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How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online

Elsa Updated on Dec 8, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

Every parent wants to keep their children safe and give them a positive start in life. Wouldn't it be great to locate your kids through their phones? You can do this with IMEI number tracking. You can track your phone using IMEI online, or another option would be to use a location tracking app by IMEI number.

We will explain IMEI online phone tracking and chat about an app that can also be useful for tracking a phone. But first, we will chat about why you need to track your phone using IMEI online for free.

track phone using IMEI online free

What Is IMEI

The Phone's IMEI number is located on a sticker behind the battery. You should write this IMEI number down as soon as possible, as you may need it if your phone gets misplaced or stolen. It is crucial to write this IMEI number down early on, or else you will have no number to enter in the IMEI Online Website Tracker. The acronym IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity.

IMEI number

The IMEI number is unique and can't be changed per phone, while you can change the SIM number per phone. The SIM number identifies the subscriber account, while the IMEI identifies the device. Phone manufacturers associate each phone device with a specific code (IMEI).

The Phone Device constantly sends data packages to the operator service. It means that the exchange of data is always going on. IMEI also unlocks administrative privileges to control the phone. Once you know your IMEI number, you run the IMEI Online Tracking software, and it finds its location! You can google "IMEI tracker online free" or "IMEI tracker online," and you will find various options.

How to Find the IMEI Number

Remember that no two devices will have the same IMEI number, which makes each smartphone unique from the others. Let's go through the various ways to find the IMEI number. We've gone through the fact that the IMEI number is located on a sticker behind the battery. In case the number is blurred or some digits are scratched, the universal way to find the IMEI number is to open the phone dialer app and dial:


and the number will be displayed on the screen. Another method is to Open the About Section of the Phone.

For Android:

Navigate to Settings > About phone> Status, and here you will find the IMEI Number on the report.

For iOS:

Head to the iPhone/iPad Settings > About > Phone > Status, and here you will find the IMEI Number on the report.

However, if you have lost the phone, you can find the IMEI number in the box where the handset was packed. Check for the sticker pasted on the box with product data, such as the model and serial numbers.

Types of Online IMEI Tracking

There are two types of IMEI trackers. Online tracking websites and mobile tracking apps by IMEI number. It is now possible to track any IMEI online without going through any intermediate service provider.

Google "IMEI tracker online free" and choose the website of your choice. This online service allows you to locate your phone number on a map conveniently. All you need to do is enter the IMEI of the device you want to locate and the correct country in the appropriate platform, and the system will run a process to deliver your cellphone's location.

IMEI tracker online free

Going through apps or operators will probably take more time, and apps need a previous setup process. An online IMEI phone tracking service is quick. The IMEI phone tracking service will access the GSM network to track the stolen phone and block it from accessing any other network in a particular country.

How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online

1Track Phone with IMEI Tracker Online

First, Google "track phone using IMEI online" to find an appropriate service. You can resort to this technology for parental control and social services. But be careful if you use this service too much. It may be too intrusive to the person that owns the phone.

Using an online IMEI Tracker is simple. But can the IMEI tracker online find your lost mobile? You have to enter a valid IMEI number in the appropriate online form. Then, you enter the country where the mobile phone was registered.

IMEI number tracking location online

You must expect that the IMEI tracker then provides a precise update on the phone's status. i.e., you can instantly find out whether it is lost or stolen. However, we have tried many IMEI tracking websites, but they show no results or no update after completing some surveys.

2Track Phone with Online IMEI Tracking App

Online platforms can be more suitable than mobile apps in certain circumstances. To operate a mobile tracking app, you must have installed the app on your device. It means that you had to have prepared your phones earlier on. Quite simply, going through an online platform is more accessible. However, if you don't mind installing the app, you may try "Find my phone - IMEI Tracker" offered by NewMeotis.

Review of "Find my phone - IMEI Tracker"

Aside from the web page being ad-laden, users have very negative reviews about the app. Many of the users complained about the app not working at all. However, there were a few favorable comments from some users.

According to a user, it is a "totally fake app. just attracting public for more downloads. it don't even work. just 3 seconds animation of loading the data and then show message - sorry can't found." Another user said, "App doesn't work, developer please resolve the issues if you genuinely want to help others find the lost phones."

reviews of Find my phone - IMEI Tracker

The app may work as a platform to help users who lost their phone contact the ones who picked up the phone. However, most of the time, we are not so lucky. So, Family Locator will be a better choice to track a phone. But you may still have a try.

Steps to Use "Find my phone - IMEI Tracker"

The free app has a straightforward interface that requests the phone number of the device you are searching for or its IMEI. Beside the text area where these details can be inputted, there is the Find button to proceed with your search.

Find my phone - IMEI Tracker

If the search is successful, users will get the exact location of their mobile device. On the contrary, users will be informed through the "Sorry, nothing found" prompt if the search is unsuccessful. Also, they are redirected to sign up on the web page of to register an account.

The page is similar to the app interface but explains finding one's phone using the phone number and IMEI. It further allows users to include their phone details like IMEI, Phone, Email, and a Comment to their database. These details will be used to contact the user if the phone is found.

3Track Phone with IMEI Tracker Online for Lost Mobile

Central Equipment Identity Registration (CEIR) is a comprehensive system initiated by the Telematics Center of the Government of India. It possesses a centralized database filled with IMEI numbers of all mobile operators.

CEIR find my device with IMEI

When a mobile device is reported lost or stolen, CEIR can help users track the lost phone using IMEI online for free. It can also use the IMEI number to blacklist and track it, ensuring the device's safety and discouraging unauthorized use.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Visit the official CEIR website and select the "Block Stolen/Lost Mobile" option.

