How to Clone a Cell Phone to See Text Messages

Science and technology have gone so far that there is almost nothing you cannot achieve with them. With phone cloning, it is evident that technology is ever-changing. A few years back, no one could have thought it possible to access another phone to know who they were texting. But now, you can see text messages and access the entire phone. It is so easy that those without tech-savvy can do it.

clone a cell phone to see text messages

This post contains an overview of how to clone a cell phone to see text messages. Read on to discover more!

Part 1. What Is Phone Cloning?

Phone cloning is a technique of copying and transferring the data and identity of one phone to another. You can either clone the whole phone as a backup or clone a part of it (key identifiers). The idea of phone cloning comes from the curiosity of knowing what is being sent.

In the early days, cloning was easy. Signals were intercepted with ease. But these days, it isn't easy to do so. Phones now use SIM cards packed full of codes. However, software developers have been on their toes to solve this problem. Below are some ways to clone a cell phone these days.

Part 2. How to Clone A Phone to See Text Messages

Phone cloning helps you protect your loved ones from unpredictable dangers such as cyberbullying, harassment, and blackmail. Other advantages of phone cloning include seeing other people's text messages without anyone knowing, retaining the features of the said phone, share a cell phone without paying for another line.

There are several ways to clone a phone to see text messages. Ways like;

1Using Bluetooth

On its own, Bluetooth cannot do much when it comes to phone cloning. But with the help of some apps, it comes in handy. The process is easy.


To clone a phone to view text messages using Bluetooth, you need to;

Step 1. Install Bluetooth hacking tool on your device.

Step 2. Follow the instruction prompt to install the Bluetooth hacking app.

Step 3. Turn on the Bluetooth on both devices (your phone and the target phone)

Step 4. Connect both phones via Bluetooth. Once the connection is established between both phones, you can view the text messages, record calls, and view other information.

2Copying the Phone Number

Cloning a phone by copying the phone number is another way to see text messages. It is more sophisticated than cloning by Bluetooth. What you need for it is an identical SIM card, a phone number, SIM card cloning app.

I recommend this method if you are tech-savvy or are familiar with coding (or the program). In other words, if you are not advanced in IT, choose another method.

3Via iCloud [iPhone Only]

You can clone an iPhone via iCloud (backup and restore). the iCloud backup includes everything on the device except for touch ID, Apple pay information, and Apple store contents. iCloud cloning for iPhone is wireless, and it only works for two iPhone devices (not iPhone and Android). You need to have enough storage space on your iCloud and a good internet connection for it to work.

To clone an iPhone via iCloud, first backup the target phone. To do that;

Step 1. Go to "settings" then "iCloud."

Step 2. Select "iCloud backup" and select "backup now."

Step 3. After the backup process, restore it on the clone phone.

Step 4. Follow the instruction prompt when you turn on the new device until the "Apps & Data" screen, select "restore from iCloud" and sign in with Apple ID.

restore from iCloud backup

Step 5. Select the appropriate backup and wait for the process to finish.

Part 3. How to Clone A Cell Phone Text Messages

Apart from the Bluetooth method, via iCloud and copying phone numbers, there are other ways to clone a cell phone text messages. It involves using apps and software.

1Auto Forward Spy

Auto Forward Spy is another way to clone a cell phone for a text message. The text message sync is seamless, and it keeps an eye on all text message activities of the target phone.

Auto Forward Spy is simple and easy to use. It has a straightforward UI and works on Android and iPhones.

2Intercept Text Messages

It would help if you were a hacker of some sort to be able to intercept text messages. If you aren't one, you can recruit the help of one. Like cloning a phone by copying the phone number, this technique is also complex. It's not as simple as the name sounds.

3Data Transferring App

You can use some data transferring apps for phone cloning. Aside from these apps, some phone manufacturers offer data-transferring assistance. Like when moving files or cloning an Android or iPhone.

The data transferring app will simplify the data transfer process. To use this technique, you need a good Wi-Fi connection and download the app on both cell phones to transfer or share data.

When configuring the target device to send data, the other one will receive the transferred data.

Part 4. How to See Kid's Text Messages on My Phone in Real-time

Parental control apps can limit/restricts app usage, manage apps, and distantly keep records of those apps. There are several of them available for download, but none is as handy as AirDroid Parental Control. It is an all-in-one app allowing remote management and monitoring of the target phone. It runs secretly in the background, so they wouldn't know you have it installed on their phone.

AirDroid Parental Control app

Synchronizing someone's text messages to your phone with the AirDroid Parental Control app is easy. All you need to do is;

Step 1. Download the AirDroid parental control app on your device and install it.

Step 2. On the signup page, you are required to create an account before logging in.

Step 3. Download AirDroid kids on your kid's phone, install and launch the app. Customize the settings and features

Step 4. Link the target phones to yours to clone them. A pairing code is needed for this. The code is usually sent to your phone.

When the device is a clone, you can view their text messages, including social media.

AirDroid Parental Control has other exciting features besides phone cloning. These features include;

Other Feature

  • Geofencing: Creating a virtual fence around the target phone within a specific area. When the device move in or out of the geofenced area, you get a notification.
  • Location tracking: AirDroid uses GPS tracking to give the real-time location of a cell phone.
  • Remote Monitor: You can watch and hear what's happening around the target phone.
  • App Restriction: You can block any app or website on the cloned phone from your device via the app.
  • Limit screen usage time: To reduce addiction, you can schedule the screen usage time for specific apps and games.
  • Alert and notification: AirDroid alerts you when a change is made to the device, when the device battery is low, etc. The regular information comes in every few seconds to keep you updated.


Not all software can seamlessly clone a cell phone for text messages. They might suspect something when their bills show call record or their voice mails keep getting deleted in the long run. If you'd clone a cell phone, it is best to do it with the best apps.

AirDroid parental control app ensures you never get caught in the process. With it, you can clone more than one device at a time. AirDroid also offers other features to help you keep an eye on your loved ones. To get started on it, click here to download the app.

Hottest Question Related to Clone A Phone

Is There an App That Clones a Phone?

Yes, some apps clone a phone. Parental control apps can do that. These apps are not made for parents and kids. It is used by anyone who wants to monitor their loved ones regardless of their age.

AirDroid parental control app is a free parental control software that does phone cloning. Think of it as a one-stop-shop app. It works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms. It has mobile and web versions to make the experience smooth.

Can A Cell Phone Be Cloned Remotely?
Yes, you can clone a cell phone remotely. You need a clone app like AirDroid to do the trick. Although all cell phones have secret/security codes, there are third-party spy apps that make remote cloning possible. Once you have AirDroid, you don't need to hold the phone or input their password to see their text messages. You only need to download the kid's app version on the target phone. You can control the phone from your end.
Can You Clone a Phone Without Someone Know?
Yes, you can clone a phone without someone knowing. It depends on the software you use. Some software does not need you to hold the device before cloning it. The cloning can be done wireless and without a notification being sent. Some parental control apps, like AirDroid, runs in stealth mode. In other words, they function underneath without anyone's knowledge except you. AirDroid also runs in the background without opening the app and leaves no trace. Also, you can uninstall the app remotely, whenever you want, all from the control panel from your end of the app.
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