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Elsa's background is in marketing, but she is passionate about writing. She is great at creating standard user guides and helpful tips for iOS/Android/Windows/Mac Users.


Elsa enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, and playing with her pets.

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Are you an Android user trying to locate a missing iPhone? Let's explore these options to ease the stress of cross-platform device tracking to bridge the gap.

[Easy Guide] How to Locate a Lost iPad

iPads are the ultimate entertainers, and losing it means losing all your important documents and pictures. So, let's see how to locate a lost iPad!

How to Know If Someone Remotely Screenshot Your Phone

Can someone remotely screenshot my phone? Yes! So, what are the signs to watch for, and how to protect your privacy? Check here.

How to See Significant Locations On iPhone

Your iPhone records the places you visit frequently with the significant locations feature. If you don't know how to see significant locations, learn it here!

Top 6 Finance Chatbots [2024 Updated]

Learn how chatbot is used in finance and explore how AI financial chatbots can help business. This guide provides not only examples but also top finance chatbots.