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How to Share ChatGPT Conversation?

Chat sharing in ChatGPT is a feature that allows users to share their conversations with the AI-powered chatbot using a unique link. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to share ChatGPT conversation with this feature.
Step 1

Open ChatGPT and log in to your ChatGPT account.

share ChatGPT conversation
Step 2

On the sidebar, you can choose the conversation you wish to share. On the left side of your ChatGPT dashboard, click on the "Share" icon.

share ChatGPT conversation
Step 3

Then you will see a window titled "Share Link to Chat" to appear. Here, you can preview the conversation snapshot before it’s sent. Moreover, you can change the conversation's name here.

share ChatGPT conversation
Step 4

Now click the "Copy Link" button. That will create a unique URL for the conversation, which is now ready to be shared. Now you can now share your ChatGPT conversation link with others.

share ChatGPT conversation
Step 5

For anyone who receives and launches the link, they will be greeted with a complete chat. A button labeled "Continue this conversation" will be visible, and by clicking it, they can view conversations between you and ChatGPT.

share ChatGPT conversation

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