AirDroid Is Better At Mobile Device Management

  • Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode helps enterprises set restrictions on office internal devices or publicly exposed digital gadgets. Admins can limit managed devices to a single or multiple applications and set other device limitations to optimize device usage.

  • Policy

    It offers complete flexibility for businesses to customize their organization's policies. They can manage data sharing, device usage, network, and access management policies, which also benefit them in ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

  • App Management

    Admins can manage app installation and updates remotely on managed devices. Implementing restrictions for employees to install or uninstall apps without permission. App testing feature helps them ensure only compatible and stable apps are installed on managed devices to avoid disruptions.

  • Remote Troubleshooting

    The technical team can remotely troubleshoot issues by utilizing the remote access and control features of AirDroid Business. It not only helps reduce costs but also helps reduce downtime, so better work performance is achieved. 

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Admins can utilize real-time device monitoring to check device status and activities. They can remotely check real-time device screens, access cameras, and check app usage history to ensure discipline and work efficiency.

  • Asset Management

    Admins can track device location in real-time and check its history to analyze delays. Geo-fencing helps to set boundaries for remote devices so admins can get alerts when a device reaches a restricted area.

Choose Your Preferred Device Enrollment Method

  • Zero-touch Enrollment
    Zero-touch enrollment eliminates the manual setup of device enrollment and can enroll any number of Android devices in the system. This method is helpful for large enterprises to enroll a fleet of Android devices with pre-configured settings and app configurations. Zero-touch enrollment saves enrollment time and ensures uniformity for all enrolled devices.
  • Android Enterprise Enrollment
    Android enterprise enrollment offers a Managed Google Play Store feature with comprehensive app update management support. It allows admins to install apps directly from the Google Play Store and manage device permissions.
  • Regular Enrollment
    This method is preferably utilized for Android devices that do not support the six times tap or USB method for device enrollment. It is a flexible and easy-to-implement method.
  • Device Owner Enrollment
    This method involves attaining permission from the device owner to enroll the device and provides a more optimized kiosk mode with stable policy configurations. Enrollment via device owner offers two methods to enroll the devices. The first one includes six times tap, and the second one includes enrollment via a USB. 6 times tap is supported on Android 7.0 or later versions, while enrollment via USB is supported on Android 5.0 or later versions. 

Boost Productivity with AirDroid Business

  • Lockdown Devices
  • Remote Management
  • Maintain Business Continuity

Lockdown Devices

  • With the access control and feature limitation support of AirDroid Business MDM, organizations can strengthen their device security.
  • Access control ensures that only authorized entities can access sensitive information on devices, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Simultaneously, feature limitation enables administrators to restrict device functions based on business needs and thus provides security and control. Kiosk mode helps to lock down devices only running approved apps.

Remote Management

  • AirDroid Business is well-known for its remote device management capabilities, which allow businesses to control managed devices from remote locations effortlessly. 
  • Admins are able to monitor all device activities centrally. Remote access to any device helps perform remote actions like installing or uninstalling any app and remotely wipe/lock devices.
  • App management makes it easier to deploy applications across devices after carefully testing them, while the remote configuration of security policies provides an additional layer of protection as organizations can quickly respond to changing security environments.

Maintain Business Continuity

  • With remote troubleshooting, resolving issues quickly minimizes downtime and improves productivity. It also minimizes hiring a technical team for different locations or transportation costs.
  • In addition, real-time Alerts and workflows allow administrators to be notified immediately of potential issues so that they can take proactive measures. Workflows help to automate specific tasks to trigger when required, like turning the device to power-safe mode when the battery level is lower than a particular limit.
  • With these efficient features, businesses can quickly determine and resolve issues to create a sustainable environment that allows continuous operations while minimizing potential disruptions.
  • Reasons to Use AirDroid Business

    • Pricing
      AirDroid Business offers cheaper pricing than other MDM tools for businesses. It offers flexibility to choose number of devices depending on the business level and get a price accordingly.
    • Enrollment Methods
      AirDroid Business offers various enrollment methods to support multiple Android versions and ensure all corporate devices are seamlessly integrated into the business network.
    • Remote Management
      The remote management feature of AirDroid Business offers real-time access to the devices and manages business operations. If offers powerful remote management features to meet business needs from small to large enterprises.
    • Customization for Brand Visibility
      AirDroid Business is also preferred because it enables businesses increase brand visibility by allowing customization of interface, display name, logo, app icons, themes and layouts while setting the devices to kiosk mode.

    For Different Industries Need

    • Retail
    • Hospitality
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Outdoor Events

    • MDM software is crucial in satisfying various needs and challenges that characterize the fast-changing environment. In retail, MDM improves inventory management and supply chain logistics by real-time product tracking through interactive and handheld devices.
    • It ensures that stock is kept at optimal levels to minimize errors and ensure high operational efficiency.
    • Additionally, MDM supports sensitive customer data safety with access controls and remote lock wiping in case the devices are lost.
    • Retailers use the MDM for POS systems, facilitating smooth and secure transactions. Through centralized management capabilities, uniform software updates on devices are ensured, eliminating downtimes and improving customer satisfaction.

    • MDM software helps to improve work efficiency and enhance customer interactions using interactive check-in and check-out devices. MDM also helps protect visitors' information from malicious entities by ensuring high-security protocols and authentications on managed devices.
    • It also enables hotel management to provide tablets for reservations and mobile point-of-sale systems.
    • With remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, disruptions are minimized. Overall, the MDM implements better operational efficiency, guest satisfaction, and data security in the hospitality industry.

  • MDM enables transport companies to track the real-time location of drivers and check their history to analyze delays. Admins can remotely notify drivers and the logistics team about the traffic, enabling them to take optimized routes.
  • Applying restrictions on driver's devices like kiosk mode and turning off notifications from social media enable admins to keep the drivers focused while driving to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.
  • Using self-service kiosks at stations helps entertain customers with instant travel information with detailed descriptions, and they can also perform transactions to purchase tickets for traveling as per choice.
  • In the logistics industry, MDM helps track shipments and optimizes goods to deliver in warehouses.
  • The use of AirDroid Business in outdoor events is exceptional. It enables security staff to use walkie-talkie app as communication medium on Android devices by using single-app kiosk mode.
  • Mobile ticketing, access control, and internal communication can be conducted through managed mobile devices. MDM assists in configuring and controlling event-specific apps, ensuring all devices get configured accordingly.
  • Single-app kiosk mode also effectively ensures that all the staff members are actively engaged with the event app.
  • With MDM security management tools, event managers can secure sensitive data and find lost devices by remote tracking. They can also lock the devices when lost to prevent unauthorized access.