How to use Tags to manage your devices?

If you need to manage the devices based on their status, you can use the Tags to help you identify and filter devices.

You could add tags after the devices, such as “abnormal,” “under maintenance,” etc. In this way, you could filter the devices with certain tags in the list to manage the devices much more efficiently.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process to manage your devices by using Tags.

  1. Step 1
    Create the Tags
  2. Before you add tags after the devices, you have to create the tags first:
  3. You can hover the mouse over the avatar in the upper right corner, choose Settings > Tags > +Create Tag > enter the name of the tag, and press Enter to save it.
  4. Create-the-Tags-1
  5. Create-the-Tags-2
  6. Create the Tags 3-1
  1. Step 2
    Add Tags
  2. Go to Devices > Device List > Add tags.
  3. Add-Tags-1
  4. There are two methods to add tags:
  5. Method 1: Click the Tags icon in the pop-up window and choose the tags you created in Step 1.
  6. Add-Tags-2
  7. Method 2: Enter the name of the tag directly, then press Enter to create it, and click OK to save it.
  8. Add-Tags-3-1

    Note : When you add tags by entering the name directly, these tags are saved and can be used later to tag other devices.
  1. Step 3
    Remove Tags
  2. After adding the tags on the device, you can remove them by clicking the cross icon if needed.
  3. Remove-Tags
  4. Note : Hover your mouse over the tag to see a list of tags used by the device.
  1. Step 4
    Bulk Operation
  2. Besides, you can add the tags on multiple devices at once.
  3. Please select the devices > click the [Actions] button, and choose the Add Tag(s) option.
  4. Bulk-Operation-1
  5. Bulk-Operation-2
  6. Then add the tags on the devices.
  7. If you click on Overwrite the current tags on the device, the new tags you are adding will overwrite the original tags.
  8. For example, if the devices have been added with the tag “under maintenance”, you can enable this option after the repairing the devices to replace the “under maintenance” tag with the “fixed” tag. Once complete, the device you selected will only display the “fixed” tag.
  9. Bulk-Operation-3
  1. Step 5
    Filter the devices
  2. After the tags are set, you can filter the devices in the Device List and the Details in the Dashboard with the tags.
  3. Device List:
  4. Filter-the-Devices-1
  5. Details in the Dashboard:
  6. Filter-the-Devices-2
  7. Note : It is necessary to add the "Tags" category by enabling Tags in Customized List before filtering the devices with the tags.
  8. It is necessary to add the "Tags" category by enabling Tags in Customized List before filtering the devices with the tags.
  9. Filter-the-Devices-3
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