Is Twitch Safe for Kids? A Parents’ Ultimate Guide

Doesn’t matter if you are a gamer or just a time-pass guy; you can enjoy live streaming videos of any kind here. And I mean “Any kind” of video. So if you are not the person who enjoys a strategy, adventure, or even MMO-style game, you can still be a part of this viscously-growing platform. You can watch live recorded broadcasts, talk shows, sports, food, etc., and get exclusive first-hand knowledge of any category.

is Twitch safe for kids

But what about kids, underage children? Is Twitch safe for kids? Are they vulnerable to the content Twitch offers unhesitantly? What can parents do to control their children to avoid using it, or how can they supervise the content their kids are watching? You will get to know all about the discussion hereunder.

1What Is Twitch?

Twitch originated in 2011 and aimed at streaming games under the name Justin. Tv. Later, with its growing popularity and usage, it changed its name to Twitch and expanded its usage to all types of live video streaming, including cooking, music, etc. Over 30 million active users engage here daily. They either chat or show off their gaming skills while playing.

what is Twitch

But what's the purpose behind such an idea? Why sit for long hours and watch what's everybody doing? The point here is easily misapprehended that it's not just for entertainment but simultaneously a vital source of 1st hand information. Take, for example, a game; it is hard to buy an expensive game, and worst when it's proven the game wasn't the slightest taste of enjoyment. People can avail many benefits from this service. Still, the fact is undeniable that the majority of the users get active here to entertain, chat, make friends even start a fight on totally absurd issues.

2Is Twitch Safe for Kids?

Since the platform survives on live streaming videos, it is difficult to filter out all the inappropriate content to which the kids can get exposed. So the one-word answer is no, it isn’t. Despite Twitch’s futile efforts to monitor and eliminate explicit/violent graphic content, hate speech, etc., cyberbullying still gets unchecked. Some smidgen factors make your kid vulnerable to online predators and inappropriate content.

Twitch app safety

Chats Turn to Foul Language Easily

Twitch offers a chat feature allowing the users to interact with the streamer. Its sure seems a fun-to-hang-out activity. But with the growing audience all engaging with the streamer simultaneously, the chat's language easily inclines toward harassment, foul language, etc., paving the way to an unhealthy environment. At this point, even the chat moderators fail to point out and punish bad commenters. Imagine what could be worse than your child present in that section and reading everyone's comments.

Unedited Live Streaming Presents Any Content Regardless of Age-Factor Consideration

Since Twitch offers live streaming videos, it is unthinkable to edit the content simultaneously while being the life and exposed to millions of viewers. This means the kid is exposed to any content without an age-factor barrier. Though Twitch explicitly prohibits uploading violent, sexual, scam content, it's no shocking news that it still happens. This can harm your kid's mentality and alter the lifestyle with effects beyond imagination.

3Is Twitch Safe for Kids?

No. Twitch can not be blindly trusted. The freedom to streamers publishing any content increases the risk of children being exposed to inappropriate content. It's no wonder Twitch gained meteoric popularity, especially in the pandemic where people were restricted to their homes. So what's exactly the reason for its popularity? First and foremost, it offers viewers live video streaming where users connect in real-time with the streamers; it's interactive, which means you can play games and chat with fellow users, and it's a hub of multiple e-sport competitions.

the popularity of Twitch

Suppose you are desirous of purchasing any specific game but want 1st hand opinion about it. In that case, you can always join Twitch and get users' reviews and opinions, even watch the game playing live to get the real-time visual look that will aid you the most in making the decision.

4What Parents Need to Know about Twitch?

Since parents can not hide Twitch away from their child for eternity, here are some important points that parents need to be aware of. The Twitch will not disappear soon, not for quite some time. So it's better to gear up and take necessary precautions to ensure the child enjoys the appropriate content. When the kid is chatting with someone on Twitch, it's better to keep a hawk-eye on them to confirm they are engaged with the right person or reading the suitable chats by users.

what parents need to know about Twitch

The live streams, of course, are the most poisonous factor affecting the kid's mentality. Therefore, parents should research who the streamers are, acquire their basic info, and ensure the content meets the child-appropriate content criteria. Installing parental control software into the kid's gadget and monitoring period will be the smartest move in this time and era.

