the Application on Your PC
Download the AirDroid Cast app on your PC / Mac from where you will cast the screen and launch it.
Step 2.Open the AirDroid Cast Web Browser
Open the website on the device where you want to cast your browser with this link: After opening it, you will get the scan code that you will type or scan with your other.
Step 3.Scan the QR Code or Enter Cast Code
Finally, scan the code on the sender device from the receiver’s device and allow access on both devices to start casting the browser screen.

Part 3. Why Choose AirDroid Cast Web?

AirDroid Cast Reviews

User positive reviews are a vital source to enhancing your customers. AirDroid Cast also emphasizes this factor and user reviews reply to them to make them satisfied if they have some issues.

From customer reviews, we will realize that AirDroid Cast is the best app for casting screens to a PC that even supports remote mirroring and controlling. It is an excellent app with the best game streaming feature. The app is easy to set up and a connection can be created in a few steps.

AirDroid Cast - cast Android to PC

Now it supports cast from phone to Chrome browser without installing any applications on your PC/TV, you can enjoy casting anytime and anywhere you need.

Part 4. How to Cast from Chrome Browser?

Chromecast is also one of the best tools for casting your mobile or PC screen to your TV with a large view. It can be used to cast browser from phone to TV. Chromecast is best for still content like images from various storage software.

What Do You Need to Cast a Chrome Tab?

Four things are mainly required to cast a Chrome tab. Here are these explained in detail:

Chromecast on TV

To cast your screen to TV, you need to have the Chromecast on your TV. If you have the built-in Chromecast then it's good otherwise you can use the Dongle for connection.


Both the devices should be kept under the same Wi-Fi to cast the Chrome browser on the TV. Chromecast extension is also available but it is of no use as the Chrome browser already supports it.

Chrome Browser

Your screen can be cast directly from the browser but only the Chrome browser is suitable for it. No other browser allows it.


System requirements are the most important element to cast your screen because only those devices will be able to cast your screen that is supported by the Chromecast. For example, you cannot cast your screen using Chromecast using iPhones and iPad.

What Can You Cast?

Casting should be possible for almost any web material. TV broadcasts, YouTube videos, online pages, presentations, and anything else that appears in Chrome. Some exceptions are there in this case. When you cast a tab, several plugins do not operate consistently. Microsoft Silverlight, Quicktime, and VLC are examples.

Because certain streaming services rely on Silverlight, they may not function properly, and casting material rather than a tab will not alleviate the problem. Many video sites, other than YouTube, do not regularly operate with Chromecast.

If you are unable to download and cast the video files from your computer, you can try Casting from a mobile device. Even if their desktop players don't work properly, proprietary web streaming services frequently offer applications that support Chromecast.

How to Cast a Chrome Browser Tab to the TV from Android and Android Tablets?

  1. Open the Settings from your Android mobile or tablet.
  2. Open the ‘Connected Devices’ tab and then select the Chromecast of your TV from the menu list.

  3. android chromecast

  4. After selecting, the Android screen will be shown on your TV. Then, you can select a video of any type and play it on your TV.
  5. After watching the desired video, you can again stop casting by going to settings and again selecting the Cast tab, and clicking on your Chromecast to disconnect it.

How to Cast a Chrome Browser Tab to TV from Computer?

Most of us would be thinking is casting possible from the computer? Yes, it is possible. Let’s have the whole process in three steps only:

  1. Open Chrome and go to "Cast", and then click the down arrow next to the "Cast to" option.

  2. cast from browser to tv

  3. Press "Stream a video or audio file," then "Cast file," are the options.
  4. Choose the file to Cast, followed by the Chromecast device to cast to.

How to Cast a Chrome Browser Tab from iPhone or iPad?

Sadly, cast Chrome browser to Apple TV is limited. For iPhone and iPad you are not allowed to cast the tab but only the thing you can do is casting the media. Click on the Cast button near the media file you are watching and similarly you can also stop it.

Part 5. What are the Advantages of Casting a Chrome Browser?

Casting a Chrome Browser is really good due to the various benefits that it provides to its users. Here are some basic benefits that the Chrome browser provides:

Quality Result

The quality of the video is not compromised and you can watch any video with the best quality. You can watch 1080p HD quality video without any quality loss.

Battery Life

Another benefit of casting through the Chrome browser is that it does not affect the lifetime of the battery of your mobile phone. If you are using it on your computer then your computer speed will not be affected at all and there will be no load on your computer.

Part 6. Conclusion & FAQs

In this article, we discussed how to cast to browser and how to cast from browser. Casting to browsers from mobile to PC / Mac/TV is simply made easy and time-saving using the AirDroid Cast Web. Otherwise, Chromecast is a good option to cast a browser from phone to TV. But it has some limitations such as it can’t support iPhone/iPad.

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