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How to Disable Notion AI [Free or Enterprise Account]

How to Disable Notion AI for Free (Personal) Users:
Step 1

Launch Notion app on your computer and log into your free account.

Step 2

Simply press the Shift + Space keys at the same time, and the AI feature in Notion can be disabled.

Note: Alternatively, you can contact the Notion Support team at team@makenotion.com to disable Notion AI by Notion team.
disable Notion AI for personal accounts
How to Disable Notion AI for Enterprise Accounts:
Step 1

Open Notion app on your computer with your account signed in, and click Settings & members.

Settings and members in Notion
Step 2

Click Settings under the Workspace section.

Workspace Settings in Notion
Step 3

Scroll down to find Feature settings. Then you can toggle Notion AI Off.

disable Notion AI
Step 4

Click Update to save the change and disable Notion AI.

Update Notion Settings

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