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Android Support

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Remote Camera, and Control

Remotely control your unattended Android devices without having to make complex settings beforehand, and connect to the device's camera to monitor the device's environment.

Centralized Dashboard

More efficient management of screens via AirDroid Business central dashboard

Screenshot, Screen Recording

View what is displayed on your device screen and the device surroundings simultaneously.

Voice Chat

Connect and start a real-time voice call with your device. For example, you can instruct on-site personnel during maintenance.


Create & publish notifications to the remote devices. Ensure that your employees read the messages. The interface can be customized and be sent on assigned dates or in recurring pattern.

Alert and Workflow

Nearly 20 types of alerts available, including cellular data usage alert, device online/offline alert, Kiosk on/off alert, etc. Tackle issues systematically with the pre-set workflow and more functions.

User Reviews

With minimal setup time and no requirement for advanced technical knowledge or expertise.

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Why Is AirDroid Business a good Alternative?

  • Security Policy & Kiosk

    Set up device profiles to restrict device usage with features such as password protection, app blacklists, or single-app mode.

  • Favourable Pricing

    AirDroid Business is charged based on the number of devices in your deployment: Basic $12, Standard $21, Enterprise $33 (per device/year). Special offer for educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies.

  • Remote Control

    Companies can remotely manage and transfer files between devices, making file sharing between employees and devices a breeze. Black Screen Mode lets you troubleshoot quickly while protecting corporate privacy.

  • Geofence

    Track the location of enterprise devices in real time and run preset configurations as the device crosses the geofence perimeter to improve your business security.

  • Device Monitor, Alert & Workflow

    Receive alert texts, notifications, or emails for incidents on devices. The device runs a preset workflow for fast, accurate response and resolution.

  • App Management

    AirDroid Business allows you to distribute, update or delete apps remotely on multiple devices in bulk. Extra inventory management function.

What Makes AirDroid Business Excellent?

  • Extra Productivity
  • Private & Secure
  • Easier Deployment

Increase your Android performance

  • Empower your business with Android MDM solution - Manage every endpoint running on Android.
  • All-in-one Android device management software. Efficient monitoring and swift notification. Troubleshoot remotely without on-site presence.
  • Ensure business efficiency, and greatly maximize productivity.

*AirDroid Business is a product of Sand Studio

Protect info and privacy of companies & individuals

  • AirDroid Business always values security and protects corporate privacy with mobile device security policies.
  • AirDroid Business is proud to offer Black Screen Mode, which is currently the only solution in the industry that supports screen shading during mobile remote control.
  • It is also compatible with a wide range of Android devices including digital signage, Kiosks, POS, smartphones, tablets and robots, and helped numerous businesses to achieve smooth and private IT operations.
  • AirDroid Business capabilities can maintain overall business operations and reduce business risk by complying with government regulations on healthcare data protection, such as HIPAA.

Ideal and efficient deployment choice

  • Quicker enrollment and setup for the drivers in bulk to save time and costs.
  • App management - Distribute, update or delete apps on multiple devices in bulk everywhere.
  • Deploy your software and data in the Cloud or On-Premises.
  • The plan can be flexibly expanded according to budget and usage needs.
  • Greater control over servers and hardware, managed entirely by your team.

AirDroid Business for Various Industry Needs

  • IT Service
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Digital Signage
  • Education

Optimise IT service to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency. With AirDroid Business MDM, you get an all-in-one device management and remote access solution so that all your IT operations with Android devices can be done easily. Daily work can become a pleasant experience for both your IT team and your customers.

AirDroid Business in IT Service

Boosting fleet performance and logistics tracking with timely support and route history, AirDroid Business MDM provides a simple yet powerful solution to make sure the Android devices you give to drivers and delivery personnel can have maximum uptime to increase productivity.

AirDroid Business in Transportation

AirDroid Business Healthcare MDM Solutions are designed for the digital age, providing a secure, reliable and differentiated MDM solution for medical devices and wearables that help healthcare centers realize efficient online consultations and emergency treatments with telemedicine and achieve a win-win situation.

Swiftly and efficiently manage all your Digital Signatures in one place. AirDroid Business lets you monitor your Android digital screens remotely from one view. Improve internal communication and customer engagement. Monitor and control digital screens in one place. View signage screens and troubleshoot issues without having to be on-site. Turn your Android devices into digital signage. Streamline Android app updates and manage multimedia files in bulk.

AirDroid Business MDM creates a secure and productive learning environment and provides K12 schools and colleges with a centralized interface that allows IT teams to control all remote tablets and manage app updates. Efficiently manage mobile devices in the classroom, enhance the digital learning experience, simplify classroom device management, and create secure and interactive e-learning experiences for your students.

AirDroid Business in Education

Voices from Our Customer

Easy enrollment and the kiosk mode makes manaing device usage a lot easier and secure, especially for customer-facing and interactive devices, we can set rules and restrictions to prevent end-users from exiting kiosk. And AirDroid Business helps us prevent device misuses, ensure device security, and allow us to remotely troubleshoot our customer's devices when it's not working properly.

Andrew M.

AirDroid Business offers a wide range of features for managing and securing Android device fleets, including remote control, device monitoring, app management, location tracking, and more. The platform supports various types of attended and unattended Android devices, including phones, tablets, digital signage, point-of-sale systems, vending machines, and more. It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows businesses to manage their devices with ease, even for those who have little or no technical expertise.

Harsh H.

What's More

Moving to another MDM solution is a big decision for any IT team. Fortunately, AirDroid Business MDM provides the exponential value that makes it worthwhile for your organization at every stage of the purchase and deployment process.

Among MDM solutions, AirDroid Business stands out for its clear and transparent pricing, making it easier for organizations to get stakeholder buy-in, plan a deployment and test the waters. To further cater to SMEs, AirDroid Business offers a minimum installation of only 10 devices.

All in all, AirDroid Business is not just a product change - it's a paradigm shift in your MDM solution that will bring your business more agility, flexibility, and most importantly, efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many languages does AirDroid Business support?
AirDroid Business supports multiple languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian and Japanese.
2. Is the price of AirDroid Business lower compared to Esper?
Yes. We offer more affordable pricing for commercial use and also individuals. As the best Esper MDM alternative, we have flexible plans for everyone to save costs. For example, our Basic Plan is 12$ device/year, but Esper's Genesis Plan is 24 $ device/year. Click here to see our prices and features.
3. Can AirDroid Personal Edition be upgraded to AirDroid Business?
AirDroid Personal Edition and AirDroid Business Edition are two products for different needs and usage applications. Because they are 2 different products, they are not related to each other