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DTF: The Origin, Meaning, Use Cases & More

Elsa Updated on Dec 29, 2022 Filed to: Teen Slang

Superbad brought forth a ton of strong statements when it came out a decade prior. Yet, one of the large ones was Jonah Slope's impudent utilization of the term D.T.F., or "down to fuck." That expression has lived on longer than the majority of different minutes from the film, assisted along by Jersey With shoring cast from there; the sky is the limit.

Nonetheless, it wasn't initially even composed into the content. As of late, Jonah Slope made sense of where "down to fuck" really came from. The word is widely used nowadays.

DTF meaning

1Where Did DTF Originate from

To understand the DTF's meaning, we must break down the scene it was born out of. The scene being referred to highlights Slope's personality, Seth, educating his other buddy Evan regarding how he intends to connect with a young lady he enjoys. The plan includes first purchasing a shitton of liquor for her impending party and afterward involving that liquor as an influence to connect with her in some capacity.

DTF origin

During the discussion, he's discussing perhaps making out or messing around with the young lady at the party. And afterward, possibly working into really dating her and getting laid before school. While shooting this scene, Jonah Slope nonchalantly dropped DTF. on set while promoting libbing, and consequently, the term DTF was conceived.

2What Does the Slang DTF Mean?

But what does DTF mean exactly? Down in this setting alludes to readiness, as in "I'm down (to follow through with something)," a utilization that started during the 1950s. Somebody who is DTF, accordingly, will engage in sexual relations, or all the more revoltingly, fuck. Frequently, being DTF connotes somebody isn't intrigued by a drawn-out heartfelt connection.


Green's Word reference of Shoptalk recommends that DTF started during the 2000s. The shoptalk site Metropolitan Word reference's most memorable definition comes from 2002. It's conceivable that the ascent of the initialism is connected to messaging and web shoptalk, which contains numerous other abbreviated variants of last phrases.

Originating before the viral abbreviation, down to fuck shows up in the 1998 tune "Still Not A Player" by Huge Quip and in the 2001 Insane Town melody "Spinning Entryway."

3How Is DTF Used?

Suppose you ask us what DTF is in practical terms. In that case, DTF is frequently utilized in segregation on dating profiles or web-based entertainment hashtags to imply that somebody is keen on a casual relationship. Spoofs of DTF comparing the term's suggestive starting points against more everyday translations are currently much the time utilized for clever impact, for example, Down to fish.

4How Can Parents Understand Teen Slang Language

As guardians, you could think about how to help your teenagers better. To help kids, you must figure out their language and realize their words are a decent spot to begin, for example, what DTF stands for and understanding what our kid means to say.

Similarly, you can use it funnily while you don't know what DTF means funny. Each people group of adolescents has its shoptalk phrases — some of them express feelings, make sense of what's happening in their lives, or are only shorthand for things you discuss as well.

In any case, understanding what your high schooler is talking about, regardless of whether they plan for you to comprehend, can assist you in having further discussions with them and watch out for advance notice signs that they need additional help.

There are different expressions or words that may be pertinent to your kid, like DTF's meaning in text and practical life can be different, so you must be more careful; there's a lot out there for you to look for utilizing explicit markers like area, race, age, and so on. We will cover the expressions that we think range the greater part of this socioeconomics.

In My Bag/ In My Feelings/ In My Feels

The point when you hear a high schooler says "in my feels," "in my sentiments," or even, in some cases, "in my sack," they may be miserable or even close to home.


It implies they have a profound association with somebody, generally with whom they would have rather not fostered a close-to-home association, like an irregular hookup. Hookup, in this specific situation, can go from somebody they kissed to somebody they had a sexual experience with, contingent upon their age or phase of sexual turn of events.


Suppose you have any desire to stay quiet about something. In that case, you could say keep it "calm," and assuming somebody is overall exceptionally vocal or boisterous about something, you could say it's "high key," or you could refer to the activity or the individual as "extra," significance they're doing excessively.

Bet/That's Cap/No cap

If you hear your high schooler saying, "that is a cap," "no cap," or "bet," we're discussing the legitimacy of an assertion. "That is cap" signifies "you're not kidding," and "no cap" signifies "that is reality." "Bet" can mean various things. First and foremost, to make arrangements, I say, "meet me beyond your residence in ten?" and they say, "bet," I know to expect they'll be there. Sometimes, it can imply "truly?" or even "I don't trust you."

For instance, I could say, "I can seat more than you," and you could answer, "bet?" taking on that "truly?" meaning. Nobody is putting any cash down; however, they are somewhat difficult to the legitimacy of an assertion, as though they are wagering on it.


Two significant abbreviations frequently are "MLM" and "WLW," which mean male-loving-male and women-loving-women, respectively. These can describe individuals who are gay, sexually unbiased, and pansexual, in addition to other things. While discussing same-sex inclusion of any sort, it may be a much more broad term.

Final Word

As a parent, it has become immensely important to check your child's phone and digital activities and keep an overview of their overall life to keep them away from harmful activities and words.

For this, check out the AirDroid Parental Monitoring app. Now without interfering in your child's life, you can restrict their phones from harmful slang words, sites, and activities and keep a check on their location and activities.

AirDroid Parental Monitoring

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