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How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

Elsa Updated on Feb 3, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger apps. With it, you can send messages, pictures, videos, studios, and other files. You can also share contacts and real-time locations. The app has several privacy and security settings. You can control who sees your online status, last seen, status update, about, etc. You can choose to stay "invisible" on the app, thus, hiding your last seen on WhatsApp.

hide WhatsApp online status

This post is an overview of how to hide online status on WhatsApp. Read on to find out more!

1WhatsApp Online Status and Last Seen

WhatsApp online status and last seen tell your contacts whether you're online or offline, and the last time you used the app.

When you are online, it means you have WhatsApp running in the background or are connected to the internet. Sometimes, the status can show online but you haven't read the messages.

Last seen is the last time you used WhatsApp. Although, you can control who can see your last seen

WhatsApp online status and last seen

When you hide your online status and last seen on WhatsApp, you wouldn't see other people's last seen and online status.

2Official Way to Hide Online Status and Last Seen on WhatsApp

The default WhatsApp setting for online status and last seen is "everyone". Other default privacy settings are as follows;

  • Everyone can see your profile picture, read receipts, and about
  • Only your contacts can see your status
  • Anyone can add you to groups

However, you can change these settings to suit you. The official way to hide online status and last seen on WhatsApp is as follows;


To hide your WhatsApp online status and last seen on an Android phone;

  1. Step 1: Tap the more option and go to Setting.
  2. Step 2: Tap Privacy > last seen. There are four options for who can see my last seen; everyone, my contacts, my contacts except, nobody.
  3. Step 3: Tap Nobody to hide your last seen from everyone.
  4. Step 4: Tap "Same as last seen" for "who can see when I'm online".

steps to hide WhatsApp online status and last seen


The steps to hide the last seen and online status on iPhone are the same as Android. Only that, you tap on settings at the top of the screen not more option.


To hide the last seen and online status on WhatsApp web, click the downward pointing arrow for the menu option. Click settings and privacy. The steps are similar from there.

3Other Tricks to Not Show Online Status

Block the User from Seeing Your Status

One of the tricks to not showing online status on WhatsApp is to block the user from seeing your status. When they don't see your status, they'd assume you're offline. To block users from seeing your status;

  1. Step 1: Launch the app on your device.
  2. Step 2: Go to settings on your WhatsApp.
  3. Step 3: Tap account from the setting and go to Privacy.
  4. Step 4: Tap status to control who can see it.
  5. Step 5: Choose "my contacts except" and choose the contact you want to exclude from your status.

    WhatsApp status privacy

  6. Step 6: Tap Done to save changes.

Reply on Airplane Mode Then Turn on the Internet

Another trick to not show online status and last seen on WhatsApp is to reply on airplane mode and then turn on the internet. When airplane mode is enabled, the device is offline. Any messages sent during this period will not deliver. To hide online on WhatsApp using this trick;

  • Pull down the notification panel on your device and turn in airplane mode.
  • For iPhone users, swipe up to access the airplane mode.
  • Launch WhatsApp and tap the target chat.
  • Type your message and send.
  • Exit the app and disable the airplane mode.
  • Turn on the WiFi connection or mobile data to bring the device online.
  • The message sent will be delivered without showing online.

Chat from the Notification Panel

Another trick to hide the last seen and online status on WhatsApp is to chat from the notification panel. WhatsApp push notification has an option for replying to chats. When you reply message from it, your online status is hidden. But to hide your last seen and online status with this trick, the message from the person must be displayed in the notification panel.

  1. Step 1: Pull down the notification panel to access the message.
  2. Step 2: Tap the reply option and type in your message.
  3. Step 3: Tap send to send out the message.

To ensure messages are previewed in the notification panel;

  • Go to settings on WhatsApp.
  • Tap notifications and popup notification.
  • Choose the preferred option.
  • Go to privacy and tap fingerprint (for android users).
  • Turn on the toggle switch for "show content in notification."

    enable WhatsApp notification

Hide Typing in WhatsApp Via Third-party App

Another trick to hide online status and last seen on WhatsApp is to hide typing in WhatsApp using a third-party app. Originally, WhatsApp have no options to hide typing. However, some apps offer such customization. There is GBWhatsApp for Android users and WhatsApp++ for iPhone users.

GBWhatsApp is a go-to third-party app if you want more features from WhatsApp. You can change themes, hide double checks, view deleted messages, download status, customize fonts, hide typing, and last seen on it. You can also send more than 90 images, send audio clips of 100MB, and videos of 50MB.

WhatsApp++ is another custom version of WhatsApp. You can customize the interface, send unlimited multimedia files, hide typing, and double-check with it.

4Why Do Guys Hide Their Last Seen on WhatsApp

There are several reasons why guys hide their last seen on WhatsApp. Below are some of those reasons.

Keep You Off

Guys hide their last seen on WhatsApp to keep you off. This is majorly the case if he is no longer interested in you or your chats. Hiding his last seen is a clear indication of that.

Seek Attention

Guys also hide their last seen on WhatsApp to seek attention. Think of it as reverse psychology. He fakes offline so you'd take note of his absence. He just wants you to message him, and that's his way to do it.

See Other Partners

Another reason why guys hide their last seen on WhatsApp is to see other partners. The "hide last seen" feature on WhatsApp gives him an ample avenue to chat with other partners. On one end, this is you thinking he's not online. But on the other end, he's deliberately ignoring you.

