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IIRC Meaning, Use Cases & Examples, and More

Elsa Updated on Apr 14, 2023 Filed to: Teen Slang

Hey, what does IIRC mean? If so, then you're not alone. IIRC has become a popular acronym in various contexts, from online forums to text messages. 

IIRC is one of the most often used acronyms in digital communication. Social media platforms have made this communication evolution possible. There are tons of slang out there these days. Most of us are left behind, not knowing what they mean in different contexts or even how to or not to use them in our daily conversation. 

So, just like we've already defined the EMOASLKMS and many other slangs, we will do the same today with the IIRC definition.

This article will explore the IIRC Meaning, its use in conversation, and why it has become so popular.

1What Does IIRC Mean?

IIRC stands for "If I Recall/Remember Correctly." It is a commonly used abbreviation in online communication and texting. It indicates that the shared information is based on the speaker's memory and might be inaccurate.

IIRC meaning

The phrase is used as a polite way of indicating that the information being shared is not confirmed and is being shared based on the speaker's recollection.

The shared information may not be 100% accurate since it is based merely on the speaker's memory, so it is unreliable. 

2The Origin of IIRC – Historical Background

The origin of "IIRC" is uncertain, but it is believed to have originated from online forums and chat rooms in the early days of the Internet. 

In the early days of the Internet, when text-based communication was the norm, people used abbreviations and shorthand to save time and space while typing. "IIRC" became a popular shorthand for expressing uncertainty about the accuracy of information being shared or discussed.


As the Internet grew and more people started using it, "IIRC" spread from online forums and chat rooms to other forms of digital communication, such as instant messaging, email, and social media. Today, "IIRC" is widely recognized and used in many online and offline contexts, from casual conversations to more formal discussions.

Overall, the historical background of "IIRC" reflects the evolution of the Internet and digital communication. People need a quick and efficient way to express uncertainty about shared information.

Now that you know its origin and that it means information shared by the sparker may not be accurate, why do people use it? – Well, let's have a look.

3Why Do People Use IIRC?

Generally, we used IIRC as a memory aid and a polite way of sharing essential information with our peers. Here are the core reasons why people choose to use it, which include:

Memory aid: If you want to tell your audience that you are not entirely sure about what you are about to share, then using this acronym is a great idea. As noted, IIRC serves as a reminder that the shared information is based on the speaker's memory and might not be entirely accurate.

A polite way of sharing information: By using IIRC, the speaker indicates that they are not entirely sure of the information being transmitted and offer it politely and cautiously. It helps avoid unnecessary adverse reactions for people listening to or reading your text.

Avoid conflict: By using IIRC, you are less likely to offend others or disagree over the accuracy of the information being shared.

Indication of uncertainty: IIRC is a quick and easy way to indicate your uncertainty about the information you share. It makes it an ideal and helpful acronym, particularly in online discussions and debates where misunderstandings can quickly occur.

And these marks four reasons why people use IIRC slang. With that said, let's now discuss how IRRC is used in conversation. 

4How Is IIRC Used in Conversation? The Use Cases & Examples

IIRC is commonly used in various types of online communication, such as social media, online forums, and text messages. And so, the prevalent ways include:

Sharing Information

IIRC is commonly used when someone shares information or a fact they recall from memory. 

Here are three real-life examples of how IIRC can be used for sharing information:

  • Sharing personal anecdotes: To share a personal story or experience based on your memory.
    For example, "IIRC, the last time I visited that restaurant, the food was fantastic."
  • Sharing historical facts: When sharing historical facts, someone might use IIRC to indicate that their take on events might not be accurate based on their memory.
    For example, "IIRC, the American Civil War started in 1861."
  • Sharing pop culture trivia: a memory that indicates their knowledge of the topic
    For example, "IIRC, the lead singer of that band is named John."

Clarifying Information

Many people use IIRC to clarify information that has already been shared. 

For example, "I thought you said the movie was released in 2019, IIRC?"

It is similar to the argument we discussed in the 4th point, so keep reading for more clarification. 

Correcting Information

In some cases, IIRC can correct information shared incorrectly. 

For example:

  • Pointing out errors: "IIRC, the capital of France is Paris, not Berlin."
  • Additional information: "IIRC, the movie was released in 2019, not 2020."
  • Disputing information: "IIRC, the book was written by Jane Doe, not John Doe."

Asking for Clarification

You can also use IIRC to clarify or confirm information. 

For example:

  • Clarifying a statement: "IIRC, you said the meeting was at 2 PM; is that correct?"
  • Checking details: "IIRC, the deadline for the project is next week, is that right?"
  • Reconfirming information: "IIRC, we agreed to meet at the park. Is that still the plan?"

That's all! Now let's move on to the next thing, identifying if your kid is using such slang words. 

5How Can You Identify If Your Teens Are Using the IIRC Slang Word?

First, it is essential to note that using slang words like "IIRC" is quite a normal part of adolescent language development. So, as long as your child is not using inappropriate or harmful language, there's no need to be concerned. 

However, staying informed about your child's language and having open and honest conversations about it is always a good idea. You can do this in several ways, including:

Listen to their conversations with friends: If your child uses "IIRC" in conversations, you might hear it during casual conversations or when discussing specific topics.

Ask them: If you're unsure if your child is using "IIRC," you can ask them. Explain what the slang word means and ask if they've heard it or use it themselves.

Pay attention to their text messages, instant messages, or online posts: This is the most ideal and efficient way as it will help you get an accurate result of whether or not they are using slang words. 

However, to do this, you must either go through their phone personally, which might be a problem, or track all their conversations. To track their conversation, you will need a parental control app; the best option is AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Monitoring

Why Choose the AirDroid Parental Control app? 

AirDroid is a popular parental control app that offers a variety of features that can help parents monitor and manage their children's device usage. Here are a few reasons why you might choose AirDroid for your parental control needs:

  • App Management: You can monitor your child's apps, including blocking specific apps and setting time limits on app usage. It lets you track conversations (messages and notifications) from all apps on your kid's devices. 
  • Screen time management: AirDroid also allows you to set limits on your child's time on their device, helping you ensure they're not spending too much time on screens.
  • Location tracking: You can track your child's location and set safety zones, so you can know when they arrive at and leave school, for example.
  • Remote Monitor: You can remotely view your child's live screen from your phone or sync app notifications of your child's Android device.
  • Web filtering: AirDroid will provide web filtering that helps protect your child from inappropriate content and helps you control the websites they can access.

Overall, AirDroid provides a comprehensive suite of tools for parental control that can help you keep your children safe and manage their device usage.


6Final Thoughts

IIRC is a commonly used acronym for "If I Recall/Remember Correctly."

While this acronym has been around for some time, its meaning is often misinterpreted or unknown, leading to confusion and misunderstandings. However, understanding the meaning of IIRC and how to use it can be beneficial in day-to-day communication. It helps ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.

Regarding an online conversation, this term is used in several ways, including sharing, clarifying, correcting, and asking for clarification.

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