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Intune Kiosk Mode Setup Guide for Windows, Android, and iOS

Follow this comprehensive guide with easy steps to set up kiosk mode on Windows, Android, or iOS devices using Intune and complete the lockdown procedure efficiently

How to Disable Incognito Mode in Popular Browsers?

This article details methods to disable Incognito Mode in various browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari...find the device-specific instructions here

Everything You Need to Know about Google GMS

GMS (Google Mobile Services) is a specialized toolset for advanced Android device usage containing many applications and APIs for Android device manufacturers.

[2024] Fully Kiosk Browser for Windows

Can I use Fully Kiosk Browser on Windows? Discover the answer from here...Fully kiosk is a software solution designed to restrict device usage to specified websites

Manage Files on Android Devices Effortlessly

Learn the best file managers for Android to efficiently manage bulk files and instantly access any file or folder using an organized strategy for storing files.

How to Change the Security Code of Config File?

Setting secure code is needed for Policy & Kiosk configuration files in MDM. It helps enterprises prevent users from exiting kiosk mode or obey the policy they made to ensure the security of the devices. If you want to know how to change the security code to prevent password leakage, follow this guide step by...

How to Block Users’ Access to the About Section in Kiosk ModeĀ 

Kiosk Mode allows IT admins to restrict single or multiple application usages, set allowlist and blocklist websites, and block unauthorized network access on managed devices. The "Block Users' Access to the About Section in Kiosk Mode" feature on AirDroid business can restrict the user's access to the "About" section on the controlled devices to exit kiosk mode....

What Features Can I Use to Monitor My Devices on AirDroid Business?

AirDroid Business provides 8 different feature templates to monitor your devices from every aspect efficiently. We will provide an introduction to each template comprehensively. Let's take a look at what device metrics your business can monitor.  18 Different Feature Templates 1Screenshot The screenshot template allows you to see the screen display of your attended and unattended Android devices. If you have multiple...

Best Solutions for Remote Desktop over LAN on Windows

This guide delves into two popular methods of LAN Remote Desktop to ensure that users can make an informed decision based on their specific needs.

How to Remotely Access Another Computer over the Internet?

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to remotely access another computer over the Internet by three easy methods.