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Top-rated Mobile Device Management Solution

  • Device Monitoring and Remote Access

    AirDroid Business provides real-time device monitoring to ensure security and optimized work efficiency. It allows admins to remotely check the device screen and data usage to analyze device usage. Remote access enables them to troubleshoot issues and perform immediate tasks. 

  • Content Management

    With remote file management feature, it is easier to copy, paste ot delete files from managed devices especially when left unattended. With instant remote access to files on managed devices, tasks are accomplished in given time. It also enables bulk file transfers and deletions without the need of a traditional physical cable safeguarding the data with TLS encryption protocols.

  • Custom Member Role and Permission

    Businesses can easily manage and distribute member roles for various devices depending on the designation of the user and seniority level in a company.

  • Application Management Services

    It provides remote installation, update and uninstallation of app on managed devices to ensure equal distribution of apps on all corporate devices. Businesses can distribute custom apps and Google Play apps using a centralized dashboard.

  • Policy and Kiosk

    Policy and kiosk configuration help enterprises manage the devices smoothly by adding strict rules and enforcing them. Admins can customize the policy settings to ensure managed devices operate within specific boundaries. Kiosk mode enables them to limit usage to official apps only.

  • Geofencing

    Android geofencing allows business administrators to set location boundaries limited to the target area. It notifies admins when the device reaches a restricted area so they can take immediate action to manage devices remotely.

Why Choose AirDroid Business?

  • Security

    By implementing feature limitations, web filtering, password policies, data encryption and managing efficiently managing access controls security high security of corporate devices is ensured. Real-time tracking of data usage and the location of devices ensure they are safely utilized.

  • Reasonable price

    Pricing is a serious factor every company considers when choosing an MDM. AirDroid Business offers a 14-day free trial and flexible packages for every organization level to meet all industry needs for smooth device management. Its highly scalable prices vary with the number of devices, so everyone can adjust to budget and requirements.

  • Easy to Set Up and Manage

    AirDroid Business offers various deployment methods so organizations can choose the one found most convenient.
    Remote device management and control provide seamless ways to manage and multiple device usage to ensure compliance and high productivity.

  • Fully Functional

    Unlike other MDM tools, AirDroid Business is free from technicalities like downloading multiple plugins to enable certain functions. It enables businesses to utilize all its features directly from a single dashboard, without performing additional steps.

MDM Industry Use-Cases

  • Transportation&Logistics
  • Education
  • Retail
  • IT Services&MSP

Transportation and Logistics

  • MDM helps track drivers' driving behavior and limit device usage to ensure focused driving. It enables the transport industry to track the location of fleets and optimize their routes for quick and efficient services. In the logistics industry, it helps to track cargo containers remotely to prevent theft and ensure timely deliveries.
  • It allows them to configure communication apps in the network to ensure uninterrupted collaboration between drivers and the back-end team. MDM helps businesses to access driver's devices and troubleshoot issues remotely. They can also ensure regular device maintenance using an MDM.


  • In the education sector, using smart devices has become vital to ensure advanced learning. With remote monitoring and control features, business administrators can not only ensure monitoring of activities but can also facilitate them to assist students by controlling their devices. MDM plays an integral role in teaching by providing a remote screen-sharing feature. Interactive kiosks and device limitation features like web filtering, app allowlist, and content filtering help ensure students' focused learning.


  • The biggest problem for retailers is the customer's dealings at cash counters. MDM solutions provide efficient POS systems to avoid queues and give customers an interactive interface to purchase items and pay amounts online
  • It results in enhanced user experience and improved customer retention. Retailers can efficiently manage every item in stock using MDM and ensure seamless inventory management. Business admins can provide the staff with handheld kiosk devices to ensure adequate customer support. 
  • IT Services and MSP

  • MDM enables remote device management to configure settings and apps on bulk devices easily and customize security and network policies to comply with industry standards.
  • Managed Service Providers use MDM to deploy apps and remotely support clients to save time and costs. They can remotely access and control managed devices to troubleshoot issues and reduce downtime.
  • IT services can ensure seamless network settings and restrictions on managed devices to ensure optimal usage. They can also check specific app usage to control excessive usage and improve productivity. Using MDM, they can quickly secure corporate data even when the device is stolen or lost.
  • What's More

    AirDroid Business MDM provides exceptional features to professionally support Android mobile device management in different industries. Its remote monitoring, access and control feature helps to maintain device security and continuity of work with effectiveness and addition of lockdown and policy customization options. Cisco Meraki only offers device support for cloud-based network management, while AirDroid Business provides an all-in-one solution to meet business requirements for both on-premises and cloud-based deployment.

    What Our Customers Say?

    Joshua D.

    Director of Business Intelligence

    How easily everything functions. It just works. I've tried so many other MDM solutions and they were clunky, unreliable, and expensive. AirDroid puts our entire mobile device fleet at my finger tips. Their support is very accomodating and they went out of their way with our onboarding process.

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    kabilwa S.

    Assistant Librarian

    The ability to connect more than 100 Android devices to your managed dashboard is nothing short of amazing. The fact that a massive number of devices can be controlled remotely is even mind-blowing.

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