Why Are People Looking For TeamViewer Alternatives?

    TeamViewer has been a popular remote access software for years. People love its user-friendly interface. However, in recent times, more and more people are looking for TeamViewer alternatives. Various reasons make this happen, and they can be summed up as:

    Whether for businesses or individuals, TeamViewer adjusted its pricing plans and made it unacceptable to users. The price fluctuation ranges from 7% to 10%. Quite a few enterprises are trying TeamViewer alternative that is more suitable for them.
    Session duration is one of the most frequently mentioned issues. TeamViewer offers a five-minute connection and drops once timeout. For users who need long session time, constant reconnection can be annoying.
    Some operating systems show low compatibility when using this remote desktop software, such as Linux and Chrome OS. More, older versions of Windows, macOS, and some mobile devices running Android have the same problem.
    Though TeamViewer makes an effort to data encryption and authentication, business users still have concerns. They want additional security features.
    Slow response time can be frustrating when a user is experiencing technical difficulties and needs prompt assistance. Some TeamViewer users said they didn't get timely support.

AirDroid Remote Support
can be your best TeamViewer alternative.

As a TeamViewer replacement, AirDroid Remote Support is a powerful and easy-to-use remote support tool that offers affordable prices and a range of features to businesses and individuals. Not only for remote assistance, but it's also an RMM solution with more advantages to saving costs.

AirDroid Remote Support vs TeamViewer

  • Remote Access & Control

    Use secure and stable screen sharing, voice calls, voice & text messages, and tutorial gestures to provide instant IT support. Allow pausing session at any time to protect customer's privacy.

  • Security Policy

    Block external remote access, file transfer, and more. Enforce auto-update connection code after a remote session.

  • File Transfer

    Support any file formats (APK, photos, videos, documents, etc). No size limit for local network. And up to 200 MB per file for remote network.

  • Unattended Mode

    Easily deploy unattended devices to your organization with a Deployment/QR code. More cost-effective for managing a large number of company devices.

  • AR Camera & 3D Marker

    Provide virtual and intuitive assistance with remote camera and 3D instructions.

  • Team & Device Group Management

    Invite team members and assign roles and devices. Manage user accounts and devices in bulk to improve work efficiency.

Why choose AirDroid Remote Support?

  • Better price and flexible plans based on seats and licenses.
  • Stable connection to offer uninterrupted remote support.
  • Applicable to different scenarios and requirements.
  • Highly compatible with Android and multi-platform supported.
  • Easy to use interface. No account is required for the device being controlled.
  • Compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR. Trusted by customers and companies for over 10 years.

Meet Different Needs

  • IT Industry

    Technical issues can arise at any time and devices need to be resolved quickly to keep running smoothly. AirDroid Remote Support allows IT teams to remotely access devices, diagnose and troubleshoot IT issues without the need for in-person visits. Whether you need to serve customers or maintain in-house devices, you can use it for IT support. Learn More.

  • Unattended Devices

    AirDroid Remote Support can be beneficial for managing a large number of unattended devices across multiple locations. For example, if you have drink vending machines or self-service kiosks for businesses, the remote support tool is an solution that integrating maintenance and management. Learn More.

  • Friend & Family

    AirDroid Remote Support meets personal use as well. With it, you can remotely access the device of your friend or family member and assist them with troubleshooting issues. Please visit AirDroid Remote Support Personal to learn more.


1. What is the pricing of AirDroid Remote Support?
We have different pricing plans. For personal user, it starts from $2.49/Mon. For business user, it starts from $199.00/Seat/Year to $599.00/License/Year.
2. Is AirDroid Remote Support has a lower price for commercial use comparing to TeamViewer?
Yes. We offer more affordable pricing for commercial use. As the best TeamViewer alternative, we have flexible plans to help you save costs. Click here to see our prices and features.
3. What systems are avialable to use AirDroid Remote Support?
AirDroid Remote Support can be installed in Android and iOS devices to accept remote support. To provide assistance, the controller software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

What Our Customers Say

Used a few similar applications, this one by far is the easiest to use. Quick to connect with very low downtime. I have a support team of about 15 people, each with over a dozen clients. We need to have a fast operation and with very little room for errors. we are growing fast, and we need something that can scale with us. Pros: Disconnection is low Pricing is very competitive After-sales support is reliable Cons: Sometimes hard for non-tech customers to install, maybe a web version if possible.

Neil Gupta

The AR and screen sharing are really helpful for helping my clients and boss with technical difficulties. As a technician, you can ask them to pause the screen to avoid exposing sensitive information. I would recommend for people that provide technical service. Underbar!

Kaj Björk