AirDroid Business MDM vs. TinyMDM

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Why Is AirDroid Business A Good Alternative?

  • Remote Management

    IT team and remote monitor and access managed devices from a single dashboard. Remotely configure policies and implement restrictions to ensure device security and compliance.

  • App Management

    AirDroid Business enables businesses to install and update apps remotely. Both the Google Play Store app and the custom app can be easily distributed. "test Release" helps organizations ensure the stability and compatibility of the application before it is officially released to all devices.

  • Browsing Restrictions

    By limiting the browser to work-related websites, admins can improve productivity and minimize the risks of data breaches. The features of the browser can also be disabled according to different business needs.

  • Customizable Branding

    AirDroid Business also offers customizable options for brands to display themes and layouts to increase brand visibility during kiosk configuration. Organizations can customize the interface, app icons, display name, and layout.

  • Unattended Access

    The IT personnel can perform remote troubleshooting without the need for on-site assistance. It also helps staff retrieve essential and urgent files from managed devices to accomplish immediate tasks without delay.

  • Reports

    Reporting of AirDroid Business provides deep insights into device usage and performance. It calculates various app usage and displays graphs for better understanding.

Key Benefits of AirDroid Business

  • Streamline device management processes
    Real-time monitoring and control feature enable businesses ensure regular device maintenance like scheduling or automating device and app updates.
    Remote deployment of apps on managed devices from a centralized platform ensures consistency.
    Effectively utilizing the policy and kiosk feature results in enhanced security and data integrity.
    AirDroid Business helps in inventory management, allowing administrators to track and manage all the official devices including device details like name, type, OS with version, and hardware specifications.
  • Enhance device and data security
    Business administrators are able to enforce feature and access limitations using kiosk mode. By preventing connection with external devices like USB, and implementing strong network restrictions, admins ensure data security and confidentiality of corporate official documents.
    Real-time device monitoring, location tracking, remote lockdown, and factory reset features provide additional support to secure enterprise devices.
  • Efficient application management
    Efficient application management requires seamless ways to install, update and configure apps on managed devices with the ability to schedule time to save precious working hours. Admins can restrict employees from downloading malicious and unnecessary apps or deleting any app without permission.
  • Remote troubleshooting and support
    It helps the technical team to remotely access and control official devices especially unattended, to resolve technical issues. It ensures instant identification of network or other problems and remediation to troubleshoot them anytime and from anywhere.
  • Kiosk Mode
    Kiosk mode is beneficial in enforcing device limitations. Admins can select one or a set of apps to run on managed devices when kiosk mode is enabled. It also ensures safe web browsing ability to prevent cyber-attacks on business networks.

AirDroid Business: All-in-one MDM Solution

  • IT Service
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

  • IT organizations normally consist of multiple branches worldwide. They manage to hire staff at multiple offices and utilize them for business operations.
  • To ensure secure communication they utilize security protocols. Various MDM features like remote access and control, screen sharing, device function limitations, remote actions, policy settings, application management, alerts and workflows helps them efficiently run remote offices.
  • AirDroid Business offers IT businesses a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution by providing an all-in-one approach for bringing device management, security, and operational efficiency.
  • It enables IT specialists to monitor and manage a fleet of devices efficiently, ensuring smooth configurations, app updates, and security. With real-time device monitoring support, admins can proactively resolve any potential issues.
  • The remote access and control feature of AirDroid Business allows administrators to resolve issues quickly, resulting in reduced downtime.

  • Interactive kiosks are displayed at railway stations and airports to entertain visitors with flight schedules.
  • These kiosks are remotely managed to easily change details for delays and facilitate visitors, leading to a smooth front desk support.
  • AirDroid Business ensures efficient fleet management as it enables the tracking and controlling mobile devices in vehicles to provide uninterrupted communication during logistics operations.
  • Utilizing geo-fencing and location-tracking functions strengthens security, advances shipment monitoring, and also optimizes transportation routes.
  • File management is another vital function that AirDroid Business supports, delivering files and ensuring timely updates of essential documents such as shipping manifests or delivery schedules, providing seamless logistics operations.
  • Moreover, adding restrictions on managed devices helps ensure focused driving and digital kiosks also allow the transportation industry to share valuable information and perform online transactions.

  • Retail shops hire a large number of staff and provide then handheld devices with relevant information to entertain customers with updated information as the prices and stock updates keep varying all the time.
  • AirDroid Business provides an integrated solution that improves retail operations. It offers an efficient point of sale system (POS) for retailers, which is used in retail transactions, providing a hassle-free and friendly user experience.
  • It also facilitates efficient stock control for inventory management to make the data more accurate and updated. AirDroid Business also supports retail applications like customer service kiosks for enhanced user experience.
  • The remote performance monitoring of retail devices in real-time ensures businesses maintain their functionality for optimal function during work hours.
  • The use of self-service kiosks in healthcare industry is very prominent. These kiosks reduce the burden on staff by allowing patients to check doctor’s availability and schedule appointments without standing in queues.
  • It also eases the patients to effortlessly meet the concerned doctor, resulting in enhanced user experience. The healthcare industry requires stringent security protocols to protect patient data that can cause serious consequences if compromised.
  • AirDroid Business provides strong password and network policies and device limitations to ensure data security and compliance with healthcare industry standards.
  • It provides telemedicine services for various healthcare centers to allow secure communication between healthcare specialists and patients with the help of mobile devices from remote locations.
  • It also facilitates remote patient treatment by integrating specialized health monitoring devices.
  • Hear from Our Customers

    I have used AirDroid Business for my traveling agency. It helped me manage routes and ensure smooth collaboration with the drivers. Its kiosk mode is really helpful for me in handling the driver's device for necessary tasks.

    Isabelle Montesquieu

    Travel Agency Manager.

    It is beneficial for educational support. I can remotely monitor classroom activities by accessing device cameras and track students' usage to ensure focused learning. I have set up an information kiosk for students to access events and other important details.

    Henri Devereaux


    I have a small online pizza delivery business. AirDroid Business supports me with reasonable prices that are adjustable with several devices. I use its location-tracking feature to ensure timely delivery and update status effectively. 

    Genevieve Beauchamp

    Business Owner

    Final Words

    Switching to new software for a running business is problematic because it can disturb routine tasks. But sometimes, switching to the most appropriate software can resolve several issues with your business. AirDroid Business is one of them because it is an all-in-one solution to meet different business end-points from a centralized platform. It offers unlimited device enrollment with multiple enrollment methods to support different Android versions.

    It is also the best choice because of its scalability as the business grows and allows admins to enroll devices anytime. Thus, it brings flexibility and optimization to your device performance and work productivity.