Step 2: Input information about the incident and device, including Mobile Number, 15-digit IMEI number, device brand, model, and the location and timing of the loss.

Step 3: Fill in your personal information, then click 'Submit' to receive a unique Request ID number.

Step 4: Check the status of your request by entering the Request ID on the 'Check Request Status' page on the CEIR website.

The status of your request can be checked directly on the CEIR portal. If your request to block your phone is processed, the IMEI number will be removed so your device is unusable on any network. But if you find your device later, you can use the same system to unblock your IMEI number.

Recovery of your Phone

Once you find the phone's location, you have to be careful if there is theft. Recovery of your phone should involve the police to avoid altercations. Besides, the best way to track your phone using IMEI should be reporting to the police and seeking their help.

Note to Parents Before Installing Tracking App:
Before you do IMEI Phone Tracking or install any third-party parental control software, you should sit your family down and discuss what you're doing and why you're doing it. Be clear or else your child may rebel and not conform. Make sure everyone understands the rules of phone tracking. Once everybody agrees, you are clear to do IMEI phone tracking or install an appropriate app.

Why Track Phone Using IMEI Online

Find Lost Phones

Kids will probably lose their phones at some point. Phone Tracking will let you find phones that fall out of your pockets or are misplaced or stolen.

Emergency Safety

In an emergency situation, you can contact your local law enforcement and give them the IMEI number. They can team up with service providers and might be able to help track the device.

Warranty and Repairs

Service centers often use the IMEI number to track repairs and warranty claims for specific devices.

Bonus: Track Phone Real-time Location and Monitor Phone Activities

This all makes sense whether you want to track your phone using IMEI online or by phone number, but they don't give you full parental control over the phone. If you want a different solution other than the IMEI number tracking, you can use a GPS tracking app, but note that it requires a prior setup procedure. This app is a more comprehensive parental controlling system.

AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Control app keeps kids safe in the physical world and is an alternative to the IMEI tracker online. It has many fantastic features, such as remotely monitoring your kid's phone surroundings, screencasting, screen time control, games & apps blocking, Sync notifications & SMS, location tracking, instant alerts, etc.

Key Features

  • Find your kids' current location
  • Track your kids' location history by timeline
  • Get alerts when your child enters or leaves the geo-fenced zones you set
  • Keep your kids safe without following them anywhere and anytime
  • Schedule when your children can access their Android devices to help them build healthy digital habits.


  • Remotely monitor your kid's phone surroundings.
  • See the background with the cameras of your kids' mobile devices.
  • Listen to the environment through the microphones of your kids' phones.
  • Cast your kid's Android device to your phone and remotely monitor their online activities in real-time.
  • Monitor social media apps' notifications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Steps to Track Phone Location in Real-time

Step 1. Download and install the latest AirDroid Parental Control app.


Step 2. Launch AirDroid Parental Control on your device. You will then be taken to a Sign-Up page with a form. Create your account with your details. Then log in.

AirDroid Parental Control

Step 3. Download AirDroid Kids on your child's phone. After installation, launch AirDroid Kids. You will be asked to enter the pairing code to bind the devices. Then, set up some settings via a form. From now on, you can track the phone in real time. You can, of course, uninstall the app whenever you need to.

AirDroid Parental Control Dashboard

Benefits of Phone Tracking Your Kids

Keep Child in Known Areas

You know where your child should be. You can instantly call them if their location is somewhere on the map where they shouldn't be.

History of Locations

You can make a report on the history of the locations your child has been to for future use.

Reinforcing Grounding

If necessary to ground your children, you can use tracking to ensure they go to school and stay there with no visits to friends or stores, etc.

All in all, every parent worries about their kids. These days, most kids have a smartphone. A phone tracker, then, is the smart option. With Phone Tracking, you will know instantly when your child wanders off to an unknown place. It may seem too much, but you need to know your kids are safe in today's age. They will understand that you want the best for them, and they will feel safer. Think of it as an option when you want your kids back home on time or when they have been playing up, and you suspect they are entering an unknown destination.


IMEI phone tracking online remains an easy option to locate your lost phone. Apps are also good but require a setup procedure.

But when it comes to tracking your child's Android phone, the right parental control software can make a real difference. Let's face it; your kids are precious to you. Knowing where they are at any time of day is quite helpful. It's nice to know they are safe and sound.

As we've described, the AirDroid Parental Control App has other features, too. So, for better phone tracking for your kids and family, consider exploring the versatility of the AirDroid Parental Control App. Additionally, it's worth giving the online version of AirDroid Parental Control a try. It also offers efficient tracking to ensure your kids are secure wherever they go.

FAQs about Tracking Phone Using IMEI Tracker

Can I Track a Phone with an IMEI Number?
While the IMEI number itself cannot track a phone, it can be used by service providers, or authorities can work with the manufacturer to help locate a lost or stolen device.
Is IMEI Tracker Fake?
There are many IMEI tracking websites online, but be cautious as some may not work or be able to locate a phone as claimed. Some may require payment to obtain a detailed location.
What Is the Police IMEI Tracker?
A police IMEI tracker refers to the tool of law enforcement agencies to use the IMEI number of a mobile device in their efforts to locate lost or stolen phones. This typically requires cooperation from the service providers and is subject to local laws and regulations.
Can I Find My Lost Phone with an IMEI Number?
Yes, you can find your lost phone using the IMEI number. If you provide this number to your network operator, they can also use it to help locate the device; they can also blacklist the device, which makes it unusable on any network. But remember, you should always report a lost or stolen phone to the police.
Is It Possible to Track an IMEI Number through Google Earth?
No, you cannot track IMEI through Google Earth. While Google Earth can display geographic locations, it cannot track or locate a mobile phone using the IMEI number.
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