Samsung Knox Security – Protecting Your Data and Devices

Samsung Knox is one of the latest tools to combat security challenges with officially used Samsung devices. It is a defence-level security system for mobile devices, enabling enterprises and individuals to secure their confidential data from breaches and cyber-attacks.

Samsung Knox security contains multilayered technology to enhance user experience with high security for hardware and software authentications. It’s enabled when your device is powered on, but you can manage its settings and features from the System Settings tab. This article will highlight some powerful parts of Samsung Knox and their significance for businesses.

1Overview: How Samsung Knox Secure Devices

Samsung Knox is a powerful tool to secure confidential data from corporations, healthcare companies, governments, and other organizations. It is a hardware-backed security feature built-in from the chip up, which protects Samsung devices against intrusion, malware, and malicious content from the moment you turn them on. Knox provides a Management framework, SE for Android, Runtime protection, and TrustZone to enhance device security.


  • Trusted boot feature: to distinguish unauthorized and out of the boot loaders.
  • Samsung's sensitive data protection marks the data as sensitive, so it can't be decrypted.
  • Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP): to perform secure monitoring.
  • Containerization: to separate corporate data.

2Device Management

Samsung Knox provides Unified Endpoint Management for enterprises to ensure optimized management and security of smart devices:

  • Admins can remotely manage device updates for a new version.
  • Enforcing strong IT policies on corporate devices saves businesses from vulnerabilities of non-compliance.
  • A cloud-based intelligent toolkit helps admins get deep insights into device connectivity, real-time location, device health, battery life, and other vital parameters.
  • Knox enables smooth and instant bulk device enrollments.
  • With Knox suite, you can ensure consistent device management by enforcing workflows and event-based triggers on enrolled devices.

3Built-in Hardware Security Feature (TrustZone)

Trust Zone is a hardware chip installed on Samsung devices to provide Knox security for Android with defense-grade protection.

It helps to isolate the security certificates and the sensitive computations on devices. If tempering is detected on the device, hardware is tripped, which fuses the device to keep the data safe.

Trust Zone differentiates things between a secure world and an ordinary world. The normal world includes the actual OS of the Samsung device and the applications that run on it, while the secure world is a separate, isolated environment with its own memory and processing capabilities.


You can use it to store a company's sensitive information, handle cryptographic operations, and run secure applications.


Containerization helps to protect the data with more granular management policies, keeping the personal and official data separate. A Knox container has its desktop, apps, and settings.

Knox Workspace

It is a part of the Samsung Knox platform, which provides a secure and isolated work environment for businesses to run their concerned applications and perform tasks. Its admins can remotely manage Knox's workspace to ensure compliance with industry standards on all corporate devices. App apps saved in Knox Workspace have their own set of permissions to the other apps on the devices for improved security.

Secure Folder

A secure folder provides a separate space on your Samsung smartphone to store personal private apps and data. You can move the data to a specific folder by selecting 'Add to Secure Folder' from the menu. Secure Folder protects the data and apps using Sandboxing, incorporating an additional layer of security. You can clone your widely used apps and access them with alternate profiles for enhanced security. Data on each profile is distinct, so you can easily manage their content. Secure Folder also provides a backup of the data.

5Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication by Samsung Knox implements high-level security on corporate devices. It ensures that only authorized persons can access the device using unique physical or behavioral characteristics. The two most common authentication mediums are fingerprint and iris authentication.


Every individual on the earth has unique patterns on their finger called minutiae points. No one else can ever match it. Knox allows the user to save the fingerprint on the device memory so that the device will only unlock when the same pattern is provided.

Iris authentication

This authentication method includes the colored part of the eye surrounding the pupil. Every person has a unique pattern that is captured using a camera. It might involve an infrared light for a clear vision of the iris. You can recognize it from a comfortable distance, and it ensures high security due to highly distinctive iris patterns. 

6Data protection

Enterprises can protect all kinds of data using Samsung Knox. Here is a list of features that support data protection:

User Authentication

With Knox security features, the security of devices is doubled by using passwords, pin codes, patterns, and the biometric system to access the devices. User authentication safeguards the device lock screen and the profile authentication. You can also use two-factor authentication for better security.

Network Data Encryption

Samsung Knox offers the best network encryption features through the most recent VPN technology, including all the advanced VPN features. It offers various modes of VPN, like always-on VPN, on-premise bypass VPN, on-demand VPN, multiple active tunnels, and VPN chaining. The purpose of these modes is to provide customized support and make the network more secure.

Device Data Encryption

Data encryption by Samsung Knox ensures that the data is encrypted only on the device where it is stored, and only the owner can encrypt it. Sensitive Data Protection and DualDAR Encryption add a higher level of security to the devices used by organizations.

