How to Use VPN Settings Policy on AirDroid Business?

A VPN is like a secure tunnel for your internet activity. It can protect privacy, bypass restrictions, and ensure data security. However, if you use a VPN service that isn't trustworthy, you could run into problems. It might record your online activities, slow down your internet speed, show you too many ads, and more. 

In this article, we will show how to customize VPN settings on AirDroid Business to ensure the internet security of your remote devices.

1Understanding VPN Settings Policy on AirDroid Business

VPN Settings Policy on AirDroid Business includes the “Always-on VPN" feature and “Lock down VPN” feature to ensure devices’ safety when using a VPN. If you select a VPN on the "Always-on VPN" feature, then this VPN will always be turned on when the users start the devices. And you can also enable the “Lock down VPN” feature to force your devices to only connect to the Internet through the selected VPN.

2How to Use VPN Settings Policy on AirDroid Business?

  1. Step 1
    Navigate to the Policy & Kiosk Config Files Section
  2. Log in to the Web Console, and then click Policy & Kiosk Config Files in the Policy & Kiosk section.
  3. policy and kiosk
  1. Step 2
    Create or Edit a Policy
  2. Way 1:Create a new policy
  3. You can create a new policy by clicking on "+Create Config File," then select "Policy" and click "OK" on the pop-up.
  4. create policy
  5. Way 2: Edit an existing Policy
  6. You can also edit an existing policy to add VPN settings. To edit the policy, choose the existing policy in Policy & Kiosk Config Files and click it to edit.
  7. edit policy
  1. Step 3
    Locate "VPN Settings"
  2. After creating a Policy, you need to select the General Settings section and find out "VPN Settings."
  3. locate vpn settings
  1. Step 4
    Select a VPN Application
  2. You can select a trusted VPN on the Always-on VPN feature, and then you can also enable the “Lock down VPN” feature to use a specific trusted VPN only on the devices.
  3. set vpn setting policy
  1. Step 5
    Save the Policy
  2. Click "Next" on the top right corner and then fill in the profile name to save the policy.
  3. save vpn policy
  1. Step 6
    Apply the Policy
  2. In the VPN Settings policy you created, click Add to select the devices, and then tap Next and click OK to apply this policy to the devices.
  3. apply the vpn settings

By following these steps, you can now ensure the security of using VPNs and protect devices' privacy.

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