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How to Set Daily Time Limit on Instagram?

Elsa Updated on Dec 28, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

Instagram is a social media platform used by millions of people across the world. With its well-designed layout, Instagram is a fun, simple way to communicate and share content. But an overwhelming majority of people don't seem to know that the application has a daily time limits feature.

Instagram time limit

If you're looking to track and cut down on the amount of time you or your kids spend on Instagram, you can set an Instagram time limit. This will prevent you from using Instagram for more than a certain time each day, which can help you focus on other tasks and reduce screen time.

Part 1: Signs of Instagram Addiction

Most people become addicted to Instagram and the constant attention they receive from others. If you find that you can't go a few hours without checking Instagram or that you're spending more time on the app than you'd like, you may be addicted. Here are a few other signs that you may be addicted to Instagram:

Instagram addiction

  • Spending more time on Instagram than you do with real-life friends or activities.
  • You feel anxious or depressed when you're not on the app.
  • You compare yourself to others on the app.
  • You only post pictures that make you look good.
  • You use the app to escape from reality.

Part 2: Why Is Instagram So Addictive?

According to Business Insider, The Instagram user base is millions strong, and 90% of users are under 35 years of age. Instagram collects user data to suggest content that creates habits and affects emotion. The algorithm compiles the data to capture mainly teenagers' attention, encourage engagement, and offer exactly what they need.

It has been found that Instagram posts work just like Netflix, and we are driven to spend hours watching them. The quick nature of Instagram Reels & Stories also makes them more appealing to watch one after another.

Part 3: How to a Set Daily Time Limit on Instagram?

1Set Daily Time Limit on Instagram App

Instagram can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but it can also be a huge time sink. If you find yourself spending too much time scrolling through your feed, you may want to consider setting a daily time limit for yourself. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap "Your Activity" and select "Time spent".
  3. time spent

  4. Turn on the "Set daily time limit" setting and set your desired time limit.
  5. set daily time limit

  6. Tap "Turn on" to save your changes.
  7. turn on daily time limit

Now, when you reach your daily time limit, Instagram will send you a notification letting you know. You can still use the app. Every time you open Instagram, you will see a message telling you how much time you have left for the day. You can easily use the Instagram time limits feature on your Android and iPhone.

2Set iPhone's App Timer on Instagram

Apple iPhone includes a fantastic "Screen Time" feature that lets you monitor and limit the amount of time you spend on your device. Screen time also allows you to set an app timer for social media apps to reduce excess screen time for yourself and your loved ones. Apple users can set a time limit for a category of apps, including Instagram.

  1. Open Settings. Tap on Screen Time, and turn on screen time.
  2. find screen time on iPhone

  3. Select App Limits.
  4. iPhone app limits

  5. Then tap Add Limit. Add Instagram or more app categories if you wish. Then select Instagram.
  6. add limit

  7. Set an appropriate time limit for Instagram and other applications you choose and ensure the time limit you set applies to all of them. Tap on Add.
  8. set time limit on iPhone

You can also set an amount of time for each day, select Customize Days, then set limits for specific days.

3Set Instagram Daily Limit Lock on Android

The latest Android devices now come with Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls features to help users manage their time on social media platforms. Digital Wellbeing is a set of tools that lets users track how much time their child spends on the device or in specific apps. It also allows users to set daily limits for themselves. Parental Control is a valuable addition that aims to improve users' mental health and well-being by enabling parents to set daily limits for their children's app and device usage.

  1. Open Setting. Search for Digital Well-being & Parental control feature.
  2. Configure the necessary setting to set up parental controls.
  3. Search and set App limit settings for your child.Tap done.

Part 4: A Parenting Tool to Set Time Limit on Your Kid's Instagram

The time limit feature on Instagram is good enough to get the job done. If you want a renowned and established application to set realistic time limits for social media applications, including Instagram, you must check out AirDroid Parental Control.