Keep Annoying People Away

Sometimes, guys have a genuine reason for hiding their last seen on WhatsApp. They just want to keep annoying people away. If you've been in a situation where you don't want to reply to chats because the person is annoying. Or you simply find the person being a pest. That's the kind of scenario. Hide your last seen and they'd think you're offline to stop bugging you.

They Do Not Wish to Communicate

Sometimes, guys do not wish to read or respond to chats. At the same time, they don't want their contacts to know they're online or ignoring them. They want to chat with other people while ignoring some.

They Want Privacy

Most times, guys do not want to be monitored. Hiding their last seen on WhatsApp is their way of keeping you from monitoring them. They want to come online and go offline when they want without having to answer any questions.

It's a WhatsApp Feature

Another reason why guys hide their last seen on WhatsApp is for no reason at all. It's a "hey! Here is a WhatsApp feature, let me use it" kind of situation. Everyone does it sometimes to keep friends guessing.

5Other Tips for WhatsApp Privacy and Security

Besides hiding WhatsApp's last seen and online status, there are other WhatsApp privacy and security tips.

Check Encryptions

Although WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption, you can still double-check the encryption. Especially for sensitive information or messages. Tap the contact name and tap encryption. Scan the barcode to confirm encryption.

Activate Security Notification

When you activate security information, a new security code is generated each time a new device access an existing chat. WhatsApp sends out a notification when this happens.

Two-Step Verification

Another privacy and security tip for WhatsApp is to enable two-step verification on your account. The verification is a periodic pin you need to access chat. It ensures that no one else is accessing your chats. You can enable two-step verification from account settings.

Use Third-party Lock

For Android users, you can lock your WhatsApp chat using the device's fingerprint. This will add more privacy and security to your WhatsApp. If your chat doesn't have a fingerprint lock, you can password your phone for added security.

Protect Your Privacy

Besides hiding your last seen or turning off your online status, you can still protect your privacy. You can do that from the account settings. You can control who sees your status updates, profile pictures, about, and live location. You can also turn off read receipts for messages.

6Ensure Your Kids are Safe on WhatsApp

Turning off WhatsApp online status or hiding last seen is not enough to ensure your kids are safe on WhatsApp. Kids are exposed to dangers each time they use the app without a form of parental control. There are several reasons why you should ensure your kids are safe on WhatsApp.

The most common danger is exposure to inappropriate content. They may be PROMPTED to send inappropriate pictures and videos. Some content may even promote negative attitudes in them, like violence.

Online bullying is another reason to ensure your kids are safe on WhatsApp. Online bullying may be in form of mean posts, chats, stickers, GIFs, or emojis. Your kid may be the victim or villain in the story.

You should also ensure your kid's safety by guaranteeing their WhatsApp privacy. You limit the number of people who can have access to your child.

There are no direct ways to ensure your kids are safe on WhatsApp. But there are some settings on the app to ensure.

Restrict Other Users

When you block other users from contacting your child on WhatsApp, you indirectly restrict unwanted content. The fewer the friends, the fewer the negative contents.

Deactivate Live Location

Sharing live locations can be risky for kids. Anyone can stalk the child without their or your knowledge. You can deactivate the live locations to ensure your kids are safe on WhatsApp.

Restrict How They Are Added to Groups

Another way to ensure that your kids are safe on WhatsApp is to restrict how they are added to groups. Allowing random people to add them to groups randomly is not a wise security measure.

Use WhatsApp Parental Control App

The ultimate way to ensure that your kids are safe on WhatsApp is to use the AirDroid Parental Control app. The app offers more than just WhatsApp Parental Control.

AirDroid Parental Control

It also;

  • Give real-time location tracking and geofencing
  • Monitor calls and SMS
  • Monitor the device's surrounding remotely
  • Monitor social media messages and activities
  • Schedule screen time
  • Give instant alerts and notification
  • Block apps


Hiding WhatsApp last seen and online status is one of the ways to ensure privacy and security on WhatsApp. It is also a form of parental control. But for better security, use the AirDroid parental control app, especially if you're concerned about your child's safety.

FAQs about Hiding WhatsApp Online Status

Can You Hide Your Status on WhatsApp from One Person?
Yes, you can hide your status on WhatsApp from one person. You can do that from the settings. Go to privacy and tap status. Tap on "my contacts except". Choose the person you want to hide your status from. Tap " done" to save changes. When you update your status, your contacts will see it except for that person.
How to Hide WhatsApp Online Status While Chatting

It is very easy to hide WhatsApp's online status while chatting. You can do that from the app's settings.

  • Open WhatsApp and tap the settings option at the top of the screen.
  • Tap privacy and tap last seen. There are three options here; nobody, everyone, my contacts.
  • Select nobody to hide WhatsApp online status while chatting.
Can I See Other Status While Mine Is Hidden on WhatsApp?
Yes, you can see others' statuses while yours is hidden on WhatsApp. You can see the status of only those who have your number on their phone. However, if you turn off your read receipts you wouldn't see who has checked your status and vice versa.
How Do You Tell If Someone Is Chatting Offline on WhatsApp?
  1. Step 1: Launch the app on your device.
  2. Step 2: Go to the target chat whose online status you want to see.
  3. Step 3: Tap on it and look under their name.

If they're online, "online" will be written underneath it. Otherwise, they're chatting offline.

Can I See If Someone Is Online on WhatsApp If They Muted Me?
Yes, you can. Nothing changes when you're muted. Your friend will still appear offline if they're sharing their last seen with you. You'd also be able to see their status updates and profile picture. The only difference is that they won't get any notification of message or call from you.
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