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A Step-By-Step Guide : Cast from Mac to Chromecast

Elsa Updated on Dec 8, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

The idea of a smart home attracts many people all over the world. Having your gadgets connected makes your daily routine a little easier. The first step toward smart homes is to connect your computer, smartphone, or tablet with your TV. Chromecast lets users stream media from their Mac computer directly to television.

The article lists the steps of the how-to cast from Mac to Chromecast. If you want to advance your screen casting experience, using AirDroid Cast is the most effective and smart idea. AirDroid Cast allows users to cast all devices' screens remotely to any web browser without any software installation.

Part 1: How to Set Up Chromecast on Mac?

These steps will help you with Chromecast Setup on Mac:

  1. Connect your Chromecast to the TV. 
  2. Make sure your device is Chromecast-compatible and open the google chrome. Follow the link for Chromecast setup. It will take you to this page:
  3. Setup your Chromecast:
  4. a. Click start and make sure to have all the necessary items with you. Make connections accordingly.

    b. Continue to follow the next steps.

  5. Setup is successful. Click finish and you're all done!

How Does Chromecast Work?

Chromecast is built on Google's proprietary Cast protocol. You can mirror your desktop content onto other device screens or smart speakers. When you connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi network, you’ll see a Cast icon. This icon allows you to beam the content you're watching directly to Chromecast.

As the Chromecast connects via the internet, your phone shares the URL of the content. As a result, the process is almost instant, and you won't encounter any delays.

Part 2: How to Cast from Mac to Chromecast No Matter the Content

Chromecast allows users to share their desktop screens via the internet. It is a convenient and well as free method to share a Mac screen on the TV. Here are the steps on how to cast from Mac to Chromecast:

Step 1.Check Chromecast setup on Mac and open the chrome 


Step 2.Select the window you would like to cast. You can cast almost anything in a Chrome window: videos, slideshows, presentations, music, web apps, etc.

Step 3.Go to the “View” menu in the taskbar at the top-right corner of your Chrome browser. Select Cast from the drop-down menu. The Cast menu in Chrome allows you to cast Chrome tabs, the Mac desktop, and local files.

Step 4.Click on the remote screen to share Fullscreen to your TV. Many websites, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others, make it easy for you to Chromecast.


You can then adjust the volume slider in the same window. There is a separate volume control for your TV. For optimal sound, you may have to adjust both your cast's and TV's volumes.

Step 5.Now you can watch content from your Mac on your TV. The connection process is quite simple, and it only takes a few minutes. You can use the Play, Pause, Forward, and Back buttons to control playback through the Mac screen.  

Step 6.If you are done watching, viewing, or sharing the Mac screen, click Disconnect or stop to exit the Chromecast.

Part 3: Try an Alternative Mirroring Software for Mac

AirDroid Cast

With emerging technologies, some latest screen-sharing apps such as AirDroid Cast have replaced Chromecast. AirDroid Cast is an easy-to-use screen casting app that lets users share their device screens to a large screen. Using the app, you can control Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac directly from a computer.

With its simple user interface and availability of maximum features for free, its user base is growing significantly. Users can enjoy a seamless streaming experience without any errors or loading issues. Using AirDroid Cast, you can wirelessly mirror screens among your Android devices locally and remotely.

How to Cast Mac screen to Any browser using AirDroid Cast App?

Follow these steps to start mirroring Mac to TV using the AirDroid Cast:

  1. Step 1.Download AirDroid Cast app on Mac
  2. Download the AirDroid Cast app on your Mac from its official website. It is also available in apple app stores. 
  1. Step 2.Share your Mac screen
  2. Open the AirDroid Cast app on your Mac and you’ll see an option of “share this computer screen.”
  1. Step 3.Open the AirDroid Cast Web on you TV
  2. On your TV browser, go to the Airdroid Cast webpage “” Enter the 9 digits QR code from your TV screen to your Mac screen.   

  1. Step 4.Start screen mirroing
  2. Allow the permissions to start casting your Mac screen on TV via a Local connection. 
Note : To access the remote features of AirDroid Cast, you must sign into your account and upgrade it to premium.

Features of AirDroid Cast Web

  1. No Cable is required: As a remote connection, AirDroid Cast Web doesn't need a cable, rather you connect over Wi-Fi.
  2. Cross-Platform Screen Sharing: It allows your entire team to share their screens live, making communication easier across all platforms.
  3. Advanced Casting: With AirDroid Cast Web, you can stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues anywhere, anytime.
  4. Cast to Any Browser: It is easy to cast your screen to any browser from any device. Whether you are attending a meeting, teaching online, or sharing your screen with attendees, it offers multiple features. 

Part 4: Chromecast Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Using Chromecast on your TV is a great way to enjoy media content. Although it's a good way for screen sharing, Sometimes, it doesn't work correctly and causes inconveniences.

Common Chromecast Mac Playback Issues 

These are the most common reasons for Chromecast playback problems on Mac

  • The most common cause of Chrome casting issues on a MacBook is the lack of RAM. If your Mac lacks processing power, you may also encounter problems.
  • Several other factors contribute to Chromecast Mac playback problems such as the Internet connection. Chromecast requires a stable and reliable Internet connection. If your connection is slow or unstable, your content quality will be affected.
  • Hardware limitations can also cause playback problems. 

Optimize Chromecast Playback on Mac

You can optimize Chromecast quickly by using a few simple tricks.

  • Use better Wi-Fi: When your video quality is poor, check whether your Wi-Fi is functioning properly. Video quality will vary depending on your Wi-Fi speed and user traffic.
  • Adjust Video Resolution: While streaming video, you can reduce the resolution to prevent stuttering. Lowering the resolution settings to reduce the buffering time if you don't care about the quality. 
  • Use 5GHz Network: It is possible to stream better over a 5GHz network without reducing the resolution. The Chromecast 2nd generation and later can work at 5GHz. 
  • Adjusting Router Location: Sometimes, you need to reposition the router to fix the issue. If your Chromecast is too far from your router, your Wi-Fi connection will be slow. 

Part 5: What Are the Best Chromecast Apps?

Unlike Apple TV, Google Chromecast is not autonomous. It works as an intermediary between a content streaming device and a television. Though Chromecast has been on the market for a long time, there aren't so many apps that work with it. You can access YouTube, Play Movies and Play Music, Netflix, Hulu, and a dozen other streaming services developed by Google.

Using Chromecast on a Mac is even more challenging. You can only access it through an add-on and share specific tabs with your television. Moreover, Google Chromecast for Mac has a different pricing policy from Apple TV, so comparing their functionality isn't an exact match.

Part 6: Final Verdict & FAQs

Chromecast allows users to share their desktop screen contents on other devices. To connect devices through Chromecast, you first need to set up Chromecast on your Mac. The articles listed the steps to set up Chromecast for Mac and how to cast from Mac to Chromecast.

One of the best methods for casting a Mac screen to any browser is via the AirDroid Cast. This lightweight app offers extensive features and several screen castings options over multiple platforms. 

FAQs about Cast from Mac to Chromecast

How can I Chromecast Spotify from Mac?
Spotify Connect now allows Chromecast from its desktop app. Choose Google Cast from Spotify's "Devices available", and then start casting your music. You can enhance the sound quality with Boom 3D. 
How to get a MAC address from Chromecast?
While doing Chromecast setup on Mac, you can locate your MAC address. Click "Connect to Wi-Fi" and during the setup process, select “Show MAC address” from “More.” Go to your Chromecast device > Settings > Device information to find your Chromecast address. Click on “Technical information” and you can find your Mac address there.
Why can't Chromecast find my device?
If you’re unable to connect to the Chromecast, make sure your device has a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. Chromecast can't find Google Home without this information. If your device does not support Google Home, try installing it on another device.
How to get a MAC address from Chromecast?
While doing Chromecast setup on Mac, you can locate your MAC address. Click "Connect to Wi-Fi" and during the setup process, select “Show MAC address” from “More.” Go to your Chromecast device > Settings > Device information to find your Chromecast address. Click on “Technical information” and you can find your Mac address there.
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