How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working [2022]

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Have you ever asked yourself, "why am I not getting Facebook notifications on my device?" It is a surprisingly common issue; many people find that their Facebook notifications aren't working as normal. However, if this is a challenge you have experienced, don't worry.

fix Facebook notifications not working

There are several different options you could consider to overcome these issues. We have outlined a few of these today to help you learn more about how to fix an error causing Facebook notifications not to be working. After all, Facebook notifications are incredibly helpful - when they work!

How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working Errors in 2022

If you have been struggling with getting your Facebook notifications to work, it's important to consider the different options to get these systems working normally again. Indeed, in many cases, errors with Facebook notifications are relatively simple to fix, if not always the quickest.

Method 1. Check Your Settings Allow Notifications

In many cases, one of the most common reasons for Facebook notifications not working is simply that your device's settings don't allow them. With this thought in mind, if you've been having difficulties with Facebook notifications not working in 2022, the important first step is to head to your device's settings. Of course, this mainly applies to iPhone or Android devices.

Head to your device's Settings, then navigate to the app's page. It will allow you to see whether notifications are enabled on the app and which types of notifications you might want to see (or not see).

Facebook notifications Setting

It is one of the most common reasons iPhone and Android devices might have Facebook notifications that are not working. As such, if notifications aren't working normally on your mobile, we recommend that you start by checking this carefully.

You can also try the same process to enable notifications on your PC device. Head to Settings > Security and Privacy > Site Settings on your Windows device to see the current settings that are in place. You might find that this influences whether you're receiving notifications.

Method 2. Restart the Facebook App

Another common issue that can stop notifications from working on your mobile device is a software error with Facebook. In this scenario, the easiest way to fix this issue is to restart the Facebook app. Fortunately, you can rapidly fix Facebook notifications not working on iPhone or Android devices.

Double tap your iPhone's home button to bring up the list of all open applications; locate the Facebook app and swipe up to close it. Then, when you relaunch the Facebook app, it will have to restart to run fully. It may fix the issues you've been experiencing with notifications.

Facebook app

Method 3. Restart Your Phone

Sometimes, the issue doesn't lie but instead with your mobile device. With this thought in mind, restarting your phone or device is one of the simplest ways to approach this issue. Fully power off your mobile device, then turn the device back on and launch Facebook. It will allow you to restart the entire phone device (and potentially the Facebook app simultaneously).

Method 4. Update the Facebook App

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. With this thought in mind, we strongly recommend checking for any available updates to your Facebook account if you have been having trouble. If notifications are not showing on your device, we recommend updating the Facebook app from either the App Store or Google Play store to ensure this isn't limiting your device.

Method 5. Reinstall the Facebook App

Sometimes, the issues you've been facing with your Facebook notifications can be easily fixed by reinstalling the Facebook app. Delete the Facebook app from your current device, head to either the App Store or the Google Play store, and re-download the app onto your device. It will allow you to quickly reinstall the app onto your device, offering a simple way to fix potential errors you may have been facing.

uninstall the Facebook app

Method 6. Update Your Android or iPhone Device

If restarting your device hasn't helped, you could try updating your Android or iPhone device. Software updates (or a lack thereof) could cause your device not to display Facebook notifications. Keep your device updated if you have issues getting Facebook notifications to work on your Android or iPhone device.

Method 7. Unmute Your Device

Whether on a PC or a phone, one of the most common reasons you might miss notifications is your device is muted. Indeed, if your device is muted, you won't hear the notifications - which can leave you missing them and thinking you aren't receiving any!

As such, we'd recommend turning your device off mute to ensure this isn't the case. If you're on a PC device, check that the tab isn't muted; on PCs, it's easy to mute an individual tab (without muting the entire device). It can confuse you why you don't hear notifications, but don't worry too much; it's a pretty easy error to fix!

Method 8. Clear Your Caches

Sometimes, corrupted cache and cookie data could be the cause of you experiencing an issue with not getting Facebook notifications. With this thought in mind, if you're struggling to find a way to fix this error, we would recommend clearing your device's caches to see if this step might help.

clear cachs

Of course, clearing your caches and cookies isn't a fix-all solution, but it's a potentially worthwhile option to try. Of course, you should make sure not to clear anything that would lose access to your data - for example, if you have saved passwords on your device that you can't remember. In this case, it may be advisable to change your password before clearing any cookies.

To clear your device's cookies, open the site settings for your device. It is easy on Chrome by selecting the padlock icon next to the URL and selecting "site settings." Then, select "clear data" and wait for the data to clear from your device. Then, log back into Facebook with your email and password, and wait for a notification to come through on Facebook. Hopefully, this will allow you to see notifications again.

Method 9. See If There Is an Error

Even a system like Facebook can experience errors! With this thought in mind, it is always worth checking whether other people might be experiencing these errors. If they have been, the issue could be a glitch or bug on Facebook's part. In this case, there's not much that you can do other than wait for Facebook to resolve the glitch. Keep checking back regularly to see if the glitch has been corrected yet - Facebook is such a large team that these things don't usually take long to fix.

Method 10. Check Manually for Notifications

If you've not had luck fixing your Facebook notifications thus far, it's worth checking whether you have any notifications to view manually. Even if you usually get several notifications per hour or daily, there's no guarantee that you will receive notifications every day. For example, if it's a busy day, you might find that your peers are elsewhere, which may cause an unusual notification delay.

With this thought in mind, checking manually whether you have had any updates is worthwhile; the issue might actually be that there are no notifications to check at present in a small number of cases! However, if notifications are presented - but you haven't received a notification on your phone - you may need professional support for the device.

Method 11. Get Professional Support

As a final option, if you cannot fix the issue with notifications on your device, this could indicate a larger issue with your iPhone or Android device. In this case, you may need professional support from a repair team to fix the device.

However, be sure you've tried all the options we presented first. After all, in many cases, it's not easy to determine whether the issue is a software issue or a less serious problem. There's no point in paying for professional support if the issue was a quick fix!

professional supportl

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Final Thoughts

If you have been looking to fix errors with your Facebook account, causing notifications not to appear normal, it's important to consider the different options available to you thoroughly. Fortunately, our experts are on hand to help you discover more about the many excellent opportunities available to you to fix Facebook notifications and not working errors; alternatively, if you have been looking for ways to keep your child safe while using their Facebook account.

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