Why Opt for AirDroid Business MDM?

  • Reasonable Price

    The prices for AirDroid Business MDM are cheaper and flexible to manage according to the business needs making it an appropriate VantageMDM alternative. Enterprises of different levels can pay for services depending on the number of devices.

  • Multiple Enrollment Methods

    AirDroid Business supports multiple enrollment methods so users can choose the most feasible one for their company. It includes Enrollment via device owner, Android enterprise enrollment, and zero-touch enrollment. These methods provide more convenience to businesses, especially with a large fleet of devices.

  • Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode allows businesses to limit employee device and app usage. It enables them to apply single-app kiosk mode to run only one app on managed devices. If a company requires multiple apps to perform business operations, enterprises can use multi-app kiosk mode so employees can switch between the selected apps, keeping them focused on work.

  • Policy

    Enterprises can create and enforce customizable policies on corporate devices. They can enforce network policies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, password input and data sharing policies. It helps them ensure safe data transfer and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

  • Regular Maintenance

    AirDroid Business enables administrators to analyze device status to identify performance weaknesses. It also helps to ensure the devices are updated to the latest version using the auto-app updates feature. Regular maintenance improves the functionality and lifetime of managed devices.

  • App Management

    The app management feature of AirDroid Business helps admins distribute and install apps remotely. Businesses can easily update APK apps or download Google Play apps on bulk devices directly. You can schedule installation times and choose to install apps in the background.

Ideal for Businesses of Any Scale

  • Remote Management
  • Restrictions
  • Security Protection
  • Cost Saving

Remote Management

  • The best advantage of AirDroid Business MDM is its powerful remote management system. It helps businesses achieve operational efficiency and flexibility.
  • It enables admins and IT teams of various organizations to remotely monitor and control the devices and perform necessary business operations on unattended devices.
  • They can also access and share critical business files available at multiple locations. It also helps businesses reduce device downtime by enabling technical teams to access devices from workstations and save costs by effectively managing devices from remote locations.
  • With remote management, overall system responsiveness is improved, ensuring that mobile devices are monitored and controlled from anywhere, resulting in an improved and flexible business environment.


  • AirDroid Business MDM enables administrators to adequately control and carry out determined policies for specific enterprise requirements.
  • Kiosk mode helps apply restrictions on multiple apps and unnecessary device functions and ensure focused working.
  • This functionality enables managers to set restrictions on device capabilities so that business regulations and industry standards are enforced.
  • AirDroid business is a perfect VantageMDM alternative because it helps to meet all business end-points by streamlining device configuration and limiting access to sensitive data stored on devices.
  • This functionality primarily benefits companies of all sizes as it facilitates maintaining a safe and uniform mobile device environment. It leads to a more regulated and legitimate work setting.

Security Protection

  • Security is one of the most critical aspects of mobile device management, and AirDroid Business considers this need by including robust security methods within its activity.
  • The platform has much-advanced security options consisting of powerful authentication methods, protocols for encrypted data transfers and safe information transfer protocols.
  • Despite the nature of an organization and its size, AirDroid Business provides customizable policy settings for device usage, including communication, sharing, and access management to strengthen against potential threats.
  • Multi-factor authentication, app restriction, kiosk mode, password, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth settings are all important factors to ensure robust security policies.
  • Cost Saving

  • AirDroid Business is a cost-effective option for organizations seeking to manage mobile devices effectively. It offers various plans with different services, and the price for each plan depends on the number of devices the enterprise contains.
  • So, it is best suited for different organization levels. By integrating everything into one easy-to-use platform, businesses can significantly reduce their costs associated with device management instead of using several solutions or going for complex and expensive alternatives.
  • The streamlined approach not only reduces costs directly but also increases operations efficiency, thereby saving organizations time and resources. It also reduces costs by offering remote monitoring and control features to troubleshoot issues and perform actions.
  • Effortlessly Manage Devices with All-in-one MDM Solution

    • IT and Services

      IT professionals handle a variety of devices across several networks, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. AirDroid Business MDM solution enables administrators to monitor, diagnose, and update devices remotely from a central location.
      By applying limitations and security controls on managed devices, IT companies can ensure that devices meet company requirements and industry standards, resulting in a secure and unified IT environment.

    • Marketing & Advertising

      Marketing teams use mobile devices to interact, produce content, and manage campaigns. AirDroid Business MDM benefits enterprises by providing a unified device management platform.
      With AirDroid's remote administration support, marketing professionals can manage campaigns remotely. It also safeguards marketing strategies and customer data, ensuring partners' and customers' data are safe. Interactive kiosks on digital signage are a cost-effective advertising technique supervised using AirDroid Business; marketing teams can remotely control and manage content without higher costs than traditional signage costs.

    • Transportation

      In the transportation industry, kiosk mode and app allowlist feature enable admins to restrict unnecessary apps that distract drivers from the road and result in severe accidents.
      Device management becomes more flexible as it helps track vehicle performance and provides efficient transportation network connectivity.
      Remote management improves fleet management by monitoring and controlling employee's devices. AirDroid Business MDM works as an ideal VantageMDM alternative to protect valuable information, including transportation schedules, routes, and consumer data.
      AirDroid Business enhances the overall efficiency of transportation, delivery times, and mobile infrastructure security and administration.

    Hear from Our Customers

    Before AirDroid, it was hard for me to manage discipline and device usage by my employees. Now, I can easily monitor the individual data usage of employees and check their app usage. I can easily monitor the performance of employees from the AirDroid Business dashboard by watching their real-time device usage. I really recommend it. AirDroid Business allows us to have full access and control over all of our devices. It is a great remote device management tool for Android devices that's been tested with more than 1000 devices.

    Mason Williams

    IT Supervisor

    I run a coffee shop with multiple branches. It was difficult for me to handle all my branches simultaneously. AirDroid Business has made it possible for me. I can easily track my delivery boys to keep the status updated. I have set the official app on kiosk mode to keep my order-taking staff active and focused. Before this, they wasted time on useless activities, affecting the response time.

    Ethan Miller

    Coffee Shop Owner

    It is highly scalable. I can manage AirDroid Business's price anytime when the number of devices is increased or decreased.

    Olivia Johnson

    Interactive Solutions