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AT&T Phone Tracker Family Map: Review & Guide and More

Elsa Updated on Mar 21, 2024 Filed to: Parent Control

Digital transformation has changed the way of living exponentially. In modern days, it is imperative to keep a check on the digital habits of your kid. Moreover, concerned parents also want to track them whenever they are out to school or any other location.

AT&T phone tracker

In this context, the AT&T phone tracker app is a dynamic solution for keeping up with the requirements of the digital age. It is a great app for concerned parents to track their kids' real-time location and will also help them locate and find their lost phones.

AT&T FamilyMap Overview

AT&T Family Map is a tracking application available for Android and iOS devices to track the location of family members. The AT&T phone tracking app is for concerned parents or individuals who want to keep a check on their family members.

AT&T FamilyMap

Moreover, the AT&T family tracking also helps with the purpose of finding a lost mobile. This app also alerts parents when the kids reach the school, home, or other designated locations. Therefore, this application is a perfect tool for parents to ensure the safety and security of their kids.

Additionally, we may often lose our mobile phones with images, sensitive financial information, or other important stuff in them. The AT&T lost phone tracker app will pinpoint the exact location of the mobile phone.

Key Features of AT&T Family Tracking App

  • AT&T tracking device application remotely provides real-time location of the family members and kids. Therefore, it is a parental control application.
  • AT&T phone location history is a great feature of this app to keep on your kids or family members.
  • AT&T tracking device also alerts the concerned parents when the children reach school.
  • Another beneficial feature of the AT&T GPS tracker is that it will help to locate a stolen or missing phone easily.

Pros of AT&T Family Map

  • You can track a maximum of 10 phone lines by using a single AT&T phone tracker app account.
  • This app provides real-time location tracking of kids and family members.
  • Moreover, you also get the location history of every individual family member.
  • AT&T phone tracking app is downloadable on Android and iOS devices.
  • You can get alerts to keep a check on kids and family members.
  • You can also schedule automatic location updates.
  • This app also provides the daily location history of the family members.
  • AT&T phone tracker free app will track lost or stolen mobile phones.
  • This app is free to use for the first 30 days.

Limitations of AT&T Find My Phone App

  • The most problematic limitation of the AT&T family tracking app is that it only works for those mobiles that are using the AT&T telecommunication network.
  • This application does not work with Windows phones and BlackBerry phones.
  • AT&T Family Map has a limitation of tracking ten phone lines through a single account.
  • It does not provide options to create geofenced areas.
  • Moreover, this is only for tracking location and does not provide access for controlling mobile use.


The AT&T family tracking app is compatible with Android and IOS devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, it does not work for Windows phones and BlackBerry phones.

Customer Reviews

The customers have rated AT&T Family Map 3.6 out of 5 on the Google play store. Thereby, it falls in the category of average-performing applications.

Pricing And Subscription Plan

The AT&T GPS tracker app is free (trial) for the first 30 days of the subscription. However, at the end of the free 30-day trial, you will have to pay $7.99 for ten phone lines per month.

How to Use AT&T FamilyMap to Track Your Kids or Lost Phone?

AT&T Family Map app works by using A-GPS (associated GPS) technology. The working methodology of this diverse application is very simple. After the initial installation, you will first have to pair the devices of the family members you wish to track. Be sure those family members' devices must be using the AT&T network.

There are three different functionalities that you can use with the AT&T application; location tracking, scheduling alerts, and checking location history. Below are the brief steps for using these features of the AT&T family map app.

Track Your Kids / AT&T How to Track a Phone

  • Open the AT&T app and select the family member whose real-time location you want to track.
  • Tap anywhere on the map to get the map details screen view.
  • Click the refresh icon appearing under the map.
  • After that, the map will update and provide the real-time location of the family member.

Using these above-listed points, you can easily locate and track the AT&T phone of any family member.

Scheduling Alerts Using AT&T Family Tracking App

  • From the list of family members, select the family members for whom you wish to create scheduled alerts.
  • After selecting the family member, scroll down and hit the location alerts button.
  • Select "Scheduled Alerts" from the menu and click "Add an Alert."
  • Set the date, time, and location to set the alert and hit the save button.

AT&T FamilyMap Vs AirDroid Family Locator

AT&T FamilyMap AirDroid Family Locator

Real-Time Location Tracking

Real-Time Remote Location Tracking

Scheduled Alerts

Geofencing Options and Automatic Alerts for Violation

Location History

Comprehensive Location History

Daily Travel

Travel History

10 Devices

Unlimited Compatibility


Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Activity Report


Screen Time Monitoring and Limits


App Activities Details


Remotely Controlling Phone Camera


One-Way Audio


Screen Mirroring Kids’ Phones


Sync SMS and Notifications

Other Alternative Ways to Track an AT&T Phone

AT&T Secure Family

AT&T secure family is a perfect alternative for the AT&T family map. Apart from tracking the real-time location of your kids, the AT&T secure family offers different parental controls. It provides a location history up to 7 days.

AT&T Secure Family

 Regarding parental control features, you can use this app to limit or block access to the internet on your kid's mobile for any desired time. You can also pause the kid's mobile Wi-Fi remotely from your device.

Find My Device

It is another alternative application to locate and track AT&T phones. It provides pinpoint accuracy while displaying the location of the device. This dynamic app will show the last known location if the mobile location is unreachable. The only downgrading aspect of this splendid app is that it is only available for Android devices.

Find My Device

Find My Mobile

Find my mobile is a service for Samsung mobile owners, and this app works similarly to the AT&T family map. This application lets you easily track your lost or stolen Samsung device. Moreover, you can also give ring alerts to avoid theft. The lost device must have your Samsung account logged in to track it down.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Find My App

Find My App is a dynamic application for iOS users to keep track of all their Apple devices, including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, AirPods, and airbags. It is a perfect alternative for the AT&T family tracking app. This application allows you to track your Apple devices, even offline.

Find My App

Moreover, you can also play a sound using this app to find your device. You can also erase the device's data that has been stolen or lock it down to prevent misuse by an unauthorized person. This app is a powerhouse solution with all these added facilities.

Final Thoughts

AT&T phone tracker app is a dynamic application for tracking the location of your kids or family members. Moreover, it also allows for tracking down lost mobile phones. However, it has a few limitations as it only tracks ten devices from a single account and functions with the AT&T network.

Therefore, people look for alternatives that have higher compatibility. AirDroid Family Locator has a bundle of parental control options and real-time location tracking. It is an affordable solution for such a vast number of features.

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