AirDroid Parental Control

A lot of parents struggle to monitor their children's online activity. It can be challenging to track what their kids are doing on social media, especially Instagram. This is where the AirDroid Parental Control proves to be helpful. It's a great application created to maintain digital well-being, allowing parents to monitor their children's activities. Parents can set strict time limits on their children's Instagram and also monitor their child's phone usage. This can be a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Step 1. Download and set up AirDroid Parental Control on your smartphone.

Step 2. Once you set up it on your device, you will be automatically directed to the registration page. Create an account and sign in.

Step 3. You will need to install AirDroid Kids on the device to monitor. After the installation is complete, launch AirDroid Kids and configure the device accordingly.

To connect the device, you must enter the pairing code. It is now possible to check what your kids are up to on social media, especially Instagram.

Part 5: How to Set Break Time on Instagram?

If you find yourself spending too much time scrolling through Instagram, you're not alone. A recent study found that the average person spends about two hours daily on social media. That's a lot of time! And it's not just wasted time - all that time spent on your phone can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Here is how to set reminder to take breaks on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram application. Click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on top .
  2. Tap on the option named "Your activity." Open Time Spent option to track Instagram usage.
  3. time spent

  4. Select set reminder to take breaks.
  5. set reminder to take breaks

  6. Tap on turn on at the bottom.
  7. turn on reminder

Wrapping Up

If you find yourself spending too much time on Instagram, you may want to consider setting a daily time limit. This limit will help you and your children stay within a healthy range of usage and prevent you from becoming addicted to the app. If you're concerned about your child's use of Instagram, AirDroid's parental control feature is a great way to keep them safe and secure online.

With AirDroid Parental Control, you can set time limits for your child's social media usage. This way, you can ensure that your child only uses the app for a limited time each day. You can also use it to monitor your child's activity on Instagram to see what they're posting and who they're interacting with.

Hottest Questions Related to Instagram Time Limit

1. How Do I Turn off My Time Limit on Instagram?

Here are the steps to take a screenshot on your LG laptop.

Step 1: Open the Instagram application.

Step 2: Tap on the three lines on the top right of the screen. There are several options for you.

Step 3: Select 'your activity from the available options.

Step 4: Click on 'time spent'> 'set daily time limit.' Select turn off.

2. How Long Does the Instagram Limit Last?

Depending on what settings parents choose, certain features of Instagram can be limited for a specified amount of time. When that time limit is exceeded, the limitations are lifted.

3. How Do You Check Screen Time on Instagram?

Users can quickly check how much time they have spent on Instagram.

Step 1: Open application > Tap on your profile avatar in the bottom right.

Step 2: Tap in the top right options, and select Your activity.

Step 3: Tap Time Spent. You'll see the average time you spent on Instagram.

4. Does Instagram Have a Time Limit for Videos?

Instagram time limit generally implies all sorts of content, including videos, posts, Reels, and stories.

5. How Do I Stop Being Addicted to Instagram?

If you're struggling to cut back on your Instagram use, you can do a few things to ease the process. Try unfollowing accounts that trigger negative feelings, setting time limits for yourself, or deleting the app from your phone altogether. If you're finding it challenging to stick to these changes, it may be helpful to reset your habits and set daily reminders to take a break from Instagram.

6. Why Is Instagram Limiting My Time?

If you find Instagram limiting your screen time, click on setting > top right hamburger menu and tap on Your activity. You can easily configure the settings according to your preferences.

7. How Does Instagram Affect Psychology?

Social media can harm mental health. Instagram specifically has been linked to high anxiety, depression, and loneliness levels. Instagram is a highly curated platform where people only share the best versions of their lives. This can lead to feelings of envy and inadequacy. Moreover, the application is a visual platform, which puts pressure on people to look perfect. This can lead to body image issues and eating disorders.

8. How Do You Know You're Addicted to Instagram?

Most users are guilty of spending too much time on Instagram, while some may not realize it. Check out the following factors to determine if you are addicted to the application.

1: Constantly checking Instagram, even when you're supposed to be doing something else.

2: Feeling anxious or stressed if you're not able to check Instagram.

3: Letting Instagram affect your mood or how you see yourself.

4: Posting only perfect photos and only sharing the best parts of your life.

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