Device Locking and Tracking

With Samsung Knox, enterprises can set geofencing, location tracking, and automatic device lockdown. These features help track the device and lock it down when needed. They can also remotely factory reset the device when the device is lost or stolen, and there is a risk of data breach from the device.

7Real-Time Kernel Protection (RKP)

Samsung Knox provides real-time kernel protection to enterprise-grade devices to ensure continuity of work in a safe environment. It performs secure monitoring in an isolated execution environment to protect the OS against threats.

The kernel is the primary component of the operating system that works as a bridge between the device hardware and software to integrate them. The kernel immediately activates the response mechanisms whenever a suspicious activity is detected. It might include blocking access, sending notifications to the authorized person, and other actions managed in the settings.

Compromising Kernel security can lead to severe complications like unauthorized access to the company resources and data. So, real-time kernel protection ensures smooth and efficient system functionality.

8Which Samsung Devices Offer Knox Security?

Samsung security by Knox is available on a range of Samsung Android devices, including:

  1. Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets

  2. Samsung Galaxy Note devices

  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab devices

  4. Samsung Chromebooks

Note : It's important to note that the specific Knox security features available on a device may vary based on the device model and the version of the Android operating system.

Limitations of Knox:

  1. It is supported only on Samsung's high-end mobile devices. Hence, Samsung devices with lower costs do not support the Knox features.

  2. The security features of Knox can also affect the speed and performance of Samsung devices. It also demands technical expertise to manage the system in a better way.

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9Do I Need Antivirus If I have Samsung Knox?

Yes, you still need an antivirus even if you have a Samsung Knox. It is not an antivirus but a hardware component that can address hardware security, provide containers, and provide kernel protection. Samsung Knox offers high-level features for support security, but adding an antivirus to the system can improve security. There are various things only antivirus can specifically manage. Regular antivirus software updates prepare them to fight against the latest malicious viruses. They can also ensure that the apps downloaded from third-party app stores do not contain viruses affecting the device's functionality.

10What Does It Mean When A Phone is Secured by Knox?

When Samsung Knox secures a phone, it now contains defense-grade security to meet its enterprise commitment. That is the reason government organizations also prefer it. Whenever the word ‘Knox’ is called out, it is related to the built-in technology attached to the hardware of the latest Android smart devices, including the latest digital gadgets like IoT devices. With Samsung Knox on your device, you can manage and secure corporate data in a secure folder. When you power the device, a sign showing ‘Secured by Knox’ declares that the Knox technology is operational on the device with advanced management features and enhanced security.

11Conclusive Note

Samsung Knox is a wonderful feature for Galaxy users to manage personal and corporate data. It provides incredible security features for organizations to secure the devices and comply with industry-specific regulations. It helps businesses manage bulk devices using its unified device management feature. Data on corporate devices is kept highly secure using Knox's containers, data encryption capabilities, biometric authentications, and real-time kernel protection.

TrustZone is a built-in hardware feature of Samsung Knox that secures hardware and privately isolates data. As the ratio of Android devices in offices is higher than Apple devices, organizations should prefer Samsung Galaxy devices to enjoy Samsung Knox security capabilities to secure corporate data.

Questions Related to Samsung Knox

Q1. Is Samsung Knox better than Apple security?
Samsung Knox provides defense-grade security features like secure boot, data encryption, biometric authentication, and RKP, and also protects against malicious content. On the other hand, Apple also has advanced security measures to secure their Apple community. Secure enclave, Face ID, and Touch ID are Apple's wonderful features to provide authorized access. Both have their preference depending on the needs and requirements. However, companies prefer Samsung Knox security due to the wide usage of Android devices.
Q2. Is Samsung safe for privacy?
Yes, Samsung is safe for both the personal and corporate sectors. It is a reputable manufacturing company that prioritizes customer privacy as a significant concern. It provides different authentications, secure folders, data isolations, chip-up manufacturing, and run time protection to support safe device usage.  
Q3. What are the benefits of Samsung Knox?
You can enhance the security of Samsung devices with multiple layers using Samsung Knox without additional costs. Enterprises can manage devices and remotely monitor their security. Containerization helps them separately manage official data on employees' devices and keep them highly secure. 
Q4. How does Samsung Knox work?
Knox security is operational from the device hardware, ensuring that the confidential data is kept private from the regular files. It adds more security layers to the device than ordinary Android devices. It manages data on the device separately, places it for convenience, and keeps it private.
Q5. Are All Samsung Devices Secure by Knox?
Not all Samsung devices come with the Samsung Knox security platform installed. Some older or entry-level devices may not have Knox installed. Knox is available on various Samsung devices, including most of the company's Galaxy smartphones and tablets.
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