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APK vs XAPK: Differences between APK and XAPK Files

Are you an Android user who wants to know the difference between APK and XAPK app format? Follow this XAPK vs APK comparison guide to learn the ins and outs.

7 Methods to Exit Windows 10 Kiosk Mode of Different Configurations

There are multiple ways to configure Windows 10 kiosk mode, and each method has its own features and support, similarly, the exit strategies for each method are different

How to Block Ads on Android?

Blocking ads on an Android phone without using any third-party app can be achieved. In this guide we will show you how to do.

How to Enable Disabled Apps on Android?

To re-enable a disabled app on an Android device, you can follow this quick guide.

How to Provide Remote Computer Support and Troubleshooting?

Remote computer support has become an invaluable tool for troubleshooting problems without requiring a physical visit. Read this article to learn more methods.

[3 Ways] How to Downgrade an App on Android?

Most users want to downgrade Android apps to older versions because of some issues with the latest versions, Luckily, here are three useful ways to downgrade an Android app easily.

How to Use In-App Browser Feature on AirDroid Business

In-App Browser on AirDroid Business provides enterprises with a way to prevent users from bypassing browsing restrictions, opening web pages, and browsing on the device directly by clicking the links in apps. 1What is an In-App Browser? An in-app browser is a feature within a mobile application that allows users to view web pages without...

What is Modern Management in Business | Theories, Approach, and Tools

Explore the transformative world of modern management in business, encompassing innovative theories, dynamic approaches, and cutting-edge tools like MDM to drive organizational success.

How to Restrict Users to Add or Delete Account on Mobile Devices with AirDroid Business?

Adding or Deleting Account configuration on AirDroid Business is one of the most important functions that helps Enterprises or organizations manage their devices’ accounts,including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.. It can restrict users from adding their personal accounts or deleting the existing accounts on the devices to protect the security of the devices. 1Steps to Restrict...

How to Use Password Policy for Windows to Enhance Security?

Discover how to bolster cybersecurity by implementing a robust password policy for Windows. Learn to configure password settings through Active Directory and AirDroid Business MDM, and align with NIST guidelines for optimal security.