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How to Remove Copilot from Microsoft Edge on PC

If you don’t want the Copilot AI search result popping up in the Edge browser on PC, you can remove it by following these steps:
Step 1

Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC.

Step 2

Try to search something to enter the Bing search result page.

Step 3

Click the three-line button on the upper right.

three line button
Step 4

Under the Copilot Settings section, toggle off Copilot response on result page. Wait for the browser to refresh and take effect. Then the Edge browser will remove the Copilot AI results from the result page.

toggle off Copilot response on result page
Step 5

Click the three-line button again and toggle off Scroll to open Copilot. Thus it won’t open Copilot automatically when you scroll/swipe up at the top of the page.

toggle off Scroll to open Copilot

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