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How to Change Default Browser in Outlook

You can change the default browser to open links in Outlook. We are using steps in the latest Outlook for Windows 11, and the steps should apply to older Windows/Outlook versions.
Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook app in your Windows computer, and sign into your Microsoft account.

open Outlook in Windows
Step 2

Click File in the menu bar on the top.

File in Outlook
Step 3

Click Options on the lower left.

Step 4

Click Advanced on the left menu.

Advanced in Outlook Options
Step 5

On the popup menu, under File and browser preferences section (or Link Handling in older Outlook versions), click the drop-down menu in Default Browser for Open hyperlinks from Outlook in. Then you will be able to choose between Default Browser or Microsoft Edge.

change default browser in Outlook
Step 6

Click OK to save the changes. Then restart Outlook app and it should be working.

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