5Privacy and Security on Twitch

While there are loads of privacy and security notices on Twitch that inform users how to enjoy a friendly and more productive environment, here are some security and privacy policies that are the current pressing issues.

  1. 1.Female Harassment
  2. Females wearing inappropriate dressing intentionally face harassment by creators breaking the guidelines. Even the viewers are threatening them to report inappropriate getups. Therefore, Twitch strictly advises female streamers to wear dresses as they would in a public place. Even if viewers experience violations, Twitch does not accept and promote harassment toward streamers.
  1. 2.Predators and Stalking
  2. When the content creators get the love of their fans, they find out their fans also turn to their bitter rivals. Jealousy can be the most obvious attribute of their rivalry. This triggers other competitors to get their hands on the fans and motivates them to affect their rivals resulting in the streamer’s downfall in fame.
  1. 3.Bullying and Raiding
  2. Most of the streamers have accused targeted rude and bullying commentary. To approximate, 64% youngers face bullying while playing games., BBC report. They even charged other streamers with raiding their broadcast with an offensive and insulting intention.

6How Can I Make Twitch Safer for My Kids?

While Twitch failed attempts to eliminate content violations, the publishing rate of untrusted content is still at its peak. One best solution to monitor the kid's activity is acquiring any paid parental control software like AirDroid Parental Control. Its activity-monitoring features make it a reliable tool for parents concerned about their child's safety. Here's why AirDroid Parental Control is the best activity tracking tool:

AirDroid Parental Control logo

Though there are some built-in filters in Twitch to screen-out unwanted content, paid software like AirDroid Parental Control offers far better supervision and activity monitoring than the Twitch built-in functions.

AirDroid Parental Control

With AirDroid Parental Control's Screen Mirroring, parents can track their kid's activity live on their mobile phone, tablet, or even laptop screen, preventing them from sneaking into their kid's room. It has a One-Way audio feature facilitating parents to listen to the conversation about what their kid is saying. This feature sends the voice and surrounding sound of only the target phone user. But that's okay as it can give a pretty-sure idea about the kid's chatting topic. Unsure which app kid uses the most? With AirDroid Parental Control's Parental Control software, you can track which apps your kids use the most. This will guide you to take the necessary steps for the kid's safety against inappropriate content.

Steps to Use

  1. Step 1.Obtain the AirDroid Parental Control App from Google Play or App Store and install it on your device.
  2. Step 2.After you have installed and launched AirDroid Parental Control on your device, you will be taken to the registration page. First, create an account for yourself, and then sign in.
  3. Step 3.Install AirDroid Kids on the device you want to monitor. Launch AirDroid Kids once the installation is complete, and then configure the device with the appropriate settings. After that, you need to enter the pairing code to connect the device. Now you can use it to manage your kid's Twitch time and protect their online safety.

7Hottest Questions Related to Twitch

1. Can My Kids Communicate with Others Via Twitch?

Unless your kid has a Twitch account, he/she can communicate with anyone via chat. Even if your kid does not have an account, he/she will still see in the chat section what other commenters are saying in a specific live video streaming session.

2. Does Twitch Have Parental Control?

No. Twitch does not have parental control feature. One way to avoid the kid watching/reading unfitting content is setting filters but bear in mind these settings are not foolproof.

3. How Old Should Kids Be to Use Twitch?

According to Twitch usage policies, the children must be 13 years or older to create an account under parent supervision.

4. What Kinds of Content Will My Kid See on Twitch?

Kids can see any kind of content from gaming, sports, and food cooking tutorial to sexual, violent, and explicit language content. This alone explains the commonly-asked question is Twitch for kids?

5. Is There Any Way to Block Inappropriate Content on Twitch?

Twitch offers some filters to block any content viewers want. But the paid software like AirDroid Parental Control Parental Control provides far better supervision than Twitch’s built-in feature.

6. Is Twitch Kid Friendly?

No. The kid can watch any type of content whether violent, harassing, or sexually explicit content regardless if the kid has an account or not.

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