What make AirDroid Remote Support the best alternative to TeamViewer QS?

  • Easy setup & stable connectivity during screen sharing.
  • Appealing prices to personal and enterprise use & flexible pricing plans.
  • Multiple OS supported & high Android devices compatibility.
  • Secure session encryption with AES-256 & privacy protection.
  • Responsive customer service to address support requests.
  • Over 100K downloads in Google Play.

AirDroid Remote Support vs TeamViewer QS

  • Screen Sharing, Voice Chat & Instant Messaging

    Remote access via 9-digital code and one-click start screen sharing. Real-time chatting to fix technical issues faster.

  • Unattended Mode

    Easily enroll and remote maintenance. Best for enterprises with massive unattended devices. Start from $599/year for up to 300 devices.

  • Remote Control & File Transfer

    Cross-platform remote control faulty devices. No cumulative maximum limit for file transfer.

  • Security

    Protect both your customers' privacy and your company data. Use Security Policy to block external access and disable certain features.

  • AR Camera & 3D Instructions

    Use augmented reality tech for problem-solving. Guide better with on-screen 3D markers.

  • Log Report & Device List Management

    Review user activities and enhance work productivity. Manage device groups and assignments in one place.

Best Remote Support Solution For

  • IT & Tech Companies
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturer

Your clients or employees may meet various technical issues and need IT support. With AirDroid Remote Support, your support team can access devices without worrying about the distance and no need to be physically present.

If there is a difficult problem, starting a help session and controlling the device remotely could not be easier. Best of all, the device owner can pause the session anytime when privacy is involved. This brings a great experience of remote assistance to your customers or employees.

Unattended devices, like self-service kiosks, digital signage, and vending machines, are often placed in these hospitality sectors: travel agencies, airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes, theme parks, and others.

If you're running businesses with massive unattended devices, operation and maintenance costs can be very high due to the scattered locations of devices. That's where AirDroid is put to use.

Even with large quantities, you can use our remote support features free of burden.

Hardware manufacturers are major users of remote support software. When their devices or machines fail, using a remote control tool for troubleshooting become necessary.

AirDroid Remote Support helps manufacturers reduce downtime and increase maintenance efficiency. You can make good use of the AR camera and tutorial gestures to solve issues faster.

Reviews From Customers

I use this to help my parents with some technical problems. This app is amazing! Every time my mom is confused by her complex phone I need to explain and guide her by making a call. And it is hard to explain it clear. Now, by using this app, I can help my mom fix all problems in an easier way! I really like the tutorial gesture. It also helps my mom to learn how to use more functions in her smartphone! excellent app, AirDroid did a great job!

Google User

I was using this app for my family and staffs. They kinda stupid sometimes so the good thing is to use 9-digit code to provide tech support from my laptop. Now, they don't need to guess which button to press on. With the AR feature, I think it can be used beyond the device itself. It may have issues sometimes but cs team took good care of my inquiries so I think that is service what I need.

Marvin Rivers