How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord? [2023]

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Discord creates a fantastic platform where you can communicate with various people from your favorite sectors. It is pretty popular in the gaming world. Like other social media, Discord has a chat and calling function and also lets you block someone who feels annoying to you.

know if someone blocked you on Discord

Again, your friend may block you for some reason. But Discord doesn't notify you if anyone does so. Then how to tell if someone blocked you on Discord? It is going to be tough seeing if anyone blocks you. Still, you may find it out if you go through a proper procedure. This guide will help you out in this regard.

Part 1: Can You See Who Blocked You on Discord?

There are a lot of servers in Discord. By joining these servers, you can talk with other users anytime. Users can block someone easily due to heated discussions and conversions. Certainly, you can’t see who blocked you on Discord. Even you don’t know it forever until you make any effort.

However, there are various ways to see who has blocked you on Discord. So please read the below segment to learn about it.

Part 2: How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord?

Privacy features like blocking on Discord are helpful in many ways. But it can be a matter of sorrow for someone. The inability to link with a person indicates the person has blocked you. Moreover, you can ask a mutual friend to find out the real matter. Since you are not notified when a user blocks you, there are other ways you can try. Follow the below options to discover it.

1 Send a Private Message

Firstly, you can send a direct Discord message to the specific person. It is a clear method. If the message isn't delivered, you are blocked from the person. Instantly, you can see a notification from the Clyde bot, saying, "Your message could not be delivered."

send a direct message

But you can also get error messages if you are not connecting with the same server and the person only accepts messages from their friend list.

2 React to the User's Message

The instant way to find whether you are being blocked or not reacting to the user's message. After being blocked, you can still see that person's message on a shared server. If you had a private conversation, you could react to those messages by going to the chat history. If you don't have personal chat history, try mutual servers.

If you are not blocked, then you can react to their messages. If you are blocked, then you can't do it. To react to messages, press any message and select an emoji. When you add the emoji, the interface will vibrate slowly, and your reaction will refuse. Your reaction emoji won't add to the message.

react to the user's message

Sometimes you may see a "Reaction Blocked" notification if you use Discord on your phone. But, this method is not effective enough if you don't have permission to react to the channel. Personal chat history is preferable for this method.

3 View the User's Profile

Another effective method is to inspect the user's profile. Check the person's user info in the "About me" section. A blocked person can't see the other person's bio, and it shows empty. The medial social links that the user was connected they are not workable. Your account has been blocked if you see this message.

view the profile

However, there is also a chance that the user erased everything from their profile or used the hidden app integration. In this case, you can tell a mutual friend to check the person's profile. If your mutual friend can see their profile information and you are not, you are blocked from that person.

4 Check Your Friends List

If one of your friends on Discord has blocked you, you can quickly find it by checking your friend list. Whenever a user on Discord blocks a person, they will be removed from each other's friend list.

check your friends list

When you see that your friend is no longer on your friend list, the person has blocked you. Yet, don't freak out. There is also a possibility that the user has unfriended you. So this is not pure evidence to know whether you have blocked or not, so try these other methods.

5 Send a Friend Request

Sending a friend request is the most effective way to find the root. It is a more effective way than the above two ways. When sending a friend request, getting an error means the person has blocked you.

You can send the friend request by going to the user's profile, tapping on the "Send Friend Request" button, and waiting for the next action. If you are not blocked, the friend request will be sent as normal. If blocked, a pop-up notification will appear saying, "Hm, didn't work. Double check that the capitalization, spelling, any spaces, and numbers are correct".

send a friend request

If the user turns off the friend request option, you may see another failed request fail. This is also a Discord privacy feature where a user sets the friend request option only from friends of friends or server members. If the feature is enabled, you can see an error saying, "(username) is not accepting friend requests."

Part 3: What Happens If Someone Blocked You on Discord?

If someone blocked you on Discord, you could not connect with that person. Getting blocked somewhat hurts if they are close and you had a regular conversation. After getting blocked, you can suddenly observe some changes like:

  • You can't see the latest updates or messages on the shared server.
  • Can’t send direct messages and reaction emojis to their messages.
  • Can’t view their profile info and your friend request is not accepted.
  • Not able to call the user and can't access the chat history.

Part 4: Why Doesn't Discord Tell Me if I'm Blocked?

Blocking on Discord considers a privacy feature. It contributes to a better user experience and ensures a healthy conversation for everyone. If anyone has issues with other behavior, then the users have the right to call it off.

Although this is a sensitive case, making it confidential from others would be better. Disclosing the person who has blocked is against Discord's terms and conditions. If the blocked person easily knows, it can cause violence. This is why Discord doesn't tell you that you're blocked.

Part 5: Using AirDroid Parental Control to Manage Your Kid's Discord

Since Discord is popular among gamers, your kids also may be involved with this platform. You may think about whether Discord is safe or not for kids. The quick answer is that Discord will be safe for your kids if you set proper boundaries.

However, Discord has no proper age verification system and no limit for content filtering, and it can cause cyberbullying. So if you don't follow proper methods, your kid's safety will be hampered. You can take help from the AirDroid Parental Control app, an online monitoring tool that creates a safe environment for your kids. You must use this app to control your kid's Discord and other online activities.

AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Control app helps to control your kid's Discord account by


  • Setting the screen time on Discord.
  • Monitoring the Discord message and notifications.
  • Monitoring kid's activity on Discord in real-time.

To use the AirDroid Parental Control app, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download the AirDroid Parental Control app on your phone. It is available on both Apple and Android. You can also visit the web version at directly.

Step 2. After installing, launch the app on your phone and sign up. Create your profile in the app and set the functions.

Step 3. Then download the AirDroid Kids to your kid's phone. Connect both phones using the app, and you can use it to monitor your kid's Discord.

Part 6: Hottest Questions Related to Discord Blocking

Can the Blocked Users See My Discord Profile Picture?

The blocked users can see your Discord profile picture. But they can’t connect you anyways.

Will Discord Deliver Messages After They Unblock You?

Discord won’t deliver the messages when you are blocked by the user, even after they unblock you.

Can I Stay on a Channel with Someone Who Blocked Me?

Yes, you can stay on a channel with someone who blocked you. But you can’t see the latest messages from that user.

How Do You Know If Someone Deleted You on Discord?

If someone deleted you in Discord, you might see “DeletedUser#7009” in the server member list or in chat.

Can You Send a Friend Request to Someone Who Blocked You on Discord?

No, you can’t send a friend request to someone who blocked you on discord.

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Your Number Blocked?

There are many ways to find out. Try to give a DM in chat, send a friend request, or react to their messages. If these functions are not working, then understand someone has blocked